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Private Cash Sites Review


It always pays to do some due diligence, so I applaud you for taking the time to read this Private Cash Sites review. If you’ve been having suspicions about this program, I’ll possibly confirm those suspicions for you. So, is Private Cash Sites a scam or will it help you make money?

To an experienced reviewer like myself, I can see that this is not a legitimate way to make money online, and looks to be scam-ish. I’ll run through various elements of what you can expect from this product.

What is Private Cash Sites
How Does Private Cash Sites Work
The Red Flag Alerts
Will You See Results With Private Cash Sites
What About the Bonuses
My Verdict

Is Private Cash Site a Scam1

Private Cash Sites Summary

Is Private Cash Site a Scam LogoProduct Name: Private Cash Sites

Founder/Owner: Nathan Canfield (Speaker: Felicity)

Product Type: Affiliate marketing

Price: $47

Best For: Those ready to give away $47

Program Summary: In my opinion, this program that claims you’ll be making easy money automatically, is bogus.

Would I Recommend It: No.

Rating: 13/100

What is Private Cash Sites

Without sounding too dramatic, Private Cash Sites is a program with massive claims and no substantiated results. You may hear the speaker (Felicity) talk about having freedom from your job, being able to travel the world and other extreme activities. Don’t always believe what you hear.

Apparently with Private Cash Sites, you’re going to get this amazing formula which is based on affiliate marketing, and it will have you earning money within 45 minutes of setting up. This system apparently ‘kills it’ in affiliate marketing, and you’ll only be working ‘an hour a day, or so’. Well, I call BS on this.

I’m an affiliate marketer myself, there is no system that will beat the authentic methods that genuine affiliate marketers use. The sales video claims there is no need for blogging, writing articles, sending emails or creating videos. Aha, so how exactly are you expected to create this stream of income? Genuine affiliate marketing traffic is achieved via SEO or various types of paid advertising. It also takes some time and effort to achieve results, unlike the claims made by Private Cash Sites.

How Does Private Cash Sites Work

Having watched the Private Cash Sites sales video thoroughly, there is no detail as to how you are going to be creating an income through this ‘turn key’ system. For those that don’t understand what ‘turn key’ is, it means automation. So apparently you’ll receive a system that will automatically make you an authoritative expert within minutes. Yeah, I’m sceptical!

Here’s what you’ll be offered if you decide to sign up to Private Cash Sites. You’ll receive a few pages that can be uploaded to your website, including a landing page and thank you page. A landing page is a web-page that visitors will land on when you promote something. These web-pages are selling products that will apparently net you commissions. It’s also called a squeeze page or lead capture page. The thank-you page if displayed when a visitor makes a purchase, or subscribes to an email list, or similar.

3 videos are also included, designed to teach you how to get traffic. Well let me tell you, obtaining website traffic is the hardest part of an affiliate marketing business. It takes more than 30 minutes of study and a few web-pages. But guess what. They’ll also throw in some motivational material. You can read about this in the Private Cash Sites ‘bonus’ section.

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The Red Flag Alerts

There’s a few noticeable things that sticks out to me, suggesting Private Cash Sites is nothing more than an illegitimate program.

No Information About the System Until You Sign Up.

If you watch the Private Cash Sites sales video, you’ll discover that there are no details about the ‘secret turn key system’ until you offer them your email address and payment. Well I’m not going to be giving out my email to anyone these days without understanding what I’m purchasing.

The vague description in the Private Cash Sites video tries to entice naive people into purchasing this product through an emotional speech by the audio presenter, Felicity. But all you really know is that you’ll find step by step instructions, and a few videos to follow.

Very Eager to Promote Vacations

Just about every one of these unethical type of programs shows you how you’ll be living the life of a constant traveller, without a care in the world because you’ll be financially free. I think it takes less than 1 minute to get to this part, which is what they are preying on.

They’ll be hoping you fall for the lures of grand travel plans and a carefree lifestyle. Trust me, it takes more than a website to be a success at this.

The Scarcity of Numbers

This is a common tactic, but stating that there’s only a certain number of places left works with the most vulnerable. Those that are looking for a way to get rich quickly are wanting a program like this to work, so they believe it when the program says there’s only a limited number of spots remaining.

This is not only mentioned in the Private Cash Sites sales video, but also when you are signed into the members area. And then they have an upsell for you to go Platinum, for an additional $19.95 mind you.

what-is-private-cash-sites member

Will You See Results With Private Cash Sites

By this I mean, will you see positive results. The answer is no, because whichever way you look at it, you’re starting an online affiliate site from scratch. I’ve mentioned many times on this website that an affiliate marketing business will take time, effort and patience. Anyone can achieve this, but these ingredients are critical.

You cannot just be given a ‘secret system’, and expect it to work better than those that put in the effort. Search engines won’t let it work that way, they don’t just give out rankings to any new website owner, and these ‘secret systems’ cannot work around Google’s algorithm.

What About the Bonuses

As I briefly touched on earlier, you’ll be getting these 6 added extras when signing up to Private Cash Sites.

  1. Motivation action plan
  2. 30 days of gratitude
  3. Setting goals
  4. Mediation for growth
  5. Mediation masters guide
  6. Affirmations

You don’t need to purchase a program like Private Cash Sites to get a handle on these things. If you don’t have motivation to make money online, it won’t happen anyway. That’s because you have ups and downs throughout your journey, and persistence is just part and parcel of success.

As for the other extras, go to Google or YouTube and you’ll find it all.

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My Verdict

I really don’t like programs that have the intention of misleading people to make a buck, and that’s what I believe Private Cash Sites​ to be. There are red flags everywhere which are easy to spot, especially when many others similar programs have the exact same signs.

Whilst I didn’t go as far as going platinum, I understand that when you are setup, you’ll be promoting this same program to others. After doing this for a couple of weeks, you will be regretting your decision. This is because you will understand that Private Cash Sites just doesn’t work, and you’ve probably advertised it to your friends.

I cannot recommend this program to any of my readers here. My intention is to provide reviews of the good courses, and steer you away from the poor. As you can probably tell, this program is not on my list of good courses.

Wrapping Up

Private Cash Sites does advertise the fact that their program does use affiliate marketing as their income generation strategy. While the program may not produce the results you’d expect, affiliate marketing is a genuine way of making money online.

There are a few good courses that can teach affiliate marketing the way it’s meant to be done. I’ve recently reviewed Savage Affiliates, which is a very good course. My favourite however, is Wealthy Affiliate, which blows all the other affiliate marketing courses out of the water when is comes to value for money.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, read on below for how you can get started. If you have any comments or question regarding Private Cash Sites, leave a comment in the discussion section below.

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