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Niche One Review


It’s possible to have huge online success in just about any niche, but finding a niche that is trending can have more immediate traction. That’s why this new product called ‘Niche One’ has been created.

So, is Niche Once a scam or a great little product for helping you choose your next niche topic? I’m going to give you an insight into this product, and give my opinion whether it’s worth your money. So let’s dive in and see what Niche One is all about.

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Niche One Summary

Is Niche One a Scam 500x200Product Name: Niche One

Founder/Owner: Chris Jenkins

Product Type: Niche finding

Price: Currently $24.95 Monthly (Price continually rises until it reaches $67)

Program Summary: In my opinion, this is not a bad product to explore various niche topics. It’s basically a program that pulls in information from various platforms for niche research.

Would I Recommend It: Maybe

Rating: 40/100

What is Niche One

Let me start by saying, I do like Niche One, and it’s not a scam. This is a cool little program that is full of links to various platforms to help with your niche research. It allows you to filter your search results based on various categories, platforms and keywords.

While much of this can be done via manual search, it does provide easy links to many platforms and forums that you may not usually think of. Niche One does link to some common places to search for hot topics, such as the ‘Hot Products’ on Amazon and Craigslist, but the Brainstorming section also offers sites that many wouldn’t think of.

Is Niche One a Scam Brainstorming

Even though this can be a tool that points you in the direction of some indifferent topics or niches, you still need to do your own research to make sure the niche is good enough to pursue. That’s why I’m a little on the fence with Niche One, because it won’t just find the perfect niche that your after.

What it does do, is give you some great ideas to consider as your next niche. Then you can dig deeper to find out how productive this would be.

Sure, there’s some nifty add on tools with Niche One, but they’re secondary to the Niche sorting that is the predominant tool. As far as a product to find you an awesome micro-niche that will be the next big trending topic, I’m not so sure. This is where you’ll still require your own researching skills to make a correct judgement.

So, let’s have a look at how Niche One works.

How Does Niche One Work

What you’re basically going to find, is a research area that can be used to filter various elements. You’ll get 8 research sections as follows:

  • Idea/Brainstorming
  • Target Keyword
  • Market Research
  • Suggested Search Terms
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Affiliate/Product Search
  • Free Sites
  • Find/Buy Domains

Each of these sections will have multiple electives to choose from, which ultimately filters your results. What’s nice about this, is the results will all appear right within the program window pane. It doesn’t take you externally to the site that you’re filtering.

So, for instance, if you’re brainstorming through Bing, Wiki Answer, Wired or DogPile, the results will be provided in the Niche One program. I do like this.

It’s not only informational websites you can research either. You can search forums, newspapers, eBooks, newsletters and many other types.

One of the more useful aspects I like with Niche One, is the Keyword Analysis section. Here you’ll gain access to basic keyword data from some of the more popular keyword websites, such as Buzz Sumo, Keyword Spy, Adwords and Google Trends.

In regards to the available Tools within Niche One, you may find some of these useful. The ‘Create’ section is a built-in content creation area. So you can research ideas, even find information that you find relevant, then rewrite it in your content creation section.

You can build full page posts here, then either publish directly to your WordPress blog, or copy and paste the HTML code to your blog. While I do like this idea, I’d still prefer to keep my written content private.

The ‘Tools’ section gives you the ability to search free statistics about your URL, or even another site. However, to get some of these statistics, you’ll need to be connected to Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools etc.

You can find images from popular free image websites, amongst other internal features. While all this is handy, just about anything here can be found manually, you just need to know where to search for it.

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Will Niche One Help You

Well, it all depends what you intend doing. In my opinion, if you like creating different niche websites and selling them, then yes, this may well help you out. It will certainly give you some ideas for unusual or unique trends. However, there’s still the issue of researching that niche more diligently.

Just because a niche might be reasonably popular, doesn’t mean there are enough opportunities to make money out of it, or even write about.

If you are looking to create a single website, and want to know what niche to build this site around, I just think this is a waste of money. The program basically pulls in information from free web resources, that you can digest, and then decipher if the niche is worth pursuing.

In my opinion, you can do all this manually. Simply watch the video below and take note of all the websites listed.

I agree that having the option to compile all these resources in the one program is convenient, so if you’ll be niche searching on a regular basis, it’s a cool little program that will help.


Another thing to take note of, is they state that the price is going to be a recurring fee after the promotional period. So unless you’ll be using it often, I’d be doing my own research.

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My Verdict

In my opinion, this is a fairly useful tool if you’re constantly searching up new niches. If you work for multiple clients in different niches, this tool will help you and you can incorporate the monthly cost into your clients fee.

Then again, I wouldn’t be recommending Niche One to beginners looking for their first niche. If you’re a sole individual looking for that ideal niche to build a website around, use some of the websites mentioned in the video to research manually.

Wrapping Up

This has been a brief review of Niche One, and therefore I skimmed over some functionality that this product can provide. There’s a few additional things you can do in Niche One, but they promote the product as a tool to find ‘overlooked niches that are loaded with buyers and easy to rank in Google in seconds’. So, that’s what I’ve more or less focused on.

Although I don’t like the insinuation that you can rank in Google in seconds. This can only be achieved, should you already have a website that has been given some authority by Google.

I hope this review has helped somewhat.

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