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My Traffic Business System Review


If you’ve ever heard of Wake Up To Cash, you’ll understand that this program is a total scam. Why? Because it’s directing you to this program called My Traffic Business (or pro.mytraffic.biz).

To save you the trouble of reading to the end of this review, I’ll declare it now. I believe My Traffic Business System is a scam, and I can’t see anyone making any money from it. This is the conclusion I’ve come to after discovering factors I’ll point out in this ‘My Traffic Business System‘ review.

For those looking for a more legitimate option, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review. This is how you can begin a blogging career that brings in money over and over again. Some honesty though, you need to put in the effort. Those looking to make a quick buck can continue searching scams.

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My Traffic Business Summary

My Traffic Business System LogoProduct Name: My Traffic Business

Founder/Owner: James Wendell

Product Type: Start here…

Price: $47 + upsells

Program Summary: In my opinion, the My Traffic Business system is a scam. I don’t believe there is any possibility of making money by signing up to this program.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 4/100

What is My Traffic Business System

What My Traffic Business system actually is, compared to what it claims to be, is totally different. Let’s first see what this system claims it can offer you.

The My Traffic Business system sales video attempts to give you the impression that you’ll be making money, and lots of it. It says that “the information contained in this video could make you $500 every single day”. Just by sending a few emails.

My Traffic Business System a Scam Claim

It then goes on to claim that once you’re set up, it only takes about 30 minutes per day to manage, and it works for anyone. No special skills or experience is required. These are at least digestible claims that you can look over, but to suggest that “I guarantee you will bank up to at LEAST $10,000 in as little as 30 days from now” is totally outrageous.

My Traffic Business System a Scam 10K Claim

This is a false accusation, and is misleading anyone that is considering joining up to the My Traffic Business system.

James also says that he is going to cover most of the costs for you, and you’ll only have to fork out $47. Because of the way James explains it, he makes you think you’ll be getting a good deal.

However, I’m here to tell you that you’ll be getting conned and that you will never see your $47 again.

How Does My Traffic Business System Work

Well if you watch the MTB sales video, you’d have absolutely no idea how the My Traffic Business System works. They don’t want to tell you this because they know you wouldn’t buy it.

If you were to look at the ‘Warning’ claim in the above section, it states you’ll be making money by sending a few simple daily emails. So what does this mean?

The only indication that James gives is that he says “we’ll hand you the products those people want, which get you massive cash commissions”. What the! The only way you can earn any type of commissions is by having your own traffic producing website.

MTB Massive Cash Commissions

As your website gains more authority and gets more traffic, you can start building an email list. This is the genuine way affiliate marketing works. Sure, there are other methods if you want to use paid advertising, but there’s nothing about this in the My Traffic Business System sales video.

I figured it was possible that you will be selling products that have been poorly accepted by many, because of their pyramid aspects. Products such as MOBE or Digital Altitude were once selling their own expensive initiatives, but were shut down because of their scammy pyramid nature.

So, I decided to create a My Traffic Business system account myself, and see what was in the members area. I created an account, only to find a blank member area, with nothing inside.

My Traffic Business System Members Area

As you can see, they call this “your turnkey traffic business training”. This is not a clickable link, not much in the members area is. I can only click on ‘Dashboard’ or ‘Logout’. Dashboard just takes me back to this page.

I looked for any Terms & Conditions link that could help, but nothing. Just this image of Corey Lewis, MTB ‘head of customer success’ staring at me. Hardly customer success. There’s an email address to ask for help, which wants my domain name. I didn’t setup a domain name, I wasn’t even asked in the setup process.

The one link I could click on was the green chat icon, so I did. A popup appeared, that looks like the following.

My Traffic Business System Chat

So what am I to make of this message. They are telling me they won’t be back until Monday! This is a fairly generic message, as they don’t give a date. And as I’ve highlighted, this was a Monday!

Clearly nobody is going to answer my chat message or get back to my emails.

My Traffic Business System Red Flags

As with all these scams, there are indications to show that not all is legitimate. I’ll begin with a common trait among scammers, the fake testimonials.

#1 Fake Testimonials

In the My Traffic Business system video, you will be sold to by multiple video testimonials, all claiming they’ve made thousands of dollars with this system. Having done hundreds of reviews for these types of scammers before, I immediately recognized a few of them.

These people are not legitimate users of the My Traffic Business system. They offer their services as video spokespeople on a website called Fiverr.com. Here’s a few of the testimonial snippets with their Fiverr profile attached. You may recognize them from the sales video.

