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Faucetcrypto.com Review


You’ve heard that crypto faucets are a great idea because you can earn cryptocurrency from completing tasks etc. Do you really know how much you can earn in dollar terms, or are you just determining that fraction of crypto’s will eventually add up.

One such place to earn ‘satoshi’ (I’ll get to that in this review) is FaucetCrypto. Like many of these earning sites, there is some skepticism about them. So, is FaucetCrypto a scam or can you really earn valuable crypto to invest.

I’ll disclose that I am not a FaucetCrypto affiliate and will not be attempting to sway you either way. I’m just giving you the facts to make an informed decision whether to sign up to this program.

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FaucetCrypto Summary

Is Faucet Crypto a ScamProduct Name: FaucetCrypto

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Earn Satoshi from completing tasks

Price: Free to sign up

Program Summary: In my opinion, crypto faucet websites are designed in a way to get users viewing or promoting products, with the assumption they will earn great rewards. In reality, the rewards are not worth your time and effort. FaucetCrypto is the same as all other faucet sites, not worth the effort.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 12/100

What is FaucetCrypto

FaucetCrypto is a task completing site that will reward you with Satoshi, which is a small fraction of a Bitcoin value. The tasks to be completed are basically clicking on advertising banners and short links.

You could bracket these sites into the ‘paid to click’ category, because that’s all you will be doing to earn miniscule amounts of coin. FaucetCrypto is similar to Litecoinads which I recently reviewed, although your rewards are given in Litecoin satoshi instead.

FaucetCrypto offers several supported cryptocurrencies that you can transfer your coins to. In fact there’s 19 cryptocurrencies that you could choose from, which is different from some faucet sites that only offer one.

You’ll find there’s a members area when you sign up, which is fairly easy to navigate. I wouldn’t say it’s the most professional interface around, but that’s what you get with basic crypto faucet sites.

FaucetCrypto Earning Methods

Earning through FaucetCrypto is available via several methods, but let’s first discuss what a ‘Satoshi’ is. A Satoshi as earlier mentioned, is a fraction of a bitcoin. To be precise, a Satoshi is equal to 0.00000001 bitcoin. Yeah, not very much is it!

Anyway, the main method of earning Satoshi is via short links. Basically, this entails clicking on links to adverts which you’ll watch for 10 seconds. There will be a countdown timer that you’ll have to keep an eye on, because if you close the adverts within the 10 seconds, you will not receive your Satoshi.

FaucetCrypto Short Links

Another way of earning is through hourly rewards. Once you click on and claim your reward, this option will not be available for another hour, just as the title suggests. Each of these rewards will earn you 13-14 coins, or in other words, approximately 4 Satoshi.

FaucetCrypto Hourly Rewards

Achievements are also a reward for completing a specific number of tasks. So for instance, you may need to complete 30 short links to receive an achievement. This could net you an additional 20-40 coins, approximately 6-12 Satoshi.

Obviously, as crypto faucets would like more members to join, you can also be rewarded with more coins by referring new members to FaucetCrypto.

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Earning Potential

If you are considering FaucetCrypto as a method to generate income to help you pay the bills, forget it. I want to show you the reality of how much you will be earning for your time invested.

Let’s say you decide to spend an hour clicking on short links. I’m going to be conservative and suggest it will take you 1 minute to achieve the following. Go to Short Links on the dashboard, choose a banner ad, wait for it to load, wait for the 10 seconds to watch it, claim your coins and head back to the dashboard to go again.

Obviously depending on your internet connection, the time to complete this will vary. But for interest sake, let’s say you can do 60 tasks in 60 minutes. Some of the better paying tasks will earn you 30 coins, approximately 9 Sotishi.

So, 9×60 equals 540 Satoshi per hour. 540 Satoshi equals $0.047USD. That’s 4.7c per hour if you’re constantly clicking short links! Is your time really worth 4.7c per hour? This equates to not even 0.38c per 8 hour day.

I hope this places some perspective into how much you will actually earn from FaucetCrypto. And if you think that Bitcoin is going to shoot through the roof, think again. That boat has already sailed.

FaucetCrypto Payments

When you purchase genuine cryptocurrency, you create a wallet. For instance, when you purchase Ethereum, you have your own Ethereum wallet that you can trade from.

With FaucetCrypto, you use microwallets. Which are used for these minuscule amounts of coin. Your microwallet will need to be created via faucetpay.io (FP) or expresscrypto.io (EC), then linked to your own wallet at one of the larger exchanges, such as Coinpayment, Coinbase or Coinomi.

Your FaucetCrypto coins don’t have to be traded for Bitcoin Satoshi, they also support alternate crypto currencies like Blackcoin, Bitcore, Dash, Digibyte, Dogecoin , Ethereum Classic, Komodo, and Litecoin.

Is FaucetCrypto a Scam

Depending on your perspective, you may feel like FaucetCrypto is a scam. I don’t necessarily agree with this view. The site has been set up to allow people to make very small amounts of currency, but they do pay out what you have earned.

Having checked out some forum reviews regarding FaucetCrypto, there is not much sympathy for those that are complaining about lack of payment or miniscule earnings.

FaucetCrypto Reviews

As you can also see, I’m not the only one that agrees that faucets are a waste of time. They are often used for people to obtain satoshis to test out bitcoin. Satoshis are not valuable enough to invest.

My Concerns

Having tested this and other similar faucet sites, they allow poor quality advertisements into their system. I use a virus scanner and malware detection program, and constantly my Malwarebytes program blocked external sites from opening up on my browser.

If you decide to sign up to FaucetCrypto, be aware that many of the advertisements you click on are possible trojans or riskware. This goes for not just FaucetCrypto, but any faucet site of a similar nature.

I’ve also had the same issue with ‘get paid to’ sites such as Picoclix. They offer similar incentives and show the same types of ads, low quality.

FaucetCrypto Likes

  • Multiple coin exchanges
  • Simple format to earn coins

FaucetCrypto Dislikes

  • Extremely poor rewards
  • Poor mobile experience
  • Tasks are boring
  • Low quality advertisements that can infect your pc.

How I Earn Money

So many people today are searching for possible opportunities to make money online, so I don’t blame you for considering faucet websites. Although they may seem legitimate, you cannot really make any considerable money from these sites.

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Finally, I found the opportunity that most are searching for, and to this day it makes me good money. For instance, I recently made a $398.80 commission by promoting somebody else’s product. Not bad hey.

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Thanks to the effort I put in, the real rewards did come. I also make recurring commissions daily, which is so rewarding and exciting to see.

To get to this point though, I did have to learn how to do it. Just like anyone has to learn a new skill, but it’s really not that hard.

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Disclosure: Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links will not cost you any more. More info at my disclaimer page

The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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