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Secrets Of The Wealthy Review


SOTW, or Secrets of the Wealthy, is a program that claims you can become very wealthy in a fairly short space of time. To have the ability to earn these large sums of money, you’ll be required to outlay large monetary sums.

You’ll hear some claims that this is the best opportunity to start making $10,000 monthly, which is an extremely large claim. Should you believe this to be the case, or is this just pie in the sky.

This Secrets Of The Wealthy review should hopefully clear up any lingering concerns you may have. Is Secrets Of The Wealthy a scam, or a genuine model of income generation. Read on to find out.

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What is Secrets Of The Wealthy​
How Does Secrets Of The Wealthy Work
Secrets Of The Wealthy Packages
Secrets Of The Wealthy Concerns
How Much Work is Really Involved
Is Secrets Of The Wealthy a Scam
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Secrets Of The Wealthy​ Summary

Is Secrets Of The Wealthy a ScamProduct Name: Secrets Of The Wealthy

Founder/Owner: Matt & Orlando

Product Type: High-ticket money scheme

Price: $3,000 – $21,000 + Admin & Marketing Fees

Program Summary: In my opinion, while this is a genuine system, I wouldn’t recommend it due to the risky nature. I don’t believe it will be easy to get others to join as the prices are so high.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 23/100

What is Secrets Of The Wealthy​

Depending on who you receive an invitation from, SOTW seems to have been created by different people. I received my invitation to join Secrets Of The Wealthy, which states that it’s run by two guys hamed Matt & Orlando.

I’ve read other reviews about this program that state the owners as being BOB & Mark. I think I know what’s going on here and I’ll explain shortly.

If you have received an invitation to join Secrets Of The Wealthy, you will have surely watched the sales video, which seems very authentic. It says that you’ll have the opportunity to join this system that combines the principles of top tier direct sales with a turnkey, 100% automated direct response platform.

Count The Cash With SOTW

Then you can apparently sit back, relax and just count the cash!

To get you to join up, you’ll hear stories of how people are too busy to create their own online home business. They just want a real system that brings in money, where they don’t have to do anything.

So, Matt & Orlando have a system designed for anyone in this situation. Secrets Of The Wealthy can be used by anyone, even those with barely any computer knowledge.

While this does sound quite scammy, you can actually make money with this system. There are some downsides though, and in my opinion, it’s a risky proposition.

So, here’s how Secrets Of The Wealthy works.

How Does Secrets Of The Wealthy Work

So, this is Matt and Orlando who apparently run this system. I can’t say for sure that they actually own the system, or they are just heavily invested. I did say that I thought I knew what was going on, and here’s my take.

Matt and Orlando of Secrets Of The Wealthy

The Is Secrets Of The Wealthy system is a tiered platform where you can invest money depending on your financial situation. You can contribute as little as $3,000 or go all in at $21,000. I believe if you invest enough money, you’re able to present this system as your own with resell rights.

Secrets Of The Wealthy Resell Rights

You’re probably thinking that this is a lot of money to invest, and you’d be right. Apparently though, lots of people are making money from placing their money in the Secrets Of The Wealthy system. Well, the testimonials will have you believe so.

You’ll see multiple video testimonials all claiming they’ve made thousands of dollars with this system.

Secrets Of The Wealthy Video Testimonials

I’ve reviewed countless programs and products like this before, and these video testimonials do have similarities to others which are not legitimate. I can’t say for sure if these are real or fake testimonials of the Secrets Of The Wealthy system, but they do seem staged, and as if they’re reading from a script.

Let’s take a look at how much this will cost you

Secrets Of The Wealthy Packages

Here’s the deal in regards to your package options.

  • Gold Package = $3,000 + $247 admin fee = $3,247
    • You make $1,500 on every sale
  • Platinum Package = $7,000 + $447 admin fee = $7,447
    • You make $3,500 on every sale
  • Diamond Package = $14,000 + $647 admin fee = $14,647
    • You make $7,000 on every sale
  • Royal Package = $21,000 + $847 admin fee = $21,2847
    • You make $10,500 on every sale

What concerns me here is the administration fee. The amount of work that will be required on the administration side would be roughly the same for each package, so why the additional $200 per admin fee? I believe this to be an unnecessary cost.

