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Who Are Bluehost

Since 2003, Bluehost has been empowering people with enough arsenal, to power their own blog or online business. The company is based in Orem, Utah, and boasts servicing over 2 million websites worldwide. This is hard to argue against, as Bluehost have been in the top few hosting providers for many years now.

What’s Unique About Bluehost

​Having browsed many expert reviews of Bluehost, the main unique aspect that many of them point out is their cost effective pricing. As you’ll discover below, there’s a range of pricing plans to suit just about anyone.

With a budget entry level cost of just $3.95 per month, this really is making it easy for anyone to begin their own online venture. You’ll find this is an extremely competitive hosting rate.

Adding to this is the fact that Bluehost offers a slightly better option than shared hosting, known as VPS. This is a technology called Virtual Private Server, and provides quicker response times than shared hosting.

The problem with shared hosting is that other sites you’re sharing with can hog critical resources when you require it, resulting in your website going offline at inopportune times.

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Bluehost Hosting Plans

​There are loads of hosting plans with Bluehost and several in each category. This is another aspect that makes Bluehost one of the top hosting providers, their range of plans is flexible enough to deal with any range of customers.

Note that these hosting plans are subject to change fairly frequently, so the current plans my be slightly different to what’s documented here.

So at the lower end, here’s what you can expect with Shared Hosting.

Shared Hosting

As previously mentioned, shared hosting means you’ll be sharing resources with lots of other websites. This is ideal for startups and you can upgrade to more expensive hosting when you feel the need.

  • Basic ($3.95 p/m) – This basic package offers you 1 website with 50 GB SSD storage. You’ll also get a free SSL certificate, so your website will be secured and your visitors will see this with the padlock in the browser bar.
  • Plus/Choice Plus ($5.95 p/m) – Upgrade to unlimited websites, unlimited storage, unlimited SSD storage and they’ll throw in 1 Office 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days.
  • Pro ($13.95 p/m) – You’ll get all the advantages of the Plus plan along with a dedicated IP and site backups.

WordPress Hosting

To give you faster load times and greater security as a WordPress blog owner, Bluehost offers a uniquely dedicated WordPress hosting solution. This will put you on a shared VPS server with these added benefits.

  • SiteLock
  • SiteGuard
  • SSL Certificate
  • Enhanced cPanel
  • Unlimited websites

There are 3 different WordPress hosting plans:

  • Build ($19.95 p/m) – Access to basic Jetpack Site Analytics, 100+ free WordPress themes, daily schedules backups and malware detection. You’ll also receive protection from span and identity thieves with Domain Privacy.
  • Grow ($29.95) – This offers you the premium version of Jetpack, Business review tools which allows your visitors to leave positive reviews, Bluehost SEO tools to help with search engine ranking and 10GB of video compression.
  • Scale ($49.95) – Jetpack Pro, unlimited backups, PayPal integration advanced filtering with Elastic search and hands-on assistance through Blue Sky Chat Support.

VPS Hosting

If you’re an experienced user, than you may want to consider one of the VPS plans which is built using SSD technology. There’s a guarantee of zero down time with Bluehost VPS hosting and you’ll enjoy increased power, flexibility, and control for your websites.

The Bluehost VPS hosting is also split into 3 seperate plans.

  • Standard ($19.99 p/m) – The standard plan offers you 30 GB SSD storage, 2 GB of Ram, 1 TB of Bandwidth and will run on 2 processor cores. 1 IP address is also included.
  • Enhanced ($29.99 p/m) – Enhanced will boost your storage to 60 GB SSD with 4 GB RAM. The bandwidth will expand to 2 TB and you’ll get 2 IP addresses.
  • Ultimate ($59.99 p/m) – Then there’s the Ultimate package which will run on 4 cores, offer you 120 GB SSD Storage with 8GB of Ram. Your bandwidth also rises to 3 TB.

You’ll also have the option to add additional features and optional features to any VPS hosting plan.

Bluehost Reviews

Looking at multiple Bluehost reviews, it seems that not all customers are happy. This review is impartial so although the stats show that Bluehost is highly rated, it doesn’t mean they offer the best service to everyone. 

Checking out Trust-Pilot, from the 259 reviews that were offered when I researched these reviews, 83% gave Bluehost a bad rating. 

Bluehost Reviews Trust-Pilot

Now I do believe that the majority of these customers will be shared hosting users that want to use the cheapest plan. So although I believe that these are all genuine complaints, we’re not getting a broad overview from the various pricing plans.

The other point I’ll make is that only disgruntled customers seems to provide feedback. Those that are content with their hosting plan don’t bother looking for somewhere to place a review, so this also distorts the figures.

Another reliable source is Web Hosting Geeks. Here’s an indication of what users said in the different hosting categories.

Bluehost Review Web Hosting Geeks

Clearly the cost effectiveness was what customers liked about Bluehost.

Bluehost Cancellation Policy

If you intend to cancel your Bluehost contract, you’ll have 30 days in which to do it. After this time, Bluehost will NOT offer a refund.

If you’ve received a free domain as part of your initial hosting plan, there’s a non-refundable fee of $15.99 which covers the cost of this domain. This also ensures you keep the domain, and can use it with another hosting provider in the future. Although you will have to wait 60 days to have it released from Bluehost.

Other charges that are non-refundable include:

  • SSL Certificates
  • Backup Services
  • SEO Services
  • SiteLock

Refunds will all be charged back to the payment method originally used to sign up.

To make a cancellation with Bluehost you can call their 24/7 Customer Support at 844-303-1810, or even use the live chat facility.

Bluehost Support

​I used to be a Bluehost customer myself, and found the customer support adequate. While it’s possible to use ‘Live Chat’ to fix the majority of issues, you may consider a support ticket if this is more convenient. This will take longer to get a response however, so for those without an urgent inquiry, it may be ideal.

I must admit, when I was a Bluehost customer, I was on a shared hosting plan so the customer support is not as rapid. The better hosting plan you get, the better the customer support.

After searching for the best customer support from a major hosting provider, SiteGround came out a winner from the research I did. Bluehost customer support in my opinion is adequate.

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My Verdict

​In my opinion, you could do a lot worse than getting your hosting serviced through Bluehost. What set’s Bluehost apart is it’s value for money hosting plans, which are extremely competitive.

If you find that your website is not running to your liking and more resources are required, it’s easy to upgrade your account to a more robust plan.

I believe that Bluehost is a genuinely good hosting provider, and I also believe the VPS hosting options are the best all round plans.

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