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Clout Bucks Review


Hey there readers, I applaud you for researching Clout Bucks. This is a site that I’ve been asked about recently. A reader of mine has asked, is Clout Bucks a scam or a legitimate site that can earn people money. So of course, I felt obligated to check it out.

What I found out was slightly alarming, and I would not recommend this site to any of my readers. I’ll run you through the Clout Bucks program, and show you why you should stay away from this site, and others like it.

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Clout Bucks Summary

Is Clout Bucks a Scam 500x200Product Name: Clout Bucks

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Money for Tasks

Price: $Free

Program Summary: In my opinion, this is a scam and you’d be best to steer well away.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 8/100

What is Clout Bucks

I’ve come across similar websites like this before. Programs that claim they will pay you good returns for providing menial tasks. Clout Bucks is an online program that claims they’ll pay you for referring other customers to them.

If you check out the dashboard below, you’ll see that there’s several ways you can apparently earn money. ‘Refer & Earn’ is their prefered method, because it gets more people to sign up to Clout Bucks.

Is Clout Bucks a Scam Rewards Center

The $30 Task Wall is hugely incentivised, because how else can you earn $30 so easily. All you need to do is complete a mundane task and you’ll be paid $30. Or will you….

Promotional posts is another way to earn some cash with Clout Bucks, but it’s basically just another way to refer and earn. They give you promotional images to stick on your social accounts, enticing others to join up.

The rewards center looks great, imagine being given an iPad for trading in 20,000 points. Hmmm, I wonder if anyone will ever get to 20K points!

Now, just for signing up with Clout Bucks, you’ll be given $25. How’s that for an incentive. Well, you’ll see an initial $25 in your Clout Bucks account. Withdrawing this could be another matter altogether.

How Does Clout Bucks Work

While the inside of Clout Bucks all looks fairly professional, there’s a few red flags that indicate this may not be as legitimate as it may seem.

Firstly, there’s ‘Your Account Manager’, which you’ll see in the image above. Why is there a cartoon image in this location. Any real account manager for such a program would be obligated to have their actual photo image in this space.

Now, when you attempt to earn money with Clout Bucks, let’s say you choose to earn $30 from the ‘Task Wall’. As you can see in the image below, just by following any of these simple tasks, you can allegedly earn $30. How is this possible? It’s not.

Is Clout Bucks a Scam Task Wall

The actual completion of such tasks is a legitimate action, but these are CPA offers. This stands for Cost Per Action, so whenever an action is completed, a small commission will be paid. The commission rates for these are quite small, usually in the vicinity of $2.

Which begs the question. If Clout Bucks are earning $2 from you doing this task, how on earth are they going to pay you $30. It just doesn’t add up. This makes me believe that Clout Bucks is a scam in my opinion.

Other Red Flags

I always look for signs that a website may not be as legitimate as first thought. As suspected, there’s several indications that alert me to Clout Bucks being a scam.

#1 Domain Age

Upon closer inspection, I viewed their ‘Why it Works’ page. If you read the description below, you’ll see the underlined statement that suggests Clout Bucks has been around for long enough that their service has grown substantially.

Is Clout Bucks a Scam About

So I thought I’d check out how long they’ve been active for. I searched the Clout Bucks domain information, and it turns out that they’ve only been around for a couple of weeks. Their site domain was purchased on 23rd May 2019. I’m writing this article in early June 2019!

Is Clout Bucks a Scam Whois Info

So, how on earth could Clout Bucks have grown so fast in such a short time frame. I say BS. Even their homepage says they have 185K members and have paid out $35.9m. That’s a huge claim to make within 2 weeks of being online.

#2 Clout Bucks Previous Domains

So, what else did I find out. Having browsed other reviews of this program, it seems they used to go by the name of ‘KidsEarnCash.com’. And before that it was known as KidsPaidMoney.com. In fact, if you try going to KidsEarnCash.com, you’ll be redirected to KidsEarnMoney.app, which then gets redirected to Cloutbucks.com. If this doesn’t scare you away, it should.

#3 Clout Bucks Contact Details

One last red flag to convince you this is a scam. If you look at the contact details, you’ll notice that the contact address for Clout Bucks is 330 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia, 3000. Well, it just so happens that I live in Melbourne, so I took a trip down to 330 Collins Street. I couldn’t find the Clout Bucks office anywhere. In fact, you can check out the 330 Collins Street Directory here, there is no Clout Bucks in their directory.

#4 Clout Bucks Reviews

As part of my review process, I like to get reviews from Trust-Pilot, a dedicated website that gives us an indication of how trustworthy a website is. There is only 1 review at the time of writing this review, and it’s not very complementary. In fact the reviewer confirms my beliefs that Clout Bucks is a scam.

