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We all know that providing various social media channels for your online business is so important. Everyone is on social media, and they are great platforms for getting word out into the community.

The downside to social media, time wasting! By this, I mean that every time you publish a new post, it’s needs to be uploaded to your social channels. This can be extremely time consuming, chewing up valuable minutes or hours out of your day.

It’s not just your own well written content articles either, online business owners need to share and interact with other online businesses. Sharing other articles are all part of this interaction and help with your brand awareness.

If you could find a program to help you post your new articles and share others, would that be a big bonus? Of course it would. So, who can you turn to for this. Buffer social media manager!

Which Social Accounts Does Buffer Support

Buffer supports the majority of the larger social media platforms including the following:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Is Buffer Social Media Manager Any Good - channelsI’ve found Buffer easy to setup and get started by syncing these accounts. Obviously you’ll be asked for Buffer to have access to these accounts. This is standard practice, without authorisation you cannot possibly expect anything to link to your social accounts.

Although Buffer currently only supports these social platforms, it wouldn’t surprise me to see more integrated in the future. I suppose it comes down to demand for the product. It has to be worth their while to go to the trouble of having more channels included.

As you can see in image above, it supports fan-pages along with personal profiles, This is ideal if you’re using it for a small online business.

Schedule Posting

Yes, you may be able to schedule posts directly through Facebook, but I’m sure you have more than one social media channel. So if you have Twitter and Instagram also, you’ve generally got 2 options to use as a social media manager.

Buffer is what we’re looking at here, the other choice is Hootsuite. Both have a free plan.

Buffer will give you the option to schedule posts into the future of each of your social platforms. You can write a unique message on each different social platform if you wish, or just keep them the same.

Is Buffer Social Media Manager Any Good - schedule

The other great thing about Buffer, is that there are other programs that integrate well. I use a program called Quuu. Here I can choose a number of categories that will select relevant posts for me. They are then automatically sent to the Buffer Queue.

Once this link between Buffer and Quuu is setup, there’s nothing else I need to do. I can schedule my own posts when required, and they are scattered amongst automatically generated posts by others in my desired category.

This keeps my social profiles active, even if I don’t write new content for a week.

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Using The Buffer Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension for Buffer allows for easy queuing of your upcoming posts. Take 10 minutes to find some great content in your niche, then simply click the Buffer Chrome extension button to add it to your buffer queue.

Is Buffer Social Media Manager Any Good - extension

Below you can see what happens when the Buffer Chrome extension is clicked. This is a post I’d like to share, so I’m presented with this dialog box where I can offer my readers a description in the various social channels I have linked to Buffer.

Is Buffer Social Media Manager Any Good - buff-ext

I simply fill the description in and either click ‘Add to Queue’, or use the drop down arrow adjacent to this, to schedule the post for a later time.

It really is a very handy tool that can feed all your social channels simultaneously.

Include Videos and GIFs

Of course video files and GIF files are encouraged as this type of content bring more engagement to your feed. The Buffer program can cope with these type of files, and enjoy you providing your audience with a variety of video’s, GIFs and images.

It’s easy to do, just start any other shared content as you normally would, then click ‘Add photos or a video’. Choose the media from your computer and you’re good to go.

What Does Buffer Cost

For me, nothing!

I’m still using the free version of Buffer for my online business. By linking it with Quuu, it’s allowed me to keep my online business social channels active, whilst I get stuck into the business of writing content.

Is Buffer Social Media Manager Any Good - pricing

Out of interest, I’m on the ‘Pro’ membership of Quuu which costs me $15 per month. I find this very worthwhile to keep from being stagnant in the online world.

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Wrapping Up

I really like the Buffer program, especially when it’s free to use. It’s perfect for sharing articles, presentations or quotes to your Instagram followers. Obviously as time goes on and your business expands, you may consider upgrading to a more substantial plan.

Having integration to the major social players is of huge benefit to my passive online business. Although I don’t use all of them (some of which are not on the free plan), having the opportunity to use them if I decide to go ‘Pro’ could be worthwhile in the future.

If you use Buffer and have a varying opinion of them, I’d be glad to hear your thoughts.

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