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This Passive Profit Pages review will explain your chances of making money with this product, along with what you can expect when making a purchase.

In a nutshell, Passive Profit Pages claims you can make lots of money with this affiliate marketing software. Sounds simple enough right, so how legit is it.

Let’s take a look into what they claim in the sales video, compared to the reality.

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What is Passive Profit Pages
Bill’s Terrible Fake Story
How Does Passive Profit Pages Work
Why These Websites Will Fail
Passive Profit Pages Upsells
Something To Be Aware Of
Is Passive Profit Pages a Scam
Final Thoughts

Passive Profit Pages SummaryPassive Profit Pages 400X150

Product Name: Passive Profit Pages

Founder/Owner: Unknown (Spokesperson is Bill)

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

What is Passive Profit Pages

The Passive Profit Pages sales video claims you can easily make over $1,000 per day, working as little as 20 minutes each day. Apparently, all you need is an internet connection, and ‘some way of working online’.

You’ll see flashy images of how ‘Bill’ makes thousands of dollars working from home, just like in this image.

Passive Profit Pages Claim

Allegedly, Bill has made $6,309.28 in the past week. If I was to take this seriously, I’d expect more proof that the above image is legit. There is no indication of where this money came from, or any kind of date stamp.

Like many other programs that just want to get you signed up, you’ll be told that you won’t even need any special equipment or professional skills. Well, I agree that this is partly true if you want to learn affiliate marketing, but you certainly won’t be making $1,000 per day immediately, or even within the first few months.

So these claims of Bill’s that everyone that’s signed up to this software is making up to $300,000 in a single year is way off the mark. That is unless you consider $5 to be ‘up to $300,000’.

Now, why are you being presented with this opportunity to share in this amazing system? Well, if you’ve bothered to listen to ‘Bill’s’ obligatory story, you’ll get the impression he has a bit of guilt, and wants to give back. Pfft!

Bill’s Terrible Fake Story

Many programs of a similar nature to Passive Profit Pages has a narrator who claims to have a rags to riches story. This seems to be a great way to lure people in, but these stories just don’t seem close to realistic.

Bill’s story begins with him owning a little family -run cafe, which was quite successful. Low and behold, a Starbucks moves in down the road, and that’s the end of his business.

It just so happens a previous customer called Tony wants to help Bill out, so set him up with some online affiliate webpages. Apparently Tony makes hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, and barely works an hour per day, if you believe that.

So Bill gets set up with all this, and a day later he’s made $800. Another day later he made $1500, and so on until $5,250 by the end of the week. This is enough to lure anyone in isn’t it.

Passive Profit Pages Story

Did you get sucked into the story.

How Does Passive Profit Pages Work

Well, what are you going to get for your $9 you may well ask. Afterall, there’s a good chance you may have checked the cheap cost of Passive profit Pages against other affiliate marketing offers, and this is really cheap right!

To start with, you’ll have access to the Passive Profit Pages membership area, which consists of a few sections on how to set up your affiliate site.

What they are going to give you, is access to 5 different one page done-for-you websites. You will need to enter a domain name that you want to use, but this will be a subdomain. That means it will be sharing website hosting space with loads of other replica websites that the owner of Passive Profit Pages uses.

You’ll also have a domain suffix of ‘myketoslim.net’. So if you decide to use your own name as your domain name, you will end up with a website called ‘www.yourname.myketoslim.net’.

5 Sample Pages

You’ll be shown how to sign up to ClickBank, a large affiliate network company where you’ll be able to generate your own affiliate link. Then you can insert this link into the web pages.

There is a small amount of training provided for this process, which equates to approximately 12 minutes of training. That’s all the tuition you’ll receive for the small amount you’ll be paying.

The 5 various web pages are:

  • Learn Guitar
  • Home Business
  • Acne Tips
  • Debt Free
  • Affiliate Marketing

So, you’re all set, you have a single page website with a unique affiliate link attached. It’s all ready for website visitors to come knocking. But…. will they come?

Why These Websites Will Fail

The main reason that most people fail at affiliate marketing is due to the lack of website traffic. And these one page, done-for-you websites are NOT good for attracting website visitors. Here’s why.

Google and other search engines don’t like duplicate content. All these websites are replicated, and used hundreds of times. This means that none of these sites will rank in the search engines. So there’s no chance of gaining organic free website traffic.

It’s possible to share your website on social media, but you’ll have to build up a decent following to gain any traction. This isn’t going to happen overnight.

So the other main way websites gain website visitors is by advertising on various platforms. This means paid advertising. Which brings me to my next point, the Upsells.

Passive Profit Pages Upsells

There was no way you were going to be given a product that could allegedly make you ‘$1,000 today’, for only $9. I know you’re too smart to fall for that, aren’t you.

So what is the main motive behind this program? It’s to get you to pay much more of course, for more advanced training. The upsells, otherwise known as OTO’s (one time offers) are as follows:

  • Pro – Product & Training – $197 (slightly more advanced website and training)
  • Profit Pages X – $196 (Poor quality training for buying & selling solo ads)
  • Passive Profits Community – $20p/m (Facebook Group)

Are these upsells worth investing in? My opinion would be no, they are not worth the money.

My reason for this is that if you’re prepared to pay $400 or more, there are much better options available.

But what about the $9 option, surely this is worth the money? Again, not really. Sure, you’ll be given a subdomain website, but it will never rank and you will never make money from it.

If you just wanted to learn how to create a website that will make money, you’d be better off signing up to Wealthy Affiliate for free, and take their first course in affiliate marketing. You’ll be shown how to create a website, and even be given your own hosted website.

If you want to go further and learn more, will it cost you to progress with the training.

Something To Be Aware Of

​I want to make you aware of the testimonials given in the Passive Profit Pages sales video. You’ll see 3 testimonials at the beginning, followed by a couple at the end.

These are not real members of Passive Profit Pages. Instead they are paid spokespeople that have been outsourced through a website called Fiverr.com.

You may notice the Scottish girl from the video that claims she’s made thousands of dollars with Passive Profit Pages. You can see her Fiverr profile here, where she outsources her spokesperson services for as low as $14.25.

Fake Testimonial 1

Or what about this guy. Who I’ve seen many times before advertising multiple other programs.

Fake Testimonial 2

I’m trying to make the point that you really need to be aware of fake testimonials for any program that looks half decent. Sometimes they are not as legitimate as you may think.

This is something that would alert me to the illegitimacy of Passive Profit Pages.

Is Passive Profit Pages a Scam

Personally, I’m loathe to call Passive Profit Pages a scam because you do actually get something for your money. I just think it’s a very poor product and I would not be recommending this to any of my readers.

I’m sure many people would call this a scam, especially because they say you could make ‘$1,000 today’. This is not a true representation of the products, and I’d be surprised if you’d make any money with Passive Profit Pages.

However, the fact there IS a product, and you will have some kind of potential to make money, it’s not a total scam.

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Final Thoughts

In finalizing this Passive Profit Pages review, I’d sum it up by saying that you get what you pay for. Maybe that’s not quite true here, you actually get less than what you pay for.

I would not be going anywhere near this program, especially knowing what I know now. I got scammed a few times before I realized how affiliate marketing works, and became successful in doing so.

If you really want to learn the best way like I did, read on below.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

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