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SurveyBounce.com Review


You may be having various thoughts about the legitimacy of SurveyBounce.com, and for good reason. With loads of scams out there, it’s possible that this program just sounds too good to be true. Here’s some of this things you may be wondering:

  • Is Survey Bounce a scam
  • Are you risking your personal information
  • Do they actually pay out what you’ve earned

It’s a good thing you’ve landed on this SurveyBounce.com review, because you’re going to get a much better understanding of what will occur should you sign up with Survey Bounce.

Here’s some of the details that you’ll learn here:

  • What will happen once you complete tasks or surveys
  • What indications alert me that this is a scam
  • How they will get out of paying you
  • Why you should not sign up to SurveyBounce.com

I applaud you for doing your due diligence and researching Survey Bounce before making a commitment to sign up. You will also be glad you took this measure that will protect your personal information.

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What is SurveyBounce.com
How Does SurveyBounce.com Work
Red Flags
Is Survey Bounce a Scam
Final Thoughts (What Now?)

SurveyBounce.com SummaryIs SurveyBounce com Legit

Product Name: SurveyBounce.com

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Surveys / Tasks

What is SurveyBounce.com

So, you’ve been lured in by a Facebook video, Twitter tweet or even a TikTok video. SurveyBounce.com has caught your attention because somebody has said you can make easy money, all with very little effort. All you need to do is complete a few small tasks and you’ll get paid $5, $25 or even $50.

This sounds like easy money in the bank right! Wrong. Sure, you’ll apparently receive $25 just for signing up as a bonus. This will be added to your internal accumulated funds, but as you’ll soon discover, Survey Bounce has a clever way of avoiding payment.

SurveyBounce.com say they’ve caused an uproar on all social media, which is far from reality. What they do is get members to promote their website on social platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram. The more people they get to sign up, the more personal information they can harvest.

The Survey Bounce ‘About Us’ page says they have become the #1 Network in under 10 years. What makes this extremely odd, is the fact their website was not even registered until February 2020.

SurveyBounce.com Registry Date

They even say that Survey Bounce was started in March 2015, which is false. This is the first of many indicators that tell me that Survey Bounce is a scam. I’ll get to the other red flags shortly, but first, here’s a look inside Survey Bounce.

How Does SurveyBounce.com Work

When you first create a SurveyBounce.com account, you’ll immediately be taken to your dashboard. This will provide you with a unique referral code that they will want you to splash over all your social media channels.

SurveyBounce com Dashboard

You can see down the left hand side is the main menu. This is your navigation pane where you can find various tasks, and areas for you to help promote Survey Bounce. Different activities will net you various alleged amounts of money. Here’s what Survey Bounce claim they will pay you:

  • $25 – Refer friends
  • $5 – Get clicks
  • $25 – Download apps
  • $25 – Complete surveys
  • $50 – Create YouTube videos
  • $50 – Other Social media posts

Now, without sounding flippant or abrupt, if you believe a company can pay you just for completing their small tasks, you may be a little naive. It’s not possible for these large amounts of cash to be earned for such menial activities.

The reality is that SurveyBounce.com is just like loads of other websites that have been replicated . For what purpose, we’re not entirely sure. However, we do know that none of these sites pay out their members.

It’s suspected that they are harvesting people’s personal information, which means that you are putting your personal data at risk by signing up.

I’m about to show you a clause that SurveyBounce.com has in their Terms & Conditions page that will blow your mind. It clearly states why you will not get paid a cent from these guys. Keep on reading.

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Red Flags

You’re going to find this outrageous when you see it. Along with the fact that SurveyBounce.com was registered only a matter of months ago, there are several other red flags that stand out. Just take a look at this.

#1 Survey Bounce Age Limit

This is absolutely amazing. Unless you are 99 years of age or older, you will not get paid a cent from SurveyBounce.com. Can you believe that! Just take a look at this line of text in the Terms page on their site.