These are just the basic package costs, but you’ll also be up for marketing fees and expenses. While these are optional, I believe there will be little chance of making sales without this.

Here’s a list of these extra costs which will also be monthly recurring payments.

  • External Marketing System
    • Replicated website (copy of their system) = $97 p/m
    • Autoresponder for emailing (1st month free) = $19 p/m
    • Texting autoresponder = $99 p/m

So what does one get should they buy in at these different package levels? Buyers will receive some E-Training informational and educational guides. Much of this information is valuable, if you’re interested in learning these skills.

Another thing that was briefly mentioned in the sales video is ad packages. How else are you going to capture leads, you need to advertise. I can only assume you’ll be paying for these ad packages also, which may be conveniently left out of the video presentation. Then again, the ad packages may incorporate the marketing above. This is not made clear though.

Secrets Of The Wealthy Concerns

This system is an opportunity to make money, although risky. I do have some concerns which are outlined below.

Over-hyped Presentation

Hyped up claims that suggest you’ll be raking in thousands of dollars while you just sit back and count the cash is absurd. No business model works like this, and if you think that’s all there is too it, then think again.

You’ll be provided with fancy average-cost-per-sale figures and analytics to have you believe you’ll easily be able to bring in loads of money. The reality is though, you’ll have to get these leads in the first place.

Also, much of these are projections.

Over Hyped Earnings With Secrets of the Wealthy

They claim the Secrets Of The Wealthy system is akin to a system that pays out $5 for every $1 – $1.50 you put in. I won’t refute this claim because the system seems too risky for me to join, but I’d be cautious and skeptical.

When I see a program that claims you can make huge wealth with little effort I am extremely skeptical. Usually, these types of programs either collapse or don’t live up to the hype.

Testimonial Authenticity

These video testimonials that I mentioned earlier could well be real, but I am suspicious. I know there are places where you can hire spokespeople to do a video testimonial for you, such as Fiverr.com.

These people all suggest it’s as easy as plugging into the system and profiting, which just seems too far fetched. The authenticity of these Secrets Of The Wealthy testimonials would need more validation for me.

Yes, a few of these videos do show people opening checks they’ve allegedly received in the mail. Even video spokespeople could be sent bogus checks to make it look more legitimate.

Product Cover Up

It seems to me that the products are just a front to allow the Secrets Of The Wealthy system, to not operate as a pyramid scheme. Although they do provide some value, it doesn’t really seem relative to the reselling of the Secrets Of The Wealthy packages.

The product listing packages include personal development, sales & marketing advice and leadership training.

When I first watched the sales video, it said this system is for those that don’t have time to “learn to do business”, and their schedules are too busy.

Is Secrets Of The Wealthy Targeting

If this is the case, why would you need the informational E-training information? Are they targeting this product to those that don’t want to run their own business, or those that want all this E-Training info. Seems contradictory to me.

How Much Work is Really Involved

Any system that would allow you to bring in large monetary s (except gambling), would require a decent amount of effort on your behalf. Did you watch all the video testimonials and see the differences in money earned?

Some claimed they were earning $100K per month, others suggested $20K per month. If all these people were in the same system with the same automated technology and support behind it, don’t you think they’d be earning the same amount of money!

Apart from the marketing that you’ll be paying for, I still believe you won’t have the luxury of sitting back and watching the cash just roll in.

Is Secrets Of The Wealthy a Scam

No, Secrets Of The Wealthy is not a scam. I believe this to be a legitimate program that can potentially make you money. Would I recommend Secrets Of The Wealthy? No.

I do believe that a small proportion of people will make decent commissions from this system, I also think that more people will walk away poorer for the experience. Why? Because it’s always harder to convince people to buy into high ticket programs like this.

Keep in mind that the minimum amount required to enter this system is $3,000, plus all the admin and monthly recurring fees. It will be extremely hard to find people with this kind of money to place into a ‘experimental’ program.

We’d all like the opportunity to build wealth with minimal effort, but the reality is, there are no easy ways to make money online. Well, not that I’ve come across anyway. I’ve been marketing online since 2014, and have not yet found a super easy program that does it all for you.

My Verdict

I hope you’ve found this Secrets Of The Wealthy review helpful. In summary, yes this is a legitimate but risky opportunity. If you’d like a more sustainable (and much cheaper) model of earning money online, read about the platform that helped me become a success online.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

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