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The Commission Multiplier Review


The Commission Multiplier product is not a new product at all. It’s basically a website that will take a cut of commissions, for directing you to a course called the Super Affiliate Network.

The Super Affiliate Network is a totally separate course in itself, and I’ll explain this program shortly. So, is The Commission Multiplier a scam or just an affiliate directing you to a sale? I believe the latter, and I’ll explain why in this Commission Multiplier review.

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The Commission Multiplier Summary

Is the Commission Multiplieer a Scam 500x200Product Name: The Commission Multiplier

Founder/Owner: Misha Wilson (Video spokesperson – Ace)

Product Type: High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Training & Products

Price: $47 p/m + Upsells

Program Summary: In my opinion, The Commission Multiplier is a front for a completely different program called the Super Affiliate Network.

What is The Commission Multiplier

If you are hoping The Commission Multiplier is going to be the solution to your money issues, you may want to think again. It’s actually just a website that is directing you to another program. This other program is called The Super Affiliate network.

To begin with though, let’s have a look at what The Commission Multiplier claims it can offer you.

Ace is the spokesperson that runs through the video, you can see here below.

Ace Spokesperson for Commission Multiplier

You’ll hear claims like “The most valuable cash producing secrets the internet has to offer” and “what would you do with an extra $10,000 or more per month”.

Commission Multiplieer Huge Claims

You will also be told that this method is so simple and that 95% of everything is 100% done for you. 

Commission Multiplier Huge Claims

These are extremely bold claims and in my opinion, way too far fetched. Nobody will be providing a system where you only have to provide 5% effort to make loads of money, it doesn’t happen like that.

How Does The Commission Multiplier Work

What you’re ultimately getting here is a referral to a high ticket affiliate program. Although, before landing at the Super Affiliate Network, you’ll be asked to purchase the Profit Shortcut Vault as an upsell.

Commission Multiplier Upsell

I reviewed The Profit Shortcut in 2019, which looks eerily similar to The Commission Multiplier. The exact same video was used for both sales promotions, with the same testimonials.

I believe they are now offering this as “The Entire Profit Shortcuts Vault”, which claims you’ll get 25 extra profit shortcuts that can compound your profit by over 96%. I’ve seen this kind of thing before, where additional training is included at an additional cost.

So by joining up to The Commission Multiplier, you’ll actually be signing up to The Super Affiliate Network. You’ll even notice this if you bother to click on the legal links at the bottom of the Commission Multiplier sales page. The links are directed to The Super Affiliate legal policies and terms & conditions.

What Is The Super Affiliate Network

You can read my review of The Super Affiliate Network here, which will basically inform you of Micah Wilson’s Program. While The Super Affiliate Network isn’t a scam, it’s not a program that I’d highly recommend for beginners. It involves investing large sums of money and is a risky strategy in my opinion.

As the Commission Multiplier sales video suggests, 95% of the work is done for you. This includes being given a fully functioning website, high-quality copy, videos for marketing purposes and selected products to sell. I’m very skeptical about much of this.

You’ll be subscribing to a subscription based affiliate marketing program, which offers high-ticket affiliate training. It also seems to encompass elements of an multi-tiered scheme, as you’ll be promoting this same platform to others, with tiered based commissions. Mischa Wilson is the creator of this program and he is a successful entrepreneur through this business.

While there is some good training in the Super Affiliate Network, as a member you’ll be encouraged to promote more of the internal products. Many of the products they sell cost thousands of dollars, which means there’s a risk you will get deeply in debt.

Overall, I believe the Super Affiliate network sales video, which is almost identical to the Commission Multiplier video, is way over-hyped, and the claims made are out of reach for most people. In fact if you check out my Super Affiliate Network review, you’ll see a table that represents how much various level members earn. It’s not inspiring but I’ll let you determine if it’s your type of program.

The Commission Multiplier Clones

As I’ve mentioned, The Profit Shortcut is a direct copy of The Commission Multiplier, and it’s not the only replica.

Another product called Home Cashflow Shortcut also shares the same sales copy and video, as does IM Profit Multiplier. Which suggests there may be other clones out there. These are all funnels to get people to buy into The Super Affiliate Network.

There’s nothing actually wrong with this form of income generation. It’s known as affiliate marketing, and is highly successful. What I have an issue with is the huge claims of wealth associated with the product they are selling. Instead of giving realistic results, it’s insinuated that you’ll be making millions by watching their video and testimonials.

I suspect the Super Affiliate Network encourages you to use the same video to encourage others to join. It’s a long enticing video with multiple testimonials.

The Commission Multiplier has been created as a stand alone product which others can sign up and promote. This can be done through an affiliate network called Max Bounty. But while you think you’re actually promoting The Commission Multiplier, you’re actually advertising a program that directs people to a different program, The Super Affiliate Network.

Claims of Riches

I find it uncomfortable when programs lure people in with huge claims of wealth. The reality is that over 95% of people don’t make money online, no matter how hard they try. Often, the reason is because they hear big wealth claims like The Commission Multiplier, and expect to make lots of money with little effort.

Just take a look at the image snapshots I took from The Commission Multiplier sales video.

Commission Multiplieer Wealth Claims

These images are there to entice you into the program. The chances of earning close to this much money is extremely slim. The only way people make money online is with a decent amount of effort and patience.

Is The Commission Multiplier a Scam

I’m not going to conclude that The Commission Multiplier is a scam. However, all The Commission Multiplier does is direct you to a program that is expensive, and claims you have a “special invitation”. This is not true, anyone can join the Super Affiliate Network on their own accord.

Although there are bold claims made in the sales video, they do put a more realistic disclaimer at the bottom of the sales page. 

Commission Multiplier Disclaimer


Try a Better Option

As mentioned, I am an affiliate marketer and have been doing this since 2014. I’ve failed several times due to my lack of patience and want for fast results. Unfortunately, affiliate marketing doesn’t happen like that these days.

Because affiliate marketing has become so popular and everyone thinks they can become an overnight success, there’s so much competition. This is what makes getting sales so much harder than ever before. But, you can achieve success by sticking it out, and outlasting other newbies.

I learned the best affiliate marketing practices at Wealthy Affiliate. I’m still an active member there, and will be for as long as I’m successfully doing this. If you’d like to learn from the best affiliate marketing course going around, check out WA for free.

Take it for a spin for a week to see what it’s all about. You’ll get all the Premium features so you know what to expect. If you don’t like the platform, simply leave, or even keep the free membership. The Wealthy Affiliate owners know their product is the best out there, and the best value for money. This is why they offer a free week trial.

In my opinion, you could stack it up against any other affiliate marketing course, platform or tools, and they would come out on top every time.

My Verdict

It’s all about value for money with me, and I don’t believe you’ll be getting that by signing up through The Commission Multiplier. This is all about circulating the Super Affiliate Network to as many want-to-be marketers, without giving any information about what’s included.

It’s hard to believe a sales video can go for roughly an hour, without so much as advising how you’re supposed to be making money. They just explain that it’s an easy system and show you floating money and luxury lifestyle. This is a sure sign that it’s going to be a lot more difficult than you expect..

I applaud you for taking the time to read this Commission Multiplier review, and hope it’s shed some light on what you’ll be signing up to.

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