Clout Bucks Reviews

I don’t know how the overall review gives Clout Bucks 3+half stars when there has only been one review, which gave Clout Bucks 2 stars. Anyway, you can clearly see the comment does not give a good review.

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Now, About These Referrals

So, lets talk about this Refer & Earn section. Where are you going to get these referrals from? The most common form of getting referrals, and the way Clout Bucks would suggest, is to use social media. This means Facebook, Instagram etc. And who looks at your social media feed? Your family and friends.

This means you’ll be enticed into referring your friends and family into this scam. How awful would you feel if you referred your closest friends to a program that is illegitimate.

Will You See Results With Clout Bucks

No. I’ve reviewed other programs that are similar to Clout Bucks, and they don’t payout. I’d imagine this is similar. Some of these programs that claim they will pay you decent amounts of money, just for completing a few simple tasks, have a payout limit. I don’t believe Clout Bucks states they have a payout limit, that doesn’t mean they will not pay up.

Clout Bucks is very much like a site a reviewed not long ago, called Viral Dollars. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if the same people are behind both sites. Both sites have a similar looking ‘Task Wall’, which suggests the same players behind these domains.

A common tactic that is used, is to infer that you’ve done something illegal in your account. Therefore they’ve suspended or closed your account. This is one way they get out of paying you.

Is Your Information Safe

Many of these programs will not use your contact information the way it’s intended. They even claim they won’t pass it onto third parties. However, this is not always the case.

I’d be really careful with Clout Bucks. I wouldn’t be comfortable giving my contact details to whoever is behind this site. Some sites like this have been known to on-sell your email address and/or phone number.

My Verdict

I suspect you’ve sensed my disdain for websites like this. I don’t like seeing unsuspecting victims being taken for a ride. Yes, Clout Bucks is a free website to sign up to, so some people may be tempted to give it a go. I’d urge you not to do this.

Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean you have nothing to lose. For a start, you’ll be wasting your time completing tasks that won’t make you any money. You could also have your email address and mobile phone numbers compromised.

There are more ethical ways to make money online. If you’ve been searching for that latest product online that can guarantee you quick wealth, forget it. Any of these programs that can claim you’ll make $500 per day, or websites like Clout Bucks that say you can earn $30 just for clicking an advert, are full of BS.

Yes, you can make money online, anyone can. But…you have to work at it. I don’t believe filling out surveys or entering sweepstakes are a good way to make money online either. Sure, some of them are more ethical and will pay you. But they won’t make you very much at all.

*Update: What is Clout Bux All About

Clout Bux! Yes, I’ve recently seen that another clone of Clout Bucks has been created, and they’ve called it Clout Bux. I can only assume they are attempting to confuse users with this secondary site.

Sometimes word get’s out about a program and the name sticks in the mind. But, it gets misspelled into the search engines, and could easily be mistaken for Clout Bux.

The same unknown faces are behind both of these sites, along with many others I’ve recently reviewed including:

There’s absolutely loads of these replica websites, and I’d urge you to avoid them.

How to Really Make Money Online

You’re obviously reading this article because you’re searching for an opportunity to make some money online. I get it. I used to be in the same situation as you, looking for that best opportunity that could produce some good cash. However, I kept finding similar crappy opportunities that would either product no results at all, or pocket change.

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It’s not the only method though. Below I’ve listed 3 models of online income that could help your situation.

  1. Affiliate Marketing – Learn how to make commission from selling company’s products. This allows you to promote products without the hassle of shipping, customer service, invoices etc.
  2. Online Store Ownership – Create an online store and make larger profits. Learn all about eCommerce drop drop shipping.
  3. Amazon Selling – Learn how to sell products by using the Amazon platform.

All of these options do take a little time to learn and get setup, but once you’re gaining traction, it could be the best career choice you’ve ever made.

If you want my opinion which is the easiest, and offers you less responsibility, affiliate marketing is the top choice. Once you provide your visitors with valuable information, then show them a product to buy, they get taken to the company’s website to make a purchase. You then don’t have any responsibility in regards to customer service, invoices, taxes etc. This is all done by the merchants.

Sure, you may not make as much money as an online store owner as quickly, but you can certainly make enough money to leave your day job. But as I said, it does take some effort.

Here’s something to think about. Do you want to be in the exact same position this time next year, as you are in now. Of course you don’t, but unless you take action and choose a proven successful model on online wealth, you will be doing exactly the same thing next year. Stop chasing quick bucks that end up being scams. Instead, focus on getting educated and building yourself a new online career. Just imagine where you will be this time next year!

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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