SurveyBounce Age Limit

I told you that you’d be staggered. How on earth can a company put this kind of clause in their T & C page. Obviously they have done it to avoid paying out any members that sign up. You’ll be doing all this work, accumulating an internal monetary figure, only to be duped when you intend cashing out.

Like the other replica sites that Survey Bounce is cloned from, they will claim that your account is fraudulent, and you will be banned. This is what will happen when you finally get to the threshold limit to cash out.

#2 Fake Testimonials

The Survey Bounce homepage will express member testimonials that are supposed to give you proof that the program is legit, and they pay out their members. However, these are not real members.

Below is a snippet of the alleged members of Survey Bounce, and I’d like you to take notice of their actual names.

Survey Bounce Alleged Members

Now because these websites are all replicated, they also copy the member testimonials from site to site. But they change the names of the members, even though the profile image is the same. Below are the same alleged members of their replica site EarnBucks.

EarnBucks-Click4Kash Testimonials

Notice the same people, but with different names! You’ll see that these same profile images have also been used on another cloned site called Click4Kash. This is a big indication that Survey Bounce just isn’t legit.

#3 Fake Payment Proofs

I’ve already explained how Survey.Bounce.com was not registered until Feb 2020, so how can they show payment proof before this date! Not only that, but it seems they’ve made a mistake on the Payment Proofs page.

SurveyBounce.com Alleged Payment Proofs

If you look at the payment proofs above which were taken from the Survey Bounce website, they’ve obviously replicated this page from their other website called Influencers Earn. It appears they have forgotten to modify the wording to be updated for Survey Bounce.

#4 Unrealistic Earning Potential

Can you believe that just for posting a short video, or putting one of the Survey Bounce images on your social feed with a referral link, you could earn $50. Well the reality is you won’t earn this, but that won’t stop them claiming you will.

These are very large income claims which are way above the normal for this kind activity. If you check the more legitimate sites that pay money for filling out surveys, watching adverts and completing tasks, most pay $1-$4 for about an hour’s work.

If you want to actually get paid for this kind of work, use SwagBucks, Survey Junkie or Inbox Dollars. These are genuine sites that actually pay. Other than that, I’ll show you a much better opportunity to make more money consistently, later in this review.

#5 Report From The BBB

I’m going to list several of the replicated sites next, but first I’d like to make you aware of a report that the Better Business Bureau released in 2019. It exposes these same replicated websites and how they are defrauding people by risking their personal information.

The report expresses the concerns of victims that have signed up to programs like Notion Cash, and what will happen to the information they’ve submitted. Hopefully they don’t use this information for unintended purposes, but this cannot be guaranteed.

#6 Replicated Sites

I mentioned that SurveyBounce.com is a replicated site that looks eerily similar to others of the same kind. Loads of these have been created and I’ve reviewed several of them. Here’s a list of just some that have conned many people.

The list goes on because they keep getting exposed by marketers like myself. Once a new site gets exposed as a scam, they buy a new domain name and start up all over again.

I’d encourage you to research any program you want to make money from, and be careful with your personal information.

Is Survey Bounce a Scam

With the clause that states you need to be 99 years of age or over, I can only conclude that SurveyBounce.com is a scam. Nobody that has reached this age would be thinking of signing up to a program such as this.

There’s so many red flags that alert me that not all is well here. Multiple replicated sites, BBB consumer reports and fake testimonials. These are all indications that Survey Bounce is a scam.

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Final Thoughts

I suspect you’ve been looking at Survey Bounce to earn some extra cash. I also used to look for these types of easy money generation methods, until reality hit me. It dawned on me after being scammed several times that nobody is going to pay out decent money like this for little effort.

I had a few options, and one of those was filling out surveys etc with a site like Inbox Dollars. But is all honesty, I wanted more than a few dollars per day. I wanted hundreds, and then thousands of dollars per month. Filling out surveys was not going to get me monetary figures of this kind.

At one point I tried setting up an eCommerce store. This can be a highly successful venture that pays really well, and I totally recommend it for the right people. For me though, I found a different way to make money online, and it’s a hugely popular model. Keep reading below to find out how I make money online.

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