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The Pampered Chef Review


It wouldn’t be uncommon if you’ve heard of The pampered Chef. In fact they are widely known with a good name amongst kitchen and bakeware products. But what I want to look at today, is the model of income that you can generate through their Consultant program.

Firstly, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Many people don’t want to sign up to MLM or pyramid schemes, so is The pampered Chef an MLM scheme? The simple answer is yes, and I’ll show you what you can expect should you become a pampered Chef consultant. It’s not however, a pyramid scheme, and I’ll show you the difference in this Pampered Chef review.

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What is the Pampered Chef
How To Get Started With the Pampered Chef
The Pampered Chef Payment Structure
MLM Success Is Rare
What Products Are Involved
Is The Pampered Chef a Scam or Pyramid Scheme
Is There a Better Opportunity

Update: As a brief update to this article, I just wanted to alert you to the current social impacts that affect MLM opportunities. Multilevel marketing consultants primarily work by hosting house parties to present and demonstrate products to potential customers. As social distancing has become apparent, these hosted house parties or events can no longer go ahead. 

Instead, companies with MLM opportunities are turning to sales online to keep their consultants active. What's ironic about this, is that they are basically turning it into an affiliate marketing venture. However, consultants will only be allowed to sell the products of the MLM company they are involved with.

So, the choice now is owning a website and only selling one companies products, or own a website and sell any products you like (eg: traditional affiliate marketing). I know what I'd be choosing!

In fact, in most cases, the MLM company will still own the website. I've seen instances where they will give it to you free for 3 months, then you have to pay for it. eg: domain & hosting fees. This will be on top of other MLM fees. This is not the case with genuine affiliate marketing, where YOU own your own website.

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The Pampered Chef SummaryIs The Pampered Chef An MLM Scheme LOGO

Product Name: Pampered Chef

Founder/Owner: Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway), originally founded in 1980 by Doris Christopher

Price: Kits to begin, Starter Kit ($109), Deluxe Kit ($159) or Ultimate Kit ($249).

Program Summary: In my opinion, the Pampered Chef MLM scheme is not a scam or a pyramid scheme. It’s a legitimate method to earn some extra money, but I don’t believe it’s possible to make a regular income.

Would I Recommend It: Maybe

Rating: 42/100

What is The Pampered Chef

So, I understand that Pampered Chef is a successful business, and has been since the 1980’s. Just because a company is successful though, doesn’t mean that you will make money by becoming one of their consultants.

While it is possible to make money, you truly need to consider what it is you’re signing up to. MLM schemes don’t have the greatest of reputations, as they often get compared to pyramid schemes.

I’ll explain why this should not be confused with a pyramid scheme shortly, but I’d like to make the point that only a small percentage of people make any significant returns with an MLM scheme.

I’d like to go over The Pampered Chef ‘Become a Consultant’ page, and explain some of the The Pampered Chef aspects as I see it, as opposed to what is portrayed as more attractive. The reality is often different to the big smiles on the sales page.

What Does a Pampered Chef Consultant Do?

This is where you’re going to be advised different ways to sell Pampered Chef products, so you can earn a commission rate of initial sales, and tiered commissions through your referrals. You’ll be shown 3 various ways to get others to make purchases, and encourage them to join Pampered Chef, so THEY can earn YOU future tiered commissions.

Hosted parties

The preferred method that Pampered Chef suggests, is hosting in-person parties at your home. This is where you’ll invite friends and family members to your party, and show them how to use Pampered Chef products. The intention is to encourage them to buy these products.

Do I like this method? Sure, but it will only work once or twice. After you’ve hosted a party or two, your friends and family will not be wanting to come and buy more ‘overpriced’ products. And because your main intention is to recruit them into the Pampered Chef family, they won’t want you hassling them more than once.

I’ve been to a party like this before, where a mate of mine was attempting to convince me to join an MLM scheme. My initial reaction was to run, although I did listen to the spiel. Then I did a runner!

Online Website

You’ll get the impression that people will swarm to your website if you decide to go down this path. I do like the website model of getting sales, after all, I use a website myself to earn an income. But when the Pampered Chef says ‘guests will be logging in from everywhere!’, this is a bit far fetched.

A website is easy enough to set up, but with so much competition on the internet, what makes you so sure that people will end up on your website. I’m not saying this cannot be done, but there is a learning curve if you want people to find your website without having to pay for online advertising.

Be a Pampered Chef Consultant

In my opinion, if you’re going to go down the path of setting up a website, you’d be better off learning affiliate marketing. This way, you’ll keep full commissions from any sale, as opposed to tiered commissions where those on the top levels earn first, and the dregs go to the rest.

With Teams

Okay, this is what Pampered Chef tells you. ‘Consultants provide others with the opportunity to work when they want, how they want, selling the products they love’. Translation: The reality is, you’ll be encouraged to recruit your friends, family or others so that you can earn small commissions from any sales they make.

Consultants build teams, and together they all benefit from each other’s successes both financially and personally’. Read between the lines and you’ll gather that referring others will be to your benefit, but this is harder to achieve than you may think. In this world of scepticism, convincing people to become members is exhausting and hard work.

In my opinion, those with the ‘gift of the gab’ will do a lot better than those just looking for a money making opportunity.

Why You’ll Love It

So let’s look at why you will love Pampered Chef. They say that on top of your commission, you can earn free products, cash rewards and even epic vacations. While this is true, the reality is that only a very small percentage will work hard enough to be rewarded with these bonuses.

You’ll never have to pay full price. Each month there are opportunities to earn free products, or buy products with a generous discount. This is one of the aspects that I like about Pampered Chef, although you will have to be purchasing their selling kits to get these discounts.

The other factor that I like, is that they promote being your own boss. Having worked for employers in the past, I can totally understand that being your own boss is just awesome. I answer to nobody but my inner self. However, I’m sceptical whether you’ll be able to achieve a full-time income with Pampered Chef.

How To Get Started With The Pampered Chef

Getting started with Pampered Chef is not that difficult. All you really require is a consultant kit, of which you’ll have 3 to choose from. This will depend on your budget, and confidence in what you can sell.

All You Need Is a Kit & a Dream

So the 3 Pampered Chef consultant kits are as follows:

  • The Starter Kit ($99)
  • The Deluxe ($159)
  • The Ultimate Kit ($259)

Pampered Chef Kits

Each kit comes with a business kit, giving you everything needed to get started. You can see what included in the business kit below.

Is the Pampered Chef an MLM Scheme Business Kit

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The Pampered Chef Payment Structure

This is where you may start to have second thoughts about joining as a Pampered Chef consultant. Although while the compensation plan doesn’t differ too much from other MLM schemes, you