My Traffic Business System Fake Testimonial 1

My Traffic Business System Fake Testimonial 2

My Traffic Business System Fake Testimonial 3

As you can clearly see, they outsource themselves to sell a product, in this case creating fake testimonials for My Traffic Business. As you can also see, they don’t really get paid that much for creating these types of videos, so I don’t know why you’d lower yourself to these standards.

#2 Huge Income Hype

I’ve already explained some of the huge claims that are made by James Wendell, but there’s more. Apart from the guarantee of at least $10,000 in as little as 30 days, apparently James is making hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. Really!

James Wendell Apparently Earns Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Per Month

Oh, and it only takes James about 37 minutes per day to earn this kind of money.

James Only Works 37 Minutes Per Day

Well, I don’t mean to treat you like a fool, but if you believe this you’ll believe anything. Even those entrepreneurs that work 24/7 don’t earn that kind of money.

I’d be interested to know how he came up with the ‘37 minutes’. This seems to be a figure plucked out of thin air, to make you believe he really averaged this out.

What I really don’t like are the guarantees. Not only does he mention the 10K, but goes on to say “You’re going to make money with me, no matter what”. And that “You cannot lose”.

Make Money No Matter What With My Traffic Business

Let me tell you something. You will lose. You’ll lose your $47.

#3 Unknown Identity

So who really is James Wendell? Google search results will show you an American actor, deputy sheriff and of course, more reviews of My Traffic Business System. Other than that, we really have no idea who this guy is, or if it’s a made up profile.

I suspect it is just a name used to launch My Traffic Business, as there is no image of James anywhere in the sales video or other promotions of MTB. There is no proof that he is a real person, or that he has made the monetary figures claimed.

The only people you see are the fake testimonials, so how can we believe James actually exists. In all honesty, I don’t believe he exists. Sure, there’s a video of a gentleman with a girl on a boat, but he never actually claims it’s him.

Image Apparently Showing James Wendell

It’s made to insinuate that this is James, but he doesn’t say it is him. So, you’re just hearing this voice over guy claim he is James Wendell, but who really knows.

#4 No Legal Links

I have mentioned this previously but there are no legal links anywhere within the My Traffic Business system. If you’re unsure what I mean by this, I’m talking about a Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions or an Earnings Disclaimer.

Usually these are small links at the bottom of the page, just like on my website. These are legal requirements that keep website owners and customers all above board. You’d think that a system that claims that so much money will be changing hands, would include these requirements.

This also means there is no documentation of how your personal information will be used, a big red flag for me.

Is My Traffic Business System a Scam

In my opinion, yes, the My Traffic Business system is a scam. There are so many indications that should alert you to how fictitious this program is.

I believe you should be searching elsewhere if you want to make money online, because ‘get rich schemes’ like these are only going to end in disappointment.

Is There a Better Opportunity

Of course there’s a better opportunity, several in fact. However, YOU need to change your mindset from making a quick buck, to making a sustainable foundation that can bring in money for the long term.

These get rich quick opportunities prey on those that are searching for a way to make money online quickly. In all honesty, those days are long gone. There is no way to make money fast on the internet anymore, unlike before the last millennium.

Nowadays, search engines and social channels pay more attention to those that are willing to put in the effort, and reward people for their hard work. I found out the hard way, because for years, I was looking at the same fast money opportunities as you, only to either get scammed or just fall flat on my face.

I then learned affiliate marketing from this company, which gave me a platform to launch this website business you’re looking at now. I’ve learned how affiliate marketing works and what I need to be successful. I have several websites that bring me income, even selling Amazon products.

In fact I have a website that I haven’t touched in over a year, and look what happened the last few months.

Upturn in sales from a dormant website

Yep, sales have started to come in because Google has recognized that hard work was put into this early on. So even though I haven’t had time to work on it, it pays me. I’ll be getting back to work on that website soon, as it looks like it has potential.

You can also learn how to achieve results like this. It’s about being patient though, and waiting for the big companies to reward your efforts. No scammy products like My Traffic Business can beat the system. Learn from my mistakes and try this platform free for a week.

It’s the best value for money educational platform out there.

My Verdict

I’m sure you’ll understand by now that this is not the type of system I’d be recommending to anyone. Please be careful when being sent any of these online programs. Scammers pay for these to be sent out to your email address.

Don’t give them the satisfaction of making money off you. Learn from your mistakes and build that successful online venture. Do it right and get taught from legitimate companies. Learn how to start affiliate marketing from scratch in 2020. There’s a new online career waiting for you, you need to take on the challenge.

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