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Copy and Paste Ads Review


If you’re a regular Facebook user that is searching for possibilities to make money online, you may have seen this program. It’s called Copy & Paste Ads, and offers you the chance to make up to $300 per day. So, is Copy and Paste Ads a scam or is it really possible to make money here?

In this Copy and Paste Ads review, you’ll discover the concerns I have which indicate that this may well be a scam. I applaud you for doing your research before handing over the amount of money they suggest to get started. You’ll be pleased with yourself for doing your due diligence.

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What is Copy and Paste Ads
This Is Not An MLM Scheme
How Does Copy and Paste Ads Work
Will You See Results With Copy and Paste Ads
Getting Referrals – Not That Easy
Is This a Work From Home Job
Copy and Paste Ads Concerns
My Verdict
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Copy and Paste Ads Summary

Copy and Paste Ads BannerProduct Name: Copy and Paste Ads

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Pyramid

Price: $149.95

Program Summary: In my opinion, this is a pyramid scheme that masquerades as a work from home opportunity. It’s not a money making opportunity I’d be recommending.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 12/100

What is Copy and Paste Ads

Well, if you believe the sales video, you could be making easy money with Copy and Paste Ads because this is a 99% done for you system. You’re job is simply to copy pre-written adverts and paste them to various high volume website that they recommend.

These sites consist of Facebook, Craigslist, LinkedIn amongst many others. Apparently, these ads will be exposed to thousands of people each month. You just need to rely on your ads to be clicked, and have the user text your unique code word to a 24-hour information hotline.

So in effect, you’re attempting to get other people to sign up to this same system of copying more written ads, and sending them out via the recommended networks. Does this sound like a pyramid scheme? It certainly does to me.

This Is Not An MLM Scheme

No, it’s not an MLM scheme, and they make a deliberate point of this in the sales video. However, it’s worse than that. Its a pyramid scheme, which is illegal in many countries and states.

Copy and Paste Ads is not an MLM scheme

Copy and Paste is NOT an MLM scheme. It’s worse, it’s a Pyramid scheme!

The difference being, that an MLM scheme sells actual products within their multi level marketing system. Whereas a pyramid scheme is where you’re encouraged to recruit others into a circular money scheme, without the requirement to sell actual products.

The reason these pyramid schemes are illegal, is because they are unsustainable. Recruiting others eventually becomes impossible, the money eventually dries up, and nobody is left to profit.

How Does Copy and Paste Ads Work

So, after those potential referrals that send a text message, after seeing any of the ads you’ve pasted into these networks, they will receive an auto-reply message with your unique link in it. This identifies you as the person that got this new referral.

They then get taken to a sales landing page for Copy and Paste Ads, where they can fill out their personal information. Once completed, they will be sent to the same Copy and Paste Ads sales video you watched, and you’ll receive $100 from the person that signs up.

So apparently, from the $149 that they pay to join, you’ll be getting a third in commission.

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Will You See Results With Copy and Paste Ads

It’s possible that you will see some results with Copy and Paste Ads, but it’s not a long term online business opportunity. As I’ve mentioned previously, this is very pyramid like, where you recruit others to pay for your commissions.

This does sound like a simple method to make money online, and if you think it will work for you then knock yourself out. However, I’m sceptical about how long this will be going for because it seems illegal to me.

Getting Referrals – Not That Easy

This could be the most difficult part of the whole process. Recruiting others into, what looks very scam like, could be more arduous that you think. I like to put myself in the situation of a potential referral.

Personally, if I was presented with this opportunity, I wouldn’t go anywhere near. I’ve seen, reviewed and witnessed people losing money through pyramid schemes and the like. Where do you think the other $49.95 is going. Yeah, the unnamed source behind this system is pocketing $50 every time a member is signed up.

Is This a Work From Home Job

Of course this is NOT a work from home job. Have you ever paid to get a job? Copy and Paste Ads asks you to pay $149.95 up front, to work as a recruiter. True companies are expected to pay you to be employed by them, not the other way around.

All you’re really doing is investing (which is a loose term here) into a system that promotes the same scheme to others. In my opinion, Copy and Paste Ads is not a work from home job.

Copy and Paste Ads Concerns

There’s several red flags that concern me with Copy and Paste Ads. These are indications that all is not legitimate with Copy and Paste Ads.

Unknown Owner

No individual or company is willing to put their name or face to this system. This often means there is something to hide, and I wouldn’t be willing to take that risk.

So who is going to take responsibility if something goes wrong. In the ‘Terms and Conditions’, it just says ‘contact me’, which suggest this is just an individual that has started this system, and are not willing to put their name to it.

Who Owns Copy and Paste Ads

Income Disclaimer

I’d like you to carefully read the income disclaimer statement, which states that you won’t have a leg to stand on should you not get any referrals, and therefore no income.

Copy and Paste Ads Income Disclaimer

Whoever the owner is, is just covering themselves if you don’t make any money. This is fine, and is the correct procedure for keeping people from suing. However, it doesn’t fill me with confidence that you’ll be making money with this system.

The way this Copy and Paste Ads income disclaimer is written, suggests you may be lucky to earn anything at all. There is also a strict ‘No Refunds’ policy to go along with this, so you’ll be waiving your right to any dispute should the need arise.

I Don’t Trust ‘Done-For-You’

I’m always concerned when a system is created that say it works on ‘Autopilot’, or it’s a ‘Set-and-Forget’ ‘Done-For-You’ system. Why on earth would somebody make it easy for you to make money.

These systems all sound like you don’t have to do anything, but in reality, you will end up putting in a lot more effort than what they claim. No system is this easy, and what happens when it doesn’t work.

You’re actually putting your income in the hands of others, hoping the systems works, and begging for people to sign up. I believe learning a skill to make money online for the long term is a better option.

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My Verdict

In my opinion, if you join the Copy and Paste Ads system, you’re just becoming a spammer. You will be spamming others over social media sites, with the intention of getting others to join this same pyramid scheme.

Because this system also encourages you to send written emails, you may need to invest in an email autoresponder. You’ll always be chasing your tail with this type of system, attempting to lure in new prospects with various new methods of recruitment.

How The Legit Make Money

Get rich quick schemes don’t work on the internet in today’s age. I believe some used to, but those types of opportunities now get exposed too easily.

One of the best ways to make money online is building your own web asset. By building your own website and learning how to monetize it, you will have a constant stream of income for years to come. You’re website authority will grow month after month, year after year.

Search engines (such as Google) like this, and rank you accordingly. This is how you get free traffic to promote whatever products you like, and earn commissions from your efforts.

To learn how to create this type of online blog for yourself, you can read my Beginners Step by Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing. Alternatively, read about the best training platform where I learned how it works.

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