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Influencer Cash Review


Well, I’ve been doing reviews for long enough now to know when something isn’t right. In fact I’ve reviewed other websites like Influencer Cash that almost seem like a replica, and offer the same incentives. So, is Influencer Cash a Scam, or just another site that invites you to complete tasks for money.

I’ll explain why Influencer Cash is not the kind of site you want to be dealing with, and provide indications as to why you should stay away. I seem to be getting deja vu again, as Influencer Cash just looks so familiar.

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Influencer Cash Summary

Is Influencer Cash a Scam 500x200Product Name: Influencer Cash

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Referrals/Tasks

Price: Free

Program Summary: In my opinion, Influencer Cash is a replica site of several others I’ve reviewed, which don’t pay you out when it come time to cash in.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 5/100

What is Influencer Cash

Influencer Cash is a simple website that has been replicated under various domains all over the internet. All these replica sites look slightly different, but incorporate the exact same features inside the membership area.

The idea behind these sites is to have you believe that you can make money in various ways. This includes completing assorted tasks, filling out surveys and referring others to the same program.

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If you’ve viewed the Influencer Cash website, which I suspect you have if you’re reading this review, you’ll be provided with payment proofs (which are not really proof), testimonials (which are just made up) and some FAQ’s (frequently asked questions).

They’ve gone to a little more trouble with some of their other cloned sites with video testimonials, which they’ve elected to leave out of Influencer Cash. I’ll get to the other replica sites shortly.

So what are you really in for should you sign up to Influencer Cash? Here’s the truth.

How Does Influencer Cash Work

In essence, Influencer works by getting you as a member to sign up more members, with the intention of obtaining your personal information. This is done by offering you a fee for each person you refer.

There are several sections that you’ll find inside the members area, with a ‘Task Wall’ being one of the ways they will get you to refer other people. This is where you can complete surveys, complete step by step instructions for external companies, creating accounts and enter competitions of other companies.

Is Influencer Cash a Scam Dashboard

Many of these tasks claim you will earn $30 just for doing that menial activity.Seriously, who is going to pay you $30 just to enter a competition or fill out a form. This is ludicrous, as any company would go out of business immediately if this was the case.

Influencer Cash Task Wall

Then you’ll have Promotional Posts, Instagram Submission, YouTube Submission, Facebook Submission and Twitter Submission. These are all designed so that you promote Influencer Cash via your own social media accounts.

You’ll find a collection of banners that have been created for you, to promote and entice other people to join Influencer Cash. This is the main priority of Influencer Cash, as it allows them to obtain your personal information when you sign up.

Influencer Cash Social Media Banners

The big enticement to get people to become a member of Influencer Cash, is the $25 sign up bonus. This will be entered into your Influencer Cash account. That doesn’t mean you’ll receive it, it just means that number will appear in your Influencer Cash Dashboard earnings.

The big problem here, is that this entity has been proven not to pay out its members. When you sign up they will have a warning that states ‘When confirming payments, if our team finds and fake referrals/clicks, your account will be banned and your payment will not be approved’. Then they have a link to the ‘Fraud Policy’, which when clicked on, just sends you to the Influencer Cash Dashboard. So there is no actual Fraud Policy.

However, they use this disclaimer to not pay out their members. When you get to the $200 minimum threshold to cashout, they will say fraudulent activity has been found on your account, and your account has been banned.

Influencer Cash History

So, how do I know this is the case? Well, I’ve reviewed these other sites that are all clones of Influencer Cash.

Rain Money
Notion Cash
Clout Bucks

All of the above websites have been cloned by the same guys that have created Influencer Cash. Most of these look different from the outside, but inside the members area, they all have the same features.

If you check out my Clout Bucks review for instance, you can even see in the discussion section that people have had problems receiving their money.

Influencer Cash​ Red Flags

There’s several red flags that indicate this is in the scam category rather than the legitimate list.

Payment Details

In the payment details section, not only does Influencer Cash ask for your PayPal email address, but they also ask for your physical address. Many people do provide their PayPal email address to receive payments from various things, but never have I seen a company ask for a physical living address.

There is no need for this, as anyone can pay you money to a PayPal account just by forwarding your email address. A home address is not required at all, so don’t enter this information.

Fake Testimonials

Only 3 testimonials are on the Influencer Cash website. They are exact replica testimonials from some of the other cloned websites I mentioned earlier. These are just copied from site to site, in an attempt to make it look like there are some happy customers.

The below image shows how these testimonials have been used on Rain Money, and then transferred to Influencer Cash. If you check my Rain Money review, you can also see the fake video testimonial that was created.

Influencer Cash Testimonials

This is not a new tactic for scammers, and will continue to be as long as people are willing to offer their outsourcing services.

Lack of Social Media Activity

Influencer Cash have added social media icons to their splash page in an attempt to give them credibility and authority. However, their YouTube channel has no activity as you can see in the image below.

Influencer Cash YouTube Channel

The Influencer Cash Instagram page only shows the 9 banners that are in the promotional posts section of the members area. These are the banners you’re expected to share on your own social accounts.

Influencer Cash Instagram page

You’ll also note the large discrepancy in followers to people following. Doesn’t it seem odd that Influencer Cash has 2,051 followers, yet they are not following one person. This sort of discrepancy usually means something is at play here.

I believe they have bought fake social media followers in an attempt to gain popularity.

Influencer Cash Reviews

Another test to find out how authentic a program is, check the reviews on Trust-Pilot. I’ve kept a keen eye the reviews since Influencer Cash was released and here’s a few of what people had to say.

Influencer Cash Reviews

You can check these out for yourself by clicking over to Trust Pilot here. By the time you check there may be more Influencer Cash reviews. 

It doesn’t look very promising though does it. Even one Influencer Cash review for some reason gave 3 stars, yet still haven’t received their money. This seems to be a common trend with Influencer Cash and it’s replica sites. They just don’t pay their members out.

Is Influencer Cash a Scam

In my opinion, Influencer Cash is a scam. There are just so many indications that allude to an illegitimate entity that is not only wasting your time, but your giving you personal information over.

Your personal information can be used in multiple ways, and can also be sold to third parties. I wouldn’t risk signing up with Influencer Cash, and I won’t be recommending it to my readers.

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