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Seaside Profits Review


A new product has recently been released onto the digital market called Seaside Profits. It’s been created by 3 guys named Aidan Corkery, Fergal Downes & Noel Cunningham and claims to help people create a recurring passive income, and can even help newbies.

I’m often a little sceptical about many of these new products that say they can help you make lots of money with little work, so I’ve decided to take the course myself and see what’s involved.

This Seaside Profits review will give you the information required to make your own informed decision to purchase Seaside Profits or not. So lets take a look.

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Seaside Profits Summary

Is Seaside Profits a ScamProduct Name: Seaside Profits

Founder/Owner: Aidan Corkery, Fergal Downes & Noel Cunningham (aka Team Green)

Product Type: Passive Income Course

Price: $9.25 (Increasing) + Upsells

Program Summary: In my opinion, Seaside profits is an average to low quality product that makes unrealistic claims. While it is a legitimate product, you’d struggle to get anywhere without purchasing the upsells.​

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 34/100

What is Seaside Profits

Seaside Profits is a 16 lesson course that is supposed to give you the knowledge to create your own passive income. Fergal Downes is the main tutor in the course, which I’ll run you through soon.

What I found with the base product of Seaside Profits is that the course is basically a brief explainer series. By that I mean the videos suggests HOW you can set up a membership course that pays you recurring commission, but doesn’t actually show you how this is achieved. There are no step-by-step instructions to guide you.

That’s where the upsells come in! Did you actually think you’d get a course that would show you how to make lots of recurring commission for on $9 or so. Not so grasshopper!

So, to learn the more intricate details of how this kind of site will be set up, you’ll be required to purchase the upsells, which I’ll get to a little later in the Seaside Profits review.

I Am NOT a Seaside Profits Affiliate

This is a genuine unbiased review of Seaside Profits. I am not affiliated with Seaside profits in any way, and will not try to sell this to you. I’m just giving you my personal opinion, having watched the Seaside Profits videos.

You will notice other reviews of Seaside Profits by affiliate marketers. Unfortunately, many will just promote the next new course, whether it be good, bad or indifferent. They make their affiliate commissions and move on, without regard for anyone that purchases the product.

You can spot these because they all promote their ‘bonuses’ with the product in question.

How Does Seaside Profits Work

As I’ve explained, for the base product you’ll go through 16 lessons explaining the basics of how all this can be achieved. Here’s the 16 Seaside Profits lesson that you’ll get, and a brief explanation of each.

Seaside Profits Lessons:

Lesson 1 – Overview – This is a basic introduction that explains who the product creators are and what methods you’ll be using to create this passive income. Fergal explains the two types of website traffic you’ll be attempting to use and apparently how well this works.

Half the video though, shows apparent income from Fergal’s students. What worries me here is we don’t know for sure that they are legit students, and there’s only a handful that are making decent commissions.

Seaside Profits Green Team

Seaside Profits owners Aidan Corkery, Fergal Downes & Noel Cunningham

Lesson 2 – Done For You Profits – You’re going to hear about the done for you products that have been created, which you can use to drive traffic to. We are told that 90% of the work is done, so all that is required is to get your “money link”. This is the term they like to use instead of affiliate link. Maybe it sounds more resonating.

Lesson 3 – Creating Your Own Membership Offer – For those that don’t just want to use the Seaside Profits templates, Fergal explains the options for creating your own products. A concerning aspects here is that he alludes that this is easy to achieve, in reality it’s not. Also, if you’re not confident or don’t have special knowledge then you may have a difficult time coming up with a product that people will continually purchase.

Lesson 4 – Keeping Your Members Subscribed – Here’s some tips to prolong the membership fees coming in. While not wanting to give too much away, it involves drip feeding your customers or leaving disclaimers that might encourage them to remain a member.

Lesson 5 – Protected Members Area or Not Protected? – As the title suggests, you’ll learn the difference between setting up a non protected and protected membership site, in a similar fashion to the Seaside Profits membership area.

Fergal will explain an outsourcing site that will help you get this setup for you if your not very technically minded. To emphasis the point, Fergal with tell you how un-techy he is, again and again.

Lesson 6 – Sales Graphics and Sales Copy – Apparently your going to need sales copy and graphics for your membership funnel site. So, all of a sudden this is not as simple as it’s made out on the sales page. Not exactly 3 easy steps is it.

You will be shown 3 different methods for creating your sales copy, including what these guys use themselves, which will set you back $1000. Another of the options requires a website builder. Fergal tells you that an outsourcing company will set this up for a minimal fee. But what I don’t like is that he doesn’t tell you about the costs of the website builder itself. Just another cost.

Lesson 7 – Price Points and Upsells – Because you’re learning how to create and sell average quality products like Seaside Profits, you’ll also get advice about pricing your product. This includes initial costs, upsells and downsells.

Lesson 8 – Commission Structure – This is the only lesson that doesn’t include a video. It just basically shows you what Fergal recommends your commission structure be, if you use affiliates to promote your product. You may notice a lot of affiliates promoting Seaside Profits.

Lesson 9 – FREE Traffic – The free traffic method in my opinion, is NOT the most inspiring form of traffic. It’s about joining Facebook groups, following the members of these Facebook groups and promoting to them.

Fergal also tells you that it only takes a couple of minutes per day to add 25 friends on Facebook. While it may not take too long as Fergal says, these are only friend requests. These people have to approve your request, and I’m sure only a small percentage will accept, as they don’t know you.

I do like that you’re building up your network of contacts, but these people will have already been promoted to by these expert marketers.

Lesson 10 – Paid Traffic – So the main paid traffic source that Seaside profits uses is solo ads. While solo ads are a genuine way to make sales, I do believe you need to test sellers to understand how many sales you’ll average.

