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PrizeXP Review


If you’ve recently come across this new site called PrizeXp, there’s a good chance that some part of your mind is unsure about it. You really want to know for sure, is PrizeXP a scam, or can you really make the claimed figures suggested?

Well, I’ll tell you straight up. PrizeXP should be on your skeptical list and there’s a good chance you will not make a dime from this site. I’ll explain in this review what you can expect from PrizeXP, how it works on the inside and various aspects that indicate to me that not all is legitimate.

Here’s the PrizeXP review you’ve been looking for.

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PrizeXP Summary

Is PrizeXP a Scam 400x150Product Name: PrizeXP

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Task Completion

Price: Free to Sign Up

Short Verdict: In my opinion, PrizeXP is a replicated website that is being used for unintentional purposes. You should be very skeptical about using PrizeXP.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 12/100

What is PrizeXP

PrizeXP is a website that has been replicated various times over the internet, with the intention of obtaining personal information from those that sign up. Externally, it seems like a legitimate opportunity to earn some cash, but looks can be deceiving.

Firstly you’ll notice that PrizeXP offers $25 just for signing up to become a member. This is the first indication that should trigger an alert. There is no possible way a company can offer this without you investing your own money.

Financial institutions may offer incentives like this, but you’ll be required to invest a significant amount of money with them. There’s no monetary investment required with PrizeXP.

Anyway, as a PrizeXP member, you’ll be offered various tasks that will apparently earn a dollar value. What you need to keep in mind here, is that these dollar values will be added to an internal account.

Unfortunately, this is as close as you’ll get to earning any money. These internal funds are just an imaginary figure to keep you performing new tasks. You’ll see the amount go up in value, and your interest will increase.

The issue with PrizeXP and all their other cloned websites, is that they are known for not paying out their members.

How Does PrizeXP Work

So let’s have a look internally at how PrizeXP works.

When you first sign up, you’ll go straight into your dashboard area which looks like this.

PrizeXP Dashboard

The main point of call here is the OfferWall, which displays 3 options to earn money. These are:

  • CPA Build
  • OGAds
  • Offer Daddy

Each one of these will display several links to earn a monetary figure. As you can see below, most of the earnings are $1-$2, but there is a link to win an iPhone 11 Pro which says you’ll earn $20 for creating a new account.

PrizeXP CPABuild Offers

That’s a huge sum just for creating an account don’t you think? So I tried it, and guess what happened. My anti virus program blocked the page from loading.

PrizeXP Blocked Offers

So what was happening, is that the link was taking me to the CPA Build website, then being redirected to valid2click.com where the offer was. This is where I couldn’t go any further.

This is a huge concern for me because I’ve inadvertently downloaded a virus on my pc before, and it’s a headache you really don’t need.

What I did notice though, is that all these links are affiliate links to the offers. I know this because I’m an affiliate marketer myself, but I only direct people to genuinely good offers. I refuse to sign up to products or programs that I don’t think will help my readers.

I copied the link code to one of these offers, which looks like this:

PrizeXP Link Code

Can you see the underlined part which says ID=. This is the unique affiliate ID code of whoever is behind PrizeXP, and means they will earn a commission whenever somebody completes one of these tasks.

So, not only are you doing all the work, but they are the ones earning the commission.

And another thing. All these offers seem to be creating accounts or or completing tasks with valid info or entering your contact details. So what does this mean? It means they will have your email address and will bombard you with loads of poor quality offers in the future.

Judging by the low quality links that my Antivirus blocked, they will have no hesitation sending them out to you in an email so they can earn more money from you.

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PrizeXP Red Flags

Let’s take a look at some of the red flags that concern me. These are all indications that suggest to me that this is a low quality attempt at convincing people that money can be made with PrizeXP.

Poor Quality Links

As I’ve already suggested, when my antivirus software blocks these link offers, it means the site cannot be trusted. I’d prefer to keep my personal details safe and my pc running smoothly, than take the risk that one of these links will make my machine vulnerable.

False Homepage Info

If you check the F.A.Q.’s on the homepage, they state that their parent company has been creating online monetizing solutions since 2012. I’ve seen this statement before on loads of other cloned sites, and you can never get to the bottom of who the parent company is.

PrizeXP History

I don’t believe there is a parent company, because I’ve seen so many of these same sites replicated. They seem to have popped up in early 2019, maybe slightly before. The PrizeXP site itself was only registered on Feb 11 2020, which really isn’t that long ago.

PrizeXP Whois

In my opinion, new domains are being registered whenever older ones get exposed as a scam. They just clone the website, give it a new name and logo, launch the site and get more people to sign up.

Replica Websites

I’ve reviewed and exposed several sites that I believe are created by the same people. Some of these include Influencer Cash, EarnBucks, Clout Bucks, KashTree, Rain Money, PaidLeaf and Paid to Flex. I’ve reviewed even more, but I won’t list them all here.

They all have the same similarities, and much of the exact same wording on each site. All offer $25 just for signing up, and show fake payment proofs. Interestingly, none of the payment proofs state the money has come from PrizeXP. This is just another red flag.

Fake Testimonials

If you bother to check out the testimonials, you may be led to believe that the 3 profiles are genuine. This is not the case though, instead they are 3 stock profile images that have been used multiple times over the internet.

PrizeXP Fake Testimonials

The owners behind this website have just made up short testimonial stories for each profile. What’s even more amusing is that they’ve copied these exact testimonials on another replica site and changed the name from PrizeXP to GiftsPrize.

PrizeXP Copied Testimonials

It just goes to show that you can’t always believe what you read. I’m pointing this out to show you the lengths people will go to, in order to get what they want.

No Social Channels

If PrizeXP calls itself the #1 Influencer Monetization Network, wouldn’t you think they’d have social channels like Facebook, Instagram etc setup? At the base of their homepage, they have all the social icons for the aforementioned channels, along with Pinterest and YouTube.

However, they link to nowhere! There are no social pages associated with PrizeXP at all, which is extremely odd for a site that claims to have paid out over $1300K to 1000+ members.

Dashboard too Vague

Inside the members area, the dashboard is extremely vague. Apart from the 3 main options of where to complete tasks, there is no place for payment details at all. So how are you supposed to get paid out with no payment info.

You’ll find a ‘withdrawal’ button which just sends you back to the homepage, and a ‘my account’ button which achieves the same purpose.

I certainly hope that this site is going to be expanded on, because they won’t be scamming too many people with their lack of professionalism.

Reviews from Previous Cloned Sites

I mentioned that these are replica sites that have been copied from site to site. I also named several of these sites, with Influencer Cash and Rain Money being just two.

Because PrizeXP is so new, there are no reviews just yet. However, here’s what people have had to say about these other sites I mentioned.

Paid to Flex replica Site reviews

Clearly, these reviews are not very complementary. These people have been scammed out of their time and effort. They’ve also had their personal information compromised. Please don’t make the same mistake they have.

My Verdict

In my opinion, I believe PrizeXP to be a scam. Fake testimonials, replica copied sites, links to nowhere and banner ads that triggered my antivirus to block sites, all point to an unethical and unprofessional site.

I’d also like to point out that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) issued a customer alert in 2019 about these very sites, and the fact they are not paying out their members.

My advice would be to stay away from websites that claim to offer you good rewards with little effort. If you could really make money that easily then most people would be attempting it.

Can money be made online? Sure, but sites like PrizeXP will not get you there.

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Disclosure: Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links will not cost you any more. More info at my disclaimer page

The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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