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Is Rapid Traffic Suite Legit


Have you recently seen this product, that claims you’ll no longer have to worry about getting website traffic? It’s called Rapid Traffic Suite, and has already seen several great reviews written. To be honest, you should be a little sceptical when it comes to all these reviews, especially when they include bonuses beneath the review.

These reviewers, like myself, are affiliate marketers. They will make commissions from promoting products like this, which is fine. Sometimes though, they are not promoting good products, they’re just attempting to gain their commissions.

I have no affiliation with Rapid Traffic Suite, so this is my honest opinion of the product in question. So lets begin, and see what we can make of the Rapid Traffic Suite program.

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Rapid Traffic Suite Summary

Is Rapid Traffic Suite Legit 500x200Product Name: Rapid Traffic Suite

Founder/Owner: Paul O’Keefe, Richard Fairbairn & Stefan Ciancio

Product Type: Pinterest Traffic Training & Software

Price: $45-$55 + Upsells (Prices fluctuates)

Program Summary: In my opinion, this is a legitimate product. In saying that, I don’t believe you will see anywhere near the results claimed on the sales page.

Would I Recommend It: Maybe

Rating: 35/100

What is Rapid Traffic Suite

Judging by the sales page of Rapid Traffic Suite, you’d think that it’s going to be a piece of cake to get website traffic with this product. Of course, this is the job of every marketer out there, especially if it’s their own product. You need to make people believe that the product in question is going to be awesome.

Rapid Traffic Suite is a software program, that will apparently help you get loads of website traffic via the Pinterest platform. As we all know Pinterest is an amazing social platform, especially for gathering sales.

So to begin with, you’re going to be shown some glaring statistics. Like ‘over 1 million Page views’ via Pinterest. Yep, that’s pretty amazing, but there’s no proof that this program helped with attaining this figure, or that the product was even used.

Is Rapid traffic Suite Legit 1 million page views

Again, ‘another 20,000 page views’, and ‘fast, consistent traffic on each site we set up’. Accompanying these statements, are Analytics diagram statistics as the examples. But as I mentioned, none of these images display the site in question, or proof the product has been used.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this product is a scam or will not work completely. I’m just sceptical at the huge figures they insinuate is possible with Rapid Traffic Suite.

Subscribers will gain access to the members area of Rapid Traffic Suite, which will include a few good features. A section called the ‘Follow Exchange’, allows for easy access to your new Pinterest followers, and says you can grow your following from 0 to thousands within days.

A Pinterest Group Board Repository, to find the top Pinterest boards in any niche. You can start enjoying traffic by finding the top 100 boards in your niche! Just like that apparently.

There’s a graphics tool that can help you create new pins, which is what Pinterest is all about, right.

Now, this is what’s explained on the sales page and in the sales video. Is there anything you should know about that is not explained? Sure, read on to find out what you’ll actually get inside the members area.

How Does Rapid Traffic Suite Work

Basically, you’ll be entering into a program that helps with minor tasks to possibly gain a little extra Pinterest traffic. That’s my personal opinion of Rapid Traffic Suite.

Below is a video tutorial that is seen on the sales page. This will give you a brief rundown of how the software works.

You will have access to multiple training videos, some of which will give you good advice. Others, I believe are standard basic information that most website owners and social media users would know.

So, to start with you’ll need to open up a Pinterest account. If you don’t have one, you’ll learn how to open an account.

What will you find on the inside? Here’s a brief description of the internal features indie of Rapid Traffic Suite.

Is Rapid traffic Suite Legit Menu

Follow Exchange – This area is supposed to find you other Pinterest users to follow in your niche. What is not clear, is how these Pinterest users are accessed. It’s possible that this section may have a limited amount of people to follow.

What I’d like to know is, do these Pinterest people also have to be users of Rapid Traffic Suite, or does the software find these users externally via Pinterest itself. I suspect this is product users only, as the Pin Exchange below stores your Pins in the Rapid Traffic Suite database. How would external users you’re following, be able to share your content otherwise.

Anyway, once you follow a Pinterest user, that person can follow you back. You’ll get a notification after 5 days to say whether that person has followed you back or not.

Pin Exchange – So, this is where one of the upsells comes in. All these types of products have multiple upsells, to extract a little extra money from you. If you purchase the ‘Pro’ version, you will have access to the Pin Exchange.

This is where you can add your Pins to the Rapid traffic Suite database, where other users can re-pin or share your pins.

Board Finder – Finding high engaging boards is not always easy. The Board finder repository will help find the top 100 boards in your niche.

Graphics – In my opinion, this is probably the nicest part of the software. The integrated tool to help create Pins is a nice addition, and will help create imagery for uploading to the Pinterest platform.

Training – While the sales page says you’re going to have access to a top database of training, it’s a little overstated. You will have access to training, but it’s fairly basic. You’ll find there’s two sections of training. Software & Marketing.

The Software Training – You will receive 7 videos, although 2 are reserved for Pro members only. This requires an upgrade to have access to these two extra videos.

