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‘Commission Plan X’ Review


If you’re considering signing up to the ‘Commission Plan X’ system, I’d urge you to read this review first. Not everything is what it seems, and the sales video of Commission Plan X concerns me greatly.

I’ll explain why I don’t believe this system to be authentic, and the indicators that suggest this may well be a scam. So pay close attention, because the bold claims in the sales pitch are convincing enough to lure you in.

Before you lose your money, read this Commission Plan X review to get a comprehensive look at what I expect this system to be about.

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How Does Commission Plan X Work
Commission Plan X Red Flags​
Is Commission Plan X a Scam
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Commission Plan X Summary

Product Name: Commission Plan X

Is Commission Plan X a Scam

Founder/Owner: Unknown real owner (allegedly Dylan Gardener)

Product Type: Affiliate Sales

Price: $67 + Upsells

Program Summary: In my opinion, I don’t believe this is a genuine system. I’ve seen bold claims and hyped up earnings from products like this before. None of them eventuate into realistic options.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 7/100

What is Commission Plan X

Before purchasing the Commission Plan X system, you’ll be funneled through a couple of videos. The first one you’ve probably received via an email or social link, explaining how you can make loads of money. All with only 15-20 minutes work per day.

This is a bold claim I know, which is why I was so skeptical.

The first video is on what’s considered an ‘enrollment’ page. You’ll be required to fill in your email address to proceed to the orientation page.

Taking a look at the first sales pitch, I’m immediately suspicious of the video testimonials. Why? Because I’ve seen some of these faces before promoting other products. I’ll get to this shortly, but for now, let’s go through some of the claims in the sales video.

The apparent speaker is Daryl Gardener, a guy that just happens to be lucky enough to have stumbled onto this amazing system. He’ll tell you that he’s paid out other members of his program, thousands of dollars. And that these people have just signed up in the last couple of days.

The odd thing here is how he knows when you’re watching this video. It could be weeks ago that these people were paid (not that I believe it anyway).

You’ll be told he’s only accepting 45 people into this program, and he doesn’t want the secret exposed. You’re going to be one of the lucky ones if there is still a position vacant. Lucky me, because there is!

Total of 45 Commission Plan X Members

I can also bet that if you’re looking at the sales page now, you too will have 7 membership spots available.

Orientation Video

So once you’ve got through the enrollment and offered them your email address, you’ll be taken to the orientation sale page. Here, your confirmation that a $477 per day account is being set up.

Commission Plan X Account Set Up

This would be strangely unusual, as you haven’t even paid for anything. So why would they set up an account for you? And what makes them so sure it will earn $477 per day?

Now apparently, this system is so secretive that if it got out into the public, it would be stolen by the biggest players in the online industry. The only information that ‘Daryl’ gives is that ‘the main part of the system accounts for 92% of how internet millionaires generate income online’.

He then goes on to say that ‘it manipulates the flow of traffic from 99% of websites online DIRECTLY to ANY commission website of your choosing. All this traffic in turn produces transactions that make money for you’.

Now, I’ve heard some ridiculous claims in my time of writing these kinds of reviews, but this takes the cake. His system is going to take nearly all the website traffic (99% of it), and send it your way! Haahaa. If you believe this, sucked in!

Anyway, let’s have a look at what else Commission Plan X has in store.

How Does Commission Plan X Work

The information above is almost the only indication of the actual Commission Plan X system. There is another clue which they give us, which states that ‘all you have to do is gather your links to commission sites, which you’ll find in the private members area’.

Typical affiliate marketing uses affiliate links to make sales, but you can get these unique links yourself from products you want to promote. To be given links from the Commission Plan X system indicates to me that you’ll just be promoting their program.

In essence, you could be paying $67 for a system in which you just advertise the same $67 system. Will you get an actual product by paying this fee? If other similar products are anything to go by, you will receive basic affiliate marketing guides, and that will be it.

I can assure you there will be no system that will earn you $477 per day, or thousands of dollars regularly like what is suggested in the sales video.

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Commission Plan X Red Flags​

Many programs that have been created in a similar way to Commission Plan X show signs that not all is legitimate or authentic. Here’s a few indicators that alert me that this system is also not what you think.

#1 Fake Testimonials

I mentioned earlier that I had seen some of these testimonial faces before. This is because I review good and poor courses and products on this site, and the poor one’s often use an outsourcing site called Fiverr to get fake testimonials.

Commission Plan X has used this same strategy to obtain their video testimonials. You may recognize the gentlemen below, who was in the initial video.

Commission Plan X Fake Testimonial

This guy makes regular appearances in scam programs, and has no issue with claiming he’s made loads of money with a product that he hasn’t used. Having said that, he’s only attempting to earn money himself by outsourcing his services.

My Traffic Business System is just one other product where he’s outsourced his spokesperson talents.

The other testimonials are also paid actors and you may also find them on Fiverr.

I’d also like to make you aware that at no time in the testimonials, do they mention the Commission Plan X system. They just reference it as a ‘system’. That is so they can use these same video testimonials for various other ‘systems’ and programs.

#2 Over-Hyped Earnings

Nothing screams out ‘scam’ more, than high income claims for extremely little effort. If you really think there’s genuine opportunities like this, you may have to reassess your expectations.

The real owners of Commission Plan X will tell you exactly what you want to hear. That is, you don’t need to know how the system works, just that it makes you money, and lots of it.

Commission Plan X Huge Claim

You will also hear claims that ‘their team will be giving you all the tools to drive free traffic’. In my opinion, this is an absurd claim. The hardest part of making money online is getting website traffic, and free traffic is obviously the best.

This cannot be achieved with a simple system. It takes strategy and SEO tactics to rank highly in the search engines. This is something anyone can learn, but no system like Commission Plan X can ever manipulate these search engines such as Google and Bing.

#3 Click Better Product

I’ve stated this with other reviews before, but I don’t trust any product that is sold via the ClickBetter platform. They have a reputation for selling very poor quality products and scams.

Click Better product

Whenever I’ve clicked the ‘Buy’ button, and been taken to the checkout page on Click Better, I’ve always noticed the same issue. The ‘terms & conditions’ and ‘refund policy’ are supposed to link to their respective pages. Instead they don’t link anywhere. This is extremely poor for an alleged professional payment site.

Along with this, my malware software attempts to block me from entering the Click Better website because of ‘Fraud’. This is a sure sign not to purchase through Click Better.

Is Commission Plan X a Scam

With so many signs that indicate the illegitimacy of this system, I cannot possibly recommend this product to my readers. Is it a scam? Well, after reading this review, I’ll let you decide. I’d be leaning more to that side of thinking.

Unrealistic wealth claims are always used to lure people into these types of products. The hype surrounding quick wealth is enough to entice anyone. Unfortunately, those that make money online have done the hard yards, we just make it look easy. But lots of work has been done before the rewards come.

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