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My Home Success Plan Review


You’ll be glad you’ve done your due diligence on this one. Before entering any type of program such as My Home Success Plan, you need to know what you’re entering into.

This program makes many claims, and also makes it sound very easy to make money without doing much at all. So is My Home Success Plan legit, or is there something fishy going on here. Let’s find out.

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My Home Success Plan Summary

Is My Home Success Plan Legit April MetthewsProduct Name: My Home Success Plan

Founder/Owner: April Matthews (Apparently)

Product Type: Link Posting

Price: $97

Best For: Nobody

Program Summary: In my opinion, this is an unethical and illegitimate program.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 4/100

What is My Home Success Plan

Apparently, My Home Success plan is a licence to print money by posting out links to individuals. Sounds too good to be true right? Well it is.

You see when you first come across My Home Success Plan, you’ll notice the long sales page with a written story from April Matthews. This alleged person (who is not a real person), will give you an inspirational story about how she went from rags to riches with minimal effort.

You’ll read about how she got sacked from her job, couldn’t afford bills, Christmas presents blah blah! Then she came across this amazing opportunity, that literally changed her life. She just happened to bump into a gentlemen in a doctor’s office who shows her this opportunity to work part-time and make great money.

So apparently, she works from home and claims to make $379 from 1 hour per day, by posting links. And guess what, anyone like you can do this too. I say BS!. If it was that easy, don’t you think everyone would be doing it. This is an absurd claim that has no substance to it.

My Home Success Plan Sales Page

Let’s run through the My Home Success Plan sales page to point out the unethical features and unrealistic claims. And by the way, this program has been advertised under a number of other domains, such as “Computer Technical Guys” and “Home Income System”.

#1 What You See

What you see on the My Home Success Plan sales page is not what you get. Firstly, as I’ve explained above, this story is a fabrication. The person in question is made up, and the story is an emotional one to entice you to join.

I don’t want to be the one to burst your bubble, but no program will pay you this type of money, for such little work. What they are saying, is that you just need to send out links to entice other people to join. But what are they joining, and what are you joining!

The sales page doesn’t even give an explanation of what these links are, and how you’ll be paid. I can tell you that these would be affiliate links, which is quite legitimate. I’m an affiliate marketer myself, and I understand how to create an affiliate marketing website to build wealth. But here’s the thing.

If you sign up to My Home Success Plan, who are you going to send these affiliate links to? Your Facebook friends! I doubt they’ll be interested. How else would you get these links out there. Other social media accounts? Only if you have a huge following.

If you really want to learn affiliate marketing, you can read my beginners step by step guide to affiliate marketing.

#2 The Red Flags

So, how do I, and other reviewers of this dodgy program, know this is illegitimate? Because we’ve reviewed loads of similar sites, that all have similar red flags indicating the unauthentic nature of the site.

Anyone can go and grab images of news websites and attach them to a website, which is what’s been done here. My Home Success Plan has never been associated with any of these companies, such as Forbes, CNN, USA Today etc.

Is My Home Success Plan Legit Logos

At the beginning of the sales page, you’ll also see a video from a newsreader about working from home. This has been placed on the sales page, even though it doesn’t have anything to do with My Home Success Plan. The company are not mentioned once in the video, it’s just about how more people are working from home.

The image of April Matthews and children has been downloaded from a stock image website. This is a classic red flag that is often used on many unethical sites like this. In fact all the images, including the pictures of luxury images that you’ll apparently be rewarded with after you’ve made a mint, are stock imagery. You can see below that it’s been used on many other websites.

Is My Home Success Plan Legit April Matthews Images

#3 The Lies

I really like this scarcity tactic that many sites like this successfully use. They put a counter up stating that there’s only a limited number of positions available. Many people fall for this type of tactic, and quickly enter their details. I’m telling you now, there are no such “positions” to be had. They will send these “links” to anyone willing to give them $97.

There’s also an income generator calculator, which allows you to input a figure of how many links you think you can post per day, and magically a great income figure will appear. Don’t believe this, it’s just another enticing shiny object that means nothing.

Is My Home Success Plan Legit Calculator

#4 The Cost

If you hand over $97 for My Home Success Plan, don’t expect to see this money return to you. This is not an investment, you may as well put your money on a horse race.

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Would I Recommend My Home Success Plan

No. My Home Success Plan is as illegitimate as they come. Depending on the country you are based in, you may see various formats of the sales page. Many of them ask for your email address before continuing further. Your email address is a valuable asset. Do not give it to these guys. They will have the possibility to bombard you with other spammy promotions.

Is There a Better Option

As far as making money within the timeline that this program claims, that’s debatable. There’s loads of similar websites that have outrageous claims like this, however, none of them are ethical and you’ll lose your money with them.

I can offer you a much better solution though. As a successful affiliate marketer myself, I can show you where I learned everything this industry has to offer. I’m still a member and constantly learn new information everyday. You’ll learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer and provide yourself with a successful online career for the future. The button below will take you to my recommendation page.

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Wrapping Up

I really don’t want you to fall for these type of scams. I try to provide valuable information here and advise my readers to the better courses on the internet.

My Home Success Plan is not one of those. This is the type of site that unscrupulous jokers create to make their own pockets full. You will not make money should you sign up with them, and you’ll be back at square one.

If you really want to learn how to get out of your day job and create an online business that will be sustainable for many years to come, then read on below to find out how.

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Disclosure: Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links will not cost you any more. More info at my disclaimer page

The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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