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Social Traffic Revolution Review


Everyone is searching for more website traffic and email leads, so it only stands to reason that product creators will claim to have made the next great product or program to achieve this. The most recent one I’ve come across is by Kenny Cannon, called Social Traffic Revolution.

What you’d like to know, is Social Traffic Revolution a scam, or a genuine product that can actually produce the email leads that is declared in the sales video.

I’ll give you the information that I know, and whether I think it will work as intended. I have no affiliation with this product, so my review is impartial. So, here’s my Social Traffic Revolution review and opinion.

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How Does Social Traffic Revolution Work
The Upsells Concern Me
Will You See Results With Social Traffic Revolution
My Verdict
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Social Traffic Revolution Summary

Is Social Traffic Revolution a Scam Kenny500x200Product Name: Social Traffic Revolution

Founder/Owner: Kenny Cannon

Product Type: Email List Capture

Price: $7.95 + Upsells.

Program Summary: In my opinion, you may struggle to make back enough money to cover your setup costs.

Would I Recommend It: Not Really

Rating: 20/100

What is Social Traffic Revolution

Here’s a product that claims you can get email leads for approximately 50 cents each. Kenny Cannon explains in his video, that he got the idea when he bought a product from Amazon. He figured that there’s a way to capture email addresses by offering a contest. So how is this achieved?

Well, Kenny has created templates for you through ClickFunnels, which you can manipulate to suit your own offer. The idea is that you find a product of relevance to an audience, and build a short 2 page funnel to drive people to.

This will be setup as a contest where people can enter. When they do enter the contest, they have to enter their email address. So, you’ll have your email autoresponder service linked to this ClickFunnels contest, to capture anyone’s email that decides to join the contest.

Included in Kenny’s training, is a section on how to create Facebook advertising to get people to your contest page. Without contestants, there’s no contest right!

So, will this work?

How Does Social Traffic Revolution Work

In reality, I believe this will be harder than is claimed on Kenny’s sales page. This mainly comes back to the audience you’ll need to attract.

Inside of the Social Traffic Revolution Members Area, you’ll have access to 8 videos. This is what you’ll find:

8 Training videos:

  • Video 1 – Blue Ocean “Niche” Selection (15min:18sec)
  • Video 2 – Finding Your Givaway (24min:08sec)
  • Video 3 – The Two Page Lead Capture Funnel (24min:43sec)
  • Video 4 – Facebook Ad Basics (8min:37sec)
  • Video 5 – Facebook Ad Creation (20min:46sec)
  • Video 6 – Facebook Ad KPI’s (14min:29sec)
  • Video 7 – Email List management (20min:08sec)
  • Video 8 – From This Day Forward (17min:45sec)
  • Bonus – Saul’s Marketing Masterclass (54min:36sec)

To be honest, this video series is only enough to get you excited. Sure, there’s some good snippets of information in there, but not enough to give you a blueprint for success.

Which is why the obligatory upsells will be waiting for you. Think about it, these product creators are not going to make much money from the $7.95 you’re handing over for this product. They want you to invest in the upsells that accompany the initial product.

Here’s the list of the Upsells:

  • Done For You Campaigns – $47 (You get high converting promotional campaigns done for you, plus learn how to start seeing results with these new traffic methods right away.)
  • STR 30 Day Challenge – $47 (Access to the 30 day challenge that will get your business up and running quickly. The challenge is specifically designed to help newbies make their first sale.)
  • Reseller package – $67 (Get the opportunity to make 100% commission on the entire sales funnel.)

Is Social Traffic Revolution a Scam Upsells

The process by which you’ll be creating a list with this system is perfectly legitimate. Finding a product, creating your own contest landing page with funnel, this is a genuine model that has the possibility of capturing email leads.

However, the problem I see is your audience traffic. There’s no substitute for organic search traffic, which is absolutely free via the search engines. The model used with Social Traffic Revolution, is paid traffic. Hence, you’ll be paying out money for your paid adverts to be seen in social feeds.

