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Well, if it’s not the best free font website, then it comes extremely close. It’s always difficult to compare font websites, as most of them offer hundreds of great fonts, and you’re usually only searching for a suitable one.

Is Fontspring the best free font website - logoName: Fontspring
Website URL: http://www.fontspring.com/
Cost: Pay as you go (varies)
Recommended: Yes

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I’m going to quickly run through the features of Fontspring, so you can sum up whether it will suit your requirements or not.

But first, a small brief on what makes a good font for your website.

What Makes a Font Suitable for Your Website

Not every website is going to be the same and I don’t know your site, but let me start by stating this. In general, the more simple a font is, the better. Why is this so?

For the simple reason that if your content is easy on the eye, your readers will read more. The last thing you want, is for potential clients or purchasers to find an alternate site, because they found it too slow to understand your content.

For example, if you have a tutorial or guide, and use a font like ‘bestlady’, how long do you think it would be until your visitors went elsewhere?

Is Fontspring the Best Free Font Website bestlady

Yeah, a little hard to decipher isn’t it.

When it comes to writing directions or tutorial guides, you want your reader to get through it without confusion. Using simple fonts is going to provide this.

There may be times when fancy fonts have their place, but they are particularly useful in header text as opposed to the body text of an article

Luxury websites are a perfect example. If your website is in the luxury travel or luxury property niches, then a fancy scrolled type of font such as ‘La Parisienne’ would suit the topic header.

Is Fontspring the best free font website - la-parisienne

Apart from headers and sub-headers, fancy or bold type fonts are ideal in banners, featured images or logos.

Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind though. Combining a different header font with sub header font, can be a little tricky. This’ll will be a ‘trial and error’ period, as you want these two fonts to complement each other and not clash through being crazy different.

Another tip, is to check certain letters in a font. Often you’ll find that capital I, a lowercase L, and the number one can look very similar. View them in your chosen font before you implement it, to be sure your readers can differentiate these symbols.

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How Does Fontspring Work

You’ll appreciate the features and number of fonts available at Fontspring which is one of the top sites for downloading unique lettering.

You’ll have the opportunity to download free fonts but there’s also many fonts that will require payment. These are the top fonts you may not find elsewhere.

Finding a font for your website is fairly easy, although you may have TOO much choice. Fontspring will give you the choice of over 69,000 fonts to choose from, which is an extraordinary amount. However, many of those are variants of the same font.

Sifting through this many fonts can be a daunting task. For this reason, you can contact Fontspring directly to find a particular font, or use their Matcherator software.

Font Licences

Obviously Fontspring couldn’t survive, should they not make money via selling fonts also. There are 4 different licences including desktop, website, eBook and application licenses.

If you do purchase a font, the standard and most common is the Desktop licence. This is basically a commercial license for the font, meaning you can use it just about however you like.

Use the font for graphical designs such as logo’s or signs. Or maybe you’d like to use the font on products like mugs, t-shirts, hats, etc. There are minor limitations which you can read here.

Fonts vary in price, depending on the foundry and license type. As you can see in the image below, some fonts can cost a fair bit more than others. On the other hand as I’ve already mentioned, many fonts are free to use.

Is Fontspring the best free font website - license options

Free Fonts

We all love free stuff an of course Fontspring will offer you free fonts, but you need to go searching for them. They’re easy to find though, simply enter the term ‘free’ into their search bar, and all the free fonts will be available for you to download.

There are over 500 fonts that are free to use, so you’ve clearly got a great selection to choose from before considering a paid font.

However, like anything these days, you’ll be prompted to enter your email address before downloading.

Top Deals

There are always font deals on sale which can be sorted in a number of ways. Although they say the fonts are on sale for a limited time, I’ve seen them either stay on the site for a while, or come around again fairly quickly.

A feature of their deals is being able to sort them by end date, allowing you to view all the fonts on sale that are soon to end.

Using Font Filters

Filters are great for sorting through the thousands of available fonts. The following filters are at hand to help you find suitable fonts for your project:

  • Classifications
  • Font Styles
  • Tags
  • Licenses
  • Foundries
  • Languages
  • Start Over

There’s multiple categories under each of these filters as you can see below.
Is Fontspring the best free font website - FiltersFinding the font you’re after can be a challenge when there are so many to choose from. Filtering your way through with an extensive filter list like this helps enormously.

Font Matcherator

One of the features of Fontspring, that other font programs don’t facilitate, is the matching facility. Known as their Matcherator, you can upload an image (or input an image URL) and the Matcherator will find the closest match to the font you’ve supplied.

It uses powerful technology to scan your image and let you know the names of the closest matches. The matcherator even allows for OpenType features, so flexible fonts used for all platform types can be submitted.

This is a really cool feature that can allow you to take a snippet from another website that you like, and find the name of it to download for your website. Now, that can save a load of time!

Sister Site – Font Squirrel

Fontspring has a sister site called Font Squirrel. This is a ‘100% free for commercial use’ font site where you can either download directly, or you’ll be sent back to Fontspring to download the font.

This doesn’t mean all fonts a free. It means they can all be used commercially once purchased, or downloaded free.

Font Squirrel also has a few tools that can identify the font’s you’re after.

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Wrapping Up

I would recommend Fontspring if you’re going to download a new font, they are a totally legitimate company and you won’t get ripped off. I’d also suggest searching all available free fonts before splashing out on a paid font. Why wouldn’t you!

Also check out their Matcherator or the Font Identifier over at Font Squirrel if there’s a font you need to find the name of.

If you have any thoughts on Fontspring, or know of any other great free font websites, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I’ll reply as soon as I can!

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