Is Rapid traffic Suite Legit Training

The Marketing Training – This is a more expansive training series. Although again, there’s a selection of the videos that are only accessible to PRO members.

Is Rapid traffic Suite Legit Marketing

Much of the training here is fairly informative, but the videos are not very long in duration. So you’re only getting a limited amount of knowledge to take you further.

Settings – Filling in your Pinterest settings, so the that software can detect your Pinterest account.

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Will You See Results With Rapid Traffic Suite

It’s likely possible that you will see some kind of results from Rapid Traffic Suite, but I’d be surprised if you get near the thousands that the sales page claim you’ll get.

Website traffic doesn’t just appear from signing up to a software program. While this product could be beneficial to some users through leveraging Pinterest, you’ll still be required to work at your campaigns.

You still need to spend time working on your graphics. While the graphics portion in this product is good, there’s other free online resources that can be used to achieve the same result. Programs such as Canva or Visme are two such programs.

Writing your copy is still required, coming up with the correct hashtags needs to be done also. There’s no mention of hashtags in the product, which is used extensively in Pinterest.

So while you may get some good snippets of information in the training, and this software is a place to house much of your Pinterest activity, I’m not sure it will solve your website traffic problems.

Sales Page & Huge Claims

I’m a little uneasy when I read claims on the sales page that states ‘Set, forget, and go relax’. Even the other statements that say ‘Never worry about traffic again’, simply suggests that all you need to do is buy this product, and you’ll be on easy street. Traffic will magically start coming to your website.

Is Rapid traffic Suite Legit traffic claim

It doesn’t work that way. You’re still required to create Pins, you still need an active blog that is worked on everyday. You still need to create graphics and with this product, you’ll be required to pay more to unlock all the features.

There’s one word that always lures people to purchase a product, AUTOPILOT. Just about all marketers that have some kind of product to sell, use this word to make obtaining traffic sound so easy.

Is Rapid traffic Suite Legit traffic on autopilot

You’ll get the impression that website traffic will constantly flow to your blog, without you having to do anything else after you’ve bought this product. This is totally misleading, and you will not get traffic on autopilot.

Any Upsells!

The majority of product owners that sell this kind of software, make most of their money from the upsells. These are additional products that they claim will help you achieve much better results, usually in a quicker time period.

So, these are the upsells offered with Rapid Traffic Suite.

  • Rapid Traffic Suite Pro Upgrade ($37) – By unlocking the Pro feature upgrade, apparently you’ll be allowing others to share your squeeze pages, blogs, stores and more. They say this will drive traffic for you, all day every day.
  • Unlimited Traffic Accounts + Developer Rights ($67) – So this upgrade releases the ability to connect unlimited accounts with the software. It also gives you the power to offer this as a service to clients, by unlocking the developer licence. Again, they claim it ‘Truly unlocks unlimited traffic’.
  • 5X Your Traffic With Studio Blogging Edition ($67) – Here is another software that leverages a different traffic source. This standalone Social Studio app allows you to use WordPress and Tumblr for bulk uploads and content creation. Apparently, you’ll be able to manage your blogs super easy, and drive ever increasing traffic.

Now, when I read the sales page, I expect all these features to be included. There’s nothing to suggest you’ll be required to pay more to have some features unlocked.

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My Verdict

If you’ve come to my review to find out if Rapid Traffic Suite is legit, well, yes it is. The product is legit, but I don’t think you’ll get the results that are claimed on the sales page. This is a working product, however, you WILL still have to worry about traffic.

I’m not convinced you’ll get thousands of followers just by being using this software. Pinterest is similar to other social media platforms, in that you need to build a following over time. This comes from creating good content on your blog first, so Pins can be directed to your articles.

It’s all about trust. If people read your content and they trust what you are saying, they will follow you on your social accounts.

The sales page mentions that you can drive visitors to your blog or website. So, do you even have a blog or website? There’s a couple of videos in the training that give a few tips on what to do to setup a website, but not nearly enough to actually create a blog.

Is There A Better Option

Rapid Traffic Suite is a simple product, that claims you can help with getting social traffic. But what about a long term option.

If you’re searching for a long term sustainable method for making money online, what about learning how to become a full time affiliate marketer. I learned how to do this from the industry leading training platform. Here’s where you can find my No.1 recommendation.

Wrapping Up

I hope you gained better insight into this product. I’ve had several people ask me, is Rapid Traffic Suite legit, so now you have a better understanding of what you’ll get if you make a purchase.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any internet business, which is why there are so many products claiming they can get you more website traffic. Some may help you in a small way, others are just rubbish.

The most sustainable way to get website traffic though, is to write good content on a consistent basis. This is what Google wants, and it will provide you with free traffic for years to come. You can read more about how I achieved success as an affiliate marketer below.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

But the simplest and least complicated is [Learn more...]

Disclosure: Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links will not cost you any more. More info at my disclaimer page

The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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