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Digital Income System Review


Welcome to this review of Digital Income System. Here, you’re going to find out the legitimacy of this program, and get the answer to the questions many are asking yourself. Is Digital Income System a scam, or a genuine opportunity to make thousands of dollars for little work.

If you’re in a hurry, let me save you time by saying that the claims made in the sales video of Digital Income System, are far beyond what can be expected. There’s been several products similar to this, all claiming huge commissions from a few minutes work. Believe this at your peril.

So let’s get started, and see what Digital Income System is all about.

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What is Digital Income System
How Does Digital Income System Work
Will You See Results With Digital Income System
Sales Page & Huge Claims
Other Concerns
The Website Traffic Issue
My Verdict – Where To Now

Digital Income System Summary

Is Digital Income a Scam logoProduct Name: Digital Income System

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Recruitment for MLM equivalent

Price: $1,000 – $25,000

Program Summary: In my opinion, this is just another program that will not meet the claims they express. This is a very risky venture, and one I’d advise to steer clear of.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 8/100

What is Digital Income System

I must say, when you land on the homepage of Digital Income System, you can’t help but be impressed by the professionalism of their presentation. All except the sales video that is, because the sales video is very cheesy, and comes across too salesy.

I can see how people can fall for the lure of wealth, as the homepage seems very legitimate. They have a professional logo, and nice imagery. However, if you take a closer look, they don’t actually say too much about the actual product that is, Digital Income System.

Maybe the reason for this, is that there’s no real product at all. If you sign up to this program, you’re basically selling the ideal of Digital Income System, that’s it. There’s nothing else to it, it’s just a recruiting system, and not a very cheap one.

If you watch the sales video, they say this is a ‘true, hands-free Business in a Box’. I really don’t like it when these types of claims are made, because they make it sound like you have nothing to do yourself, it’s all done for you. But this isn’t the case.

Is Digital Income a Scam Business in a Box

Apparently, you’re going to be given ‘proven traffic sources’, which is a turn-key system, effective and automatic. While you may like this to be the case, the truth is that website traffic is going to be a lot harder to achieve than you think.

Some other claims they will tell you, is that you’ll never have to sell anything to anyone, you don’t have to make outbound calls and the products are digital web based business and personal development courses.

Here’s what you’ll really get if you sign up with Digital Income System.

How Does Digital Income System Work

If you do sign up to Digital Income System, you’re going to be up for a lot of money if you really want to make money. Even then, it’s not guaranteed.

The commission structure works in such a way, that the more you put in, the bigger returns you’ll make. Here’s a look at the Digital Income System commission structure.

Is Digital Income a Scam Commissions

Now if you’re like most people, you’ll be joining up at the base level. Certainly until you see some kind of positive returns. Why else would you upgrade to a large membership level if you didn’t see any incentive.

The thing is, you’re not going to make much money at the base level, and you’ll be aggressively encouraged by your coach to dig deeper into your pockets. You’ll be told the higher membership level you join, the better the commissions are. Whilst this is true, there’s still no guarantee of making a profit.

Why is this so? Because of the lack of website traffic you’ll get. Oh yes, you’re told that there’s free lifetime traffic, and they generate the leads for you. You’ll be given a ‘done-for-you’ website, which is basically a duplicated landing page. This means, everyone else will have the same landing page.

No doubt they’ll have a few templates, but they are all similar and distributed to all members. So all these leads that are generated and targeted towards your landing page, have seen it all before. They’ve been directed to other landing pages that look exactly the same, or similar.

That’s why I think you’ll have a very hard time getting sales with this system. Firstly, you’re attempting to recruit others to a system that provides nothing of value. You’re being trained to recruit people into the same system you’re in, and this is just a circular recruiting system.

Secondly, unless you upgrade to a higher level of membership, you won’t earn commissions from anyone else you recruit, that buys in at the higher level.

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Will You See Results With Digital Income System

I’d like to share with you, a table from a replicator system called The Super Affiliate Network. They have a similar commission structure and also claim it’s not MLM.

Is Digital Income a Scam Disclosure

As you can see, the base level memberships will not make any significant money to even make a dent in your initial investment. This is how they get people into these systems. They show people the lure of the big bucks, but only those at the top get the cream.

In my opinion, you won’t be making much money if you join the lower levels of this program. I’d even call it very risky if you were to join at the higher levels, as the investment is just way too much.

Sales Page & Huge Claims

Here’s what I don’t like about the Digital Income System sales video. The claims they make are misleading and not in the interests of prospective customers.

