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Sport in general is a very popular pastime, and therefore goes without saying that any sporting niche can be profitable. Today I’m going to focus on one sport in particular, golf. So, is golf one of the most lucrative blog niches? Absolutely, and I’ll discuss the merits of creating a golfing blog.

Is it still reasonable to start a golf blog, or is the competition too high? Should you narrow down to a subsection of the golfing industry? What products are out there to promote and how much golfing information is out there to blog about.

Is The Golf Niche Saturated

Lets start by determining whether or not the golfing niche is too saturated. I’m not going to say it’s easy to get a foothold, and yes, there are loads of golfing blogs out there.

Does that mean you shouldn’t attempt to start a golfing blog? Absolutely not.

Firstly, I believe we should all follow our passions when it comes to starting a blog website. There’s no point beginning a blog that is easier to get website traffic, if you have no interest at all in that topic. Unless you intend to sell it on at a later date.

By writing about your favorite hobby or sport, you know years down the track that you will still be heavily invested. You’ll constantly be inspired to write about your passion, which makes blogging so much easier.

Targeting Golfing Specifics

To gain traction in the golf niche, and help it become a lucrative niche to write about, it may be best to narrow down to begin with. For instance, start off as a golf bag blog. Write about various golf bags, how each is different and promote various brands.

You can even start off as a golf balls and tees expert. Become known as writing about golf ball flight or what tees are best for what clubs.

The great aspect about a niche like golf, is you can expand in so many different areas. Once you’ve been doing this a while and you’re known for golf balls and tees (as an example), start writing and promoting golf gloves.

Then diverse into clothing, umbrellas, drivers, putters or golf books.

Diversified Golf Product Selection Through Keywords​

As you can see above, I’ve stated several products that can be leveraged in the golfing niche. This is just some of the merchandise that’s possible to promote, but you can find much more when you begin to search keywords.

If you begin to type into Google, suggestions will pop up for great ideas. Not only that, these are search terms that people are looking for. Google is giving us the exact terms that users search, which makes it easier for us to know what to write about.

As an example, let’s say you begin typing ‘golf carts’. Then move your cursor to the beginning, and type a ‘space’.

Golf Keyword Google Search

Then rotate the letters of the alphabet before the space. This will give you loads of Google suggestions. It’s known as the ‘alphabet soup’ technique, and is the best way to find what people are looking for.

Finding Lucrative Offers

You’re here because you want to know if golf is one of the most lucrative blog niches, and I’m here to tell you it certainly can be. If a niche has high ticket or recurring commissions when sales are made, then I’d consider this a niche that can be quite lucrative.

Think about what you can sell your audience in the golfing genre. Apart from the general merchandise and equipment, what about golf carts as I’ve discussed above.

Then there’s the opportunity to sign up with golf clubs to promote memberships.

One of the better and more lucrative offers are golfing holidays. There’s several places that organize golfing vacations worldwide, but this may have to wait until planes are back in the air after Covid-19. Golf-Drives is one such site that has an affiliate program.

Part of the golfing vacations idea can incorporate events. Golfing events and seminars can also be exploited, although they could be a little more difficult to find.

So yes, in my opinion, the golfing niche is as lucrative as you want to make it. The opportunity is there, you just need to take action to make it reality.

Expanding Down The Track

What I really like about any sporting niche such as golf, is the fact you can begin on a narrowly focused niche and expand as your blog becomes more successful. As I said earlier, start with something small like golf balls, then branch out to gloves, clubs, clothing, memberships and vacations down the track.

This is where the subject of your blog becomes more lucrative, because you’ve gained an initial foothold. Google loves it when you write specifically and directly about a topic. Being too broad can show Google you’re not really sure what it is you’re blogging about.

Golf is a very broad topic, and you’ll have a much easier time scaling in on a specific part of the industry to begin with.

Starting Your Golfing Blog

There’s a good chance you already know how and where to start your blog. Maybe you don’t, and if this is the case, maybe I can point you in the right direction.

I’ve chosen the affiliate marketing route to monetize my blog. So the logical choice for me was to incorporate my website hosting, with an affiliated training course that teaches affiliate marketing.

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This is just a fraction of what they offer. They have a free membership which you can try for a week. Keep the free membership and a free website, or get more training and more features for paying the premium membership.

You can join here and check them out free (no credit card details required), or read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here for more information.

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Final Thoughts

I truly believe that beginning a golf blog can be quite lucrative, if you are willing to work at building it. Sure you need to put in the effort, but all bloggers do.

I am also a little biased because I love my golf. Although like any dad, the restrictions of being a father did get in the way for quite a few years. I’m just coming out the other end, and now this damn virus has forced my city (Melbourne, Australia) into lockdown!

Once this is all over though, I’ll be back out on the greens.

I hope I’ve given you some food for thought in this post.

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