I do like that Fergal shows a technique to find better seller ratios through Facebook, but this is still not guaranteed.

Lesson 11 – Viral Traffic 1 – Teach Your Students to Promote – So an obvious way to get more traffic once everything is setup, is to get your students to promote the products you create. Remember though, this is only if you’ve created your own product.

So this is where I believe it is difficult for newbies to succeed with Seaside Profits. Although Fergal says you don’t need any technical skills, just about everything he’s gone through so far contradicts this. I’m sure the sales page said this wouldn’t take much work!.

Seaside Profits No Daily Work Required

If you have made it this far and have created your own product, created a Facebook Fan Page, got thousands of Facebook friends, got your sales copy & graphics sorted, set your price points and commissions, worked out solo ads and figured out your protected or unprotected members area, good luck to you.

Now your affiliates can go out and promote your product as the ‘viral traffic 1’method.

Lesson 12 – Viral Traffic 2 – The Viral Affiliate Method – I can’t go into too much detail here, suffice to say the next viral traffic method involves displaying income proofs via Facebook. This is to encourage anyone wondering how they did it.

Lesson 13 – Free Traffic Case Study – Of course, no digital course would be complete without case studies. The free traffic case study comes first which also shows a Facebook post, including all the replies of ‘info me’. I’m sure you’ve seen those before.

Lesson 14 – Paid Traffic Case Study – The paid case study shows several people that have allegedly made commissions with Seaside Profits. What worries me here again, is that only a handful of people have made decent commissions, with Fergal being one of them.

Lesson 15 – Getting Your Students to Promote – Case Study – Again, images of Fergals students and their affiliate commissions. Not all have made sales, only a portion of them have.

Lesson 16 – Conclusion – Just a basic wrap up, and a thank you for purchasing the course.

So, my summation of the base Seaside Profits course, is that you’ll be shown a basic blueprint of the methods Fergal, Aidan & Noel use to bring in recurring commissions. Just because you’ll be advised what to do, doesn’t mean you’ll understand how to implement the strategy.

In my opinion, many people will struggle with implementation on this course alone. I’ll get to the upsells shortly, but I even think success will be out of reach for many who purchase these upgrades. This is due to the fact that more effort is required than what is claimed on the sales page, so there will be a high rate of quitters.

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But The Sales Page Says It’s Easy

The sales page does claim that this is much easier to achieve than the reality. You’ll be told that it’s just a 3 step process:

  1. Setup your funnels
  2. Activate the traffic method
  3. Enjoy your income

3 Steps to Seaside profits

In all honesty, if you believe this then you’ll believe anything. There’s lots of this type of product on the internet, and you know when the third step involves ‘enjoying your profits’, it’s way too far fetched.

Realistically, you will be required to purchase the upsells to get anywhere with this product. The base product tells you their setup, upsells allow you to implement it.

Which brings me to…

The Seaside Profits Upsells

Right, so here’s the upsells and what they will cost you.

Upsell #1 – Seaside DFY Bundle ($37) – This upsell will allow you to gain access to the Seaside Profits proven offers, campaigns, graphics, eye catching coupons, video, posts and coupon codes. Apparently all you need to do is copy & paste their material. Oh, and apparently this will 5X your profits.

Upsell #2 – Seaside Profits Case Studies ($17) – Now you get the chance to 10X your profits, by purchasing this next upsell. It will give you 6 full case studies that reveal secret techniques designed to ‘extract’ all the buyer traffic you could ever want.

Upsell #3 – ‘Done For You’ Buyer Bot ($197) – So, this third OTO (one time offer) is a completely automated system that will quickly turn your traffic and leads into ‘Instant Buyers’. This is an ‘Instant Sales messenger bot Funnel’ which encompases the following. 2 completely ‘Done For You’ bot sequences, 2 ‘Done For You’ product review pages, 2 Custom Bonus pages, pre approval to make 100% commissions on 2 top quality digital products

One-on-One Coaching ($97) – After you’ve finally gone through the Upsells and decided to purchase or not, you’ll then have the option to pay for one-on-one coaching from Fergal himself.

Seaside Profits Upsells

After checking out the course and upsells, I decided to add up the costs involved. If you buy the course and all upsells, you’ll be paying over $260 without the one-on-one coaching,nearly $360 with it. This is precisely what the ‘Green Team’ intend you to do, which is why they haven’t included any tutorials on HOW to implement this strategy in the base product.

That’s okay though, because course creators do have to make their money back, and they do it in the form of upsells. Having said that, I’m loathe to recommend this product.

Purchase Concerns

I’m concerned that the traffic methods here will not be as forthcoming as you might expect, especially the free traffic. I agree with Fergal that free website traffic is the best form of traffic, but the methods he uses are not exactly mind blowing.

The main model of free traffic used, is by joining up to their own Facebook group, along with several other Facebook groups of course creators. Then start following the members of these groups and promote to these people.

The problem here is that these same people have already joined up to Fergals products, or the products that others course creators have released. They know what it is you’re selling them, so why would they buy from you.

It’s possible you may get a sale or 2, but I’d be perplexed why you’d be the first port of call for potential buyers. These people will also be on email lists from Fergal and the other expert product creators, so they will get promotional emails from them first.

My Verdict

After reviewing Seaside Profits, I believe it to be another average product that I wouldn’t recommend. Sure, there’s the potential to make money from Seaside Profits, but you’ll be working a lot harder that the sales page suggests.

The income claims are overhyped and not realistic, especially for newbies. You will require some technical skills to get this up and running as intended, and you will need to buy the upsells if you’re going to learn how it all comes together.

In my opinion, there are much better products out there.

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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