Just 4 Minutes Work and One Call

Alleging that you’ll only have to work 4 minutes per week. No program is going to offer you a business opportunity where you only have to work 4 minutes per week. Maybe you’ll be using their automated system for 4.2 minutes per week, because it does nothing.

The remainder of your time will be spent attempting to get your own leads, because their system cannot do it efficiently enough.

Now what was that initial statement about ‘No Calls, No Selling’. Oh, apart from the call you have to make every week!

Is Digital Income a Scam 4 Minutes

A Simple Formula

To claim that they will give you their traffic source, you then send traffic to them, they do everything else and you just make money and enjoy life. Don’t you think this should sound alarm bells?

Is Digital Income a Scam Formula

Firstly, why would they give you a traffic generating system, only to have the traffic directed back to them. Then you just sit back and watch the money pour in. Do you really think they’re doing this just so YOU can earn large commissions. How nice of them.

And what are you offering to these leads, that will apparently land on your landing page. A system that recruits more people like you. It’s going to be really hard to convince others to buy into a system that has no physical or digital product, and takes over $1K just to get started. From there, the figures rise dramatically.

And where they say the products are ‘digital web based business and personal development courses’, this just means an online course to recruit others into the system.

The tiered system of earning commissions is more MLM like in my opinion. This is because, as explained earlier, you cannot earn commissions from recruits that buy a higher membership level. This entices you to purchase the higher level yourself.

Other Concerns

Their Legal Links

What concerns me greatly, is that when I attempted to check their privacy policy and other legal links such as Earnings Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions, they are not linked to these legal requirements.

All programs that claim to be as professional as this must have these legal documents in place on their website. The fact they are just written text with no links is a big red flag for me. Even I, as a sole blogger require some of these pages.

Is Digital Income a Scam Disclaimers

Who Are The Owners

There is no real clear indication of who the owners are of this system. There’s no corporation, individual or consortium prepared to put their backing behind this program.

As there are no links to a Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions page, it’s impossible to see get a handle on the legitimacy of Digital Income System.

The Website Traffic Issue

As stated earlier, you will be given a duplicate landing page website, that will mimic everyone else’s landing page that signs up here. Apparently, you’re also going to be given website traffic from the same sources as everyone else. So, the same people seeing the same offers from anyone in this system.

Is there a better way to gain website traffic? Sure. The best traffic is free organic traffic that has been written and SEO configured to rank high in the search engines. But Digital Income System is not setup like that, so what else to do.

You could use paid traffic to get more visitors to your landing page, but this can become expensive, and you need to understand how to target your audience correctly to have any impact. You could also have the issue of these paid sources disapproving your ads, or stopping them once they realise you’re just sending people to a simple landing page. This is often against their requirements and policies.

Getting website traffic from the correctly targeted audience is going to be the biggest challenge in this system. What you receive as far as traffic generation will be very limited.

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My Verdict – Where To Now

I can’t possibly recommend this Digital Income System to my readers here. I’m loathe to call it a scam, because it’s actually possible to make some money. However, I find it very misleading, and there’s a few red flags that concern me greatly.

With no ownership apparent, lack of legal pages and MLM type structure, I would be keeping well clear of this system.

So, where do you turn to now for an online income opportunity. Well, if you want a legitimate opportunity to make a genuine income online, I’ve got you covered. But you need to understand, this will take a bit of work and effort on your behalf.

If you keep searching for that shiny new object that will promise great riches is a short period, you’ll constantly be disappointed. Many programs and products claim they can offer this, all of them are either BS, over exaggerated or extremely misleading.

Why not follow in my footsteps and become an affiliate marketer. This is a genuine opportunity to make money online, and can offer long term benefits. Once established, this can become your career. It does take a little time to get started, and get traction from the search engines, but you’re building your own solid asset for future years in this business.

Keep reading to find out how to get started.

Wrapping Up

Thank you for reading this review until the end. I appreciate your patience, and hope to help you out if your searching for that elusive online opportunity to make money.

After several years of attempting to find a quick way to make money online myself, I came to the realisation that to make money online, I needed to build my own website asset. What you see here with this website is the result of hard work.

I have hundreds of articles spidering the web, each giving me the potential to make commissions. You can do this also, in fact anyone can. But you need to make a start. The best part about this opportunity is, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to begin.

Read this section below, and you’ll be taught the correct methods to take you from beginner to advanced affiliate marketer.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

But the simplest and least complicated is [Learn more...]

Disclosure: Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links will not cost you any more. More info at my disclaimer page

The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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