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Clixstarter Time Machine Review


Clixstarter is a program I’ve recently seen advertised, that claims to help you find great new keywords…with a time machine! If you’ve been searching to find out if this is a legitimate program to build your wealth, I’ll provide you with what you need to know.

Before wasting your precious time though, let me start off by saying that time machines don’t exist. So if you think this will be your white knight, think again.

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Clixstarter Summary

Is ClixStarter a Scam VideoProduct Name: Clixstarter

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Keyword Generation

Price: $27 per month

Program Summary: In my opinion, you’d be extremely lucky to make back your monthly payments. Spinning content will not look good in the eyes of Google.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 16/100

What is Clixstarter

Clixstarter states that Google uses more computer power than the NSA. I’m not one to argue that, but it’s probably true. This Clixstarter program is going to be harnessing this computer power.

Now, if you’ve watched the Clixstarter sales video, they’ll have you believe that a keyword finding time machine has been created to help with future keyword prospecting.

You see, we’re told that Google struggles to find search results, when a search term cannot be found. By this, they are suggesting that new search terms are always being created when new products or services are released into any type of market. This is quite true. Some search terms have quite low competition, before others begin writing their own product reviews.

So, this Clixstarter spokesperson lady and her friend have seemingly come up with a program that can predict future keywords. And apparently, this is going to get us onto the first page of the search results before everyone else.

Not only that, but Clixstarter is also going to create a single page website which contains content already written for us. It will be taken from selected sites, and a content spinner will change the wording slightly to make it unique.

Now, they need our help because they have so many keywords and websites, that they can’t keep up. So, for only $27 per month, you’ll be given these websites to correct any grammar manually, and profit according.

So, are we to believe that all this is true.

How Does Clixstarter Work

First off, there’s no such thing as a time machine. Sure, they may have come up with a program that can help with keyword research, but nobody can predict the future accurately.

They say that statistical data, artificial intelligence and pattern-recognition analysis has gone into this program over a few weeks to create this keyword predictor, comparing it to how Facebook and Google, with their understanding of your thinking. You know, just like those ads that pop up on your social feeds, as if it knows exactly what you want.

Well this has nothing to do with predicting the future. Facebook knows everything about you because you “Like, Follow and Share”, all your interests. And this has been done over many years. This is how they know so much about you. Then, advertisers can use this collated information to target specific audiences. So the whole idea that the Clixstarter program being similar is fanciful.

What else that claim, is that Google gives out 40,000 free money tokens every second. This is related to free Google website traffic, meaning every search result from a keyword entry, is an opportunity to make money, hence, a money token.

Is ClixStarter a Scam Google tokens

While Clixstarter tell you that you’ll be the first to get these keywords, all packaged into a small website, they fail to give the full truth. There is so much competition that people are already coming up with these ideas and keywords, using their own foresight. We can do this because there’s websites online that shows a release date for future products. Muncheye for instance is just one example.

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Your Clixstarter Process

When you attempt to sign up to Clixstarter, you’ll have to be accepted. This tickles me a little, because there’s no real criteria to be accepted. You just click the button provided, and you’re awarded a Free Clixstarter License.

So from there, it’s a 3 step process.

  1. Run the software to generate a keyword + web page.
  2. Proof read the generated page, content and images.
  3. Sit back and let the auto monetisation features kick in.

This is where it gets very misleading, because this is not an auto monetisation system. And in all honesty, there’s no such auto monetisation program that works as they say they do.

No program lets you sit back and watch. The last step goes on to say “all you need to do is configure your payment settings and decide if you want to get paid via check or direct deposit”.

I’ve seen so many products that claim you can do this, and they are the exact products to avoid.

Any Other Clixstarter Concerns

#1. I don’t like the images that insinuate you’re going to have cash floating around you with this system. In my opinion, it’s an indication that the product is not good enough by itself. It makes the sales video look very scammy.

Is ClixStarter a Scam Money

#2. There’s a countdown timer that indicates scarcity. Adjacent to the countdown timer, is the comment “claim and activate your free license before the timer hits 0… (After that your license will be given to the next person in line).

This is a common tactic used to make you sign up as quick as possible. However, when the timer hits 0, you’ll still have access should you want it.

#3. Content spinners don’t work like they once did. When content spinners first came out, they seemed to work fine until Google realised what was happening. The main problem nowadays is twofold. The spinning software is pathetic, and often makes the content unreadable. Secondly, Google’s algorithms can now detect if content has been used in this way. Oh, and it’s going to take you a long time to fix up all the mistakes.

Now, About Website Traffic

It’s known very well in the industry that keyworks are what gets your articles to the top of the search results pages. So, they’ve got this right. But they don’t really speak about SEO, and the various factors that play a part in getting your post to the top of the search results.

Just knowing that you should use a keyword isn’t enough. You need to know where to place it, have it in your URL, Alt tag etc. Google will take notice of how you use your keywords in the article. And if it’s in the article too much, you’ll get penalised to keyword stuffing.

What I’m saying here, is that to get good website traffic, you need to show Google that you’ve followed their rules.

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My Verdict

Unfortunately for those of you who thought they may have found the next big wealth opportunity, I’m sorry to say that I don’t believe Clixstarter will work. While I’m loathe to call it a scam, because they do give you a product, and there is a slim chance of ranking, it just doesn’t show all the signs of a legitimate program.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t be paying $27 per month for a one page website that relies on a ‘time machine’ to get me ‘money tokens’. This just seems fanciful, and I would not trust this product.

I’d also be interested to know what promotions you’ll be given when presented with a website. As the keyword is created, so is the single page website with already spun content. This means you don’t get to choose the keyword, content or promotion. As we don’t know the owner of this product, they could just be flogging their own promotions on these single page websites.

Clixstarter has too many red flags for me, I can’t recommend it.

Wrapping Up

I believe that you’ll be wasting a lot of money should you sign up for Clixstarter. If you have the money to afford a monthly fee, I’d be putting it towards a proper educational platform that can teach you everything about affiliate marketing. You’ll even get your website hosting included in the fee. You can read more about my top recommendation by reading on below.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my Clixstarter review. I hope I’ve answered any questions you may have had. If not, please leave a comment in the discussion area blow and I’d be more than happy to reply as soon as I can.

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