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I’ve been there, exactly where you are now, if you’re searching for somewhere to download online digital courses. You may have come across Get WSO Download like I did, by looking for an alternative to paying full price for these courses.

Many online courses targeted towards marketing, ecommerce or other online income generated alternatives can cost thousands of dollars. I won’t go into whether I believe these courses are worth the money, but they can be accessed via different methods.

The initial question you may be seeking to ask would be, is Get WSO Download a scam? Having been a member of Get WSO Download since 2016, I can tell you that Get WSO Download is certainly not a scam. It’s a genuine site that allows you to access awesome digital courses extremely cheaply.

What is Get WSO Download

Predominantly, Get WSO Download is a platform whereby you can pay a membership fee, to have access to a multitude of digital online courses.

When I came across Get WSO Download, I was intrigued by how they could provide a service to access so many courses to people for such a small cost. After all, what they are offering are not exactly their own products. I’ll touch on this soon.

I do find the catalog of courses within the GET WSO Download website extraordinary. From the top eCommerce courses run by the best tutors such as Adrian Morrison, to all other types of marketing such as those created by Tai Lopez.

How Does Get WSO Download Work

As a Get WSO Download member, you will have access to an external secure website where the promoted online courses can be downloaded as a torrent. You will be able to download the simple torrent file that can be used to download the full course.

You will be advised to download a software program called Qbittorrent. There are many torrent downloading software programs available online, and Qbittorrent is the software of choice from Michael and the team at Get WSO Download.

Following this, it’s time to register for the Get WSO Download torrent site. To login properly, you’ll need to pass the captcha test by choosing the correct symbol, followed by clicking on the ‘X’.

Captcha for Is Get WSO Download

Once logged in, find the course that you require through the search function. Then simply click on the torrent file to download it to a location on your own PC.

Open up the Qbittorrent program you downloaded earlier, and drag the torrent file into the program. The course you requested will begin to download.

Depending on how big the course is, and how good your internet connection is, the download time can take anywhere from 1 minute to 4 hours, in general.

Can You Download All Courses

Can you download all the Get WSO Download courses after signing up? Pretty much. The membership fee is $32.50 per month, and the majority of courses will be available for you to download.

There are 27 TB of data and over 1900 courses that you can access any time. However, there are some courses that cannot be accessed immediately, called Group Buys.

Group Buys

Often there are requests for specific courses, which become a group buy if popular enough. These are generally quite expensive courses, and if enough members are willing to buy the course by splitting the payment, then the Get SWO Download team will buy the course as a Group Buy.

These members will pay their split payment, and will have first access to the course. After 120 days of the Group Buy, all other members will have access to download the course.

So even though you will have access to the majority of courses from the time you become a member, these Group Buys will also become part of your arsenal after the 120 day period.

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Wrapping Up

As I said earlier, I’ve been a member of Get WSO Download since 2016 and have downloaded many courses since then. I have not personally been involved with purchasing a Group Buy, but I haven’t needed to.

I actually like to download these courses and write article reviews about the course. This is just one extra benefit apart from gaining the knowledge from the course itself.

So just to confirm, Get WSO Download is not a scam. In fact there are many other similar sites that offer downloads in torrent form, and I find that Get WSO Download is the best of them all.

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