While many marketers have been doing this for a long time, and it’s a good strategy if you understand how it works, I have big reservations for someone just starting out. I’ve done Facebook advertising myself, and while the process can be learned fairly quickly, the targeting can take a lot of fiddling to get right.

You can target the people that you think are interested in your product, but it takes time for Facebook to understand the people you’re looking for. There’s an adjustment process which can take quite a few days for Facebook to figure out who you’re actually targeting. This means that you could be paying lots of money for adverts that are not converting.

Not only this, you’ll be using ClickFunnels, which costs $97 per month to run. Again, this is a great product for creating funnels, but maybe not when just starting out. As you can see, you may have a hard time making a profit, because you have to surpass your advertising and ClickFunnels costs.

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The Upsells Concern me

Each of the upsells talk about having this amazing opportunity to make money on autopilot for years to come. Kenny asks if you’re ready to commit to a 5 figure per month consistent salary.

I’ve reviewed loads of products like this, and the manner in which this is sold comes across as a scam. Nobody can or will offer you a legitimate way to make money on autopilot. Kenny says he needs YOU to make a lot of money, so he can use you as a testimonial in his case study. What he really needs, is YOU to make HIM a lot of money..

This whole product is a sales funnel. First he gets you to purchase his initial product. Then, teaches you to create this sales funnel of your own, for a fairly large cost mind you.

Next you’re convinced to purchase the upsells, where he says you’ll partner with him. He’ll send you email scripts to send out in the emails YOU’VE captured from the initial product. These email scripts are selling Kenny’s products, and apparently they virtually sell themselves.

Is Social Traffic Revolution a Scam Partnership

So, you’ll put your affiliate link into these email so that you earn part commission, and Kenny earns huge profits from your efforts to promote his products. Very clever Kenny.

Will You See Results With Social Traffic Revolution

I’m not going to suggest you won’t see any results with this product, but I think they’ll be minimal. The most difficult part will be getting the traffic required to make more money, than you are forking out.

In my honest opinion, I don’t think this will happen and you’ll end up looking for the next money making opportunity.

My Verdict

I believe that you’d be wasting your money with Social Traffic Revolution. Of course you’ll find many reviews that promote this product, that’s just what some affiliate marketers do. They’d prefer to earn the commission and offer their bonuses, that’s their prerogative. I’d rather give my honest appraisal of a product.

As I’ve stated, the model of income CAN work. On the surface it’s a legitimate method of making money online, but I believe you’ll struggle with paid Facebook advertising.

As far as training goes, it’s very basic. In fact the training doesn’t even show you how to setup a Facebook Business account, which you’ll require. Kenny browses through the various sections of Facebook Business manager, attempting to show you how to target an audience, but it brief.

Looking For A Sustainable Option

You may be reading this review because you’ve been searching for a legitimate way to make money online. While Social Traffic Revolution does have legitimate parts to it, I don’t believe it to be a sustainable model.

However, I do have a much better model that is a lot more sustainable. In fact it’s the exact training that taught me how to build this website asset, which is my money making machine. I’m an affiliate marketer, and have learned how this whole process works. While the method is easy, becoming good at it takes consistency.

Not only that, it also takes patience and motivation. Anyone can do it, but you may need to change your mindset from making money quickly, to making money sustainably.

You can read my Beginners Step By Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing here, alternatively, click below to read my review on the best affiliate training course out there.

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Wrapping Up

I hope I’ve answered some of your queries in regards to this new product, Social Traffic Revolution. Loads of product creators will over exaggerate the returns that can be expected with their product. Not only that, apparently they are all simple to use and setup.

This is usually never the case. You’ll still be required to search for a suitable product, join an autoresponder service and understand how to use it, create a Facebook business account and learn this also. Then there’s ClickFunnels which also has a learning curve. Nothing is as easy as they say it is.

The platform I use is not only an affiliate marketing training course, it’s also a community of like-minded people. It’s also free to join up to check it out. If this interests you, read on below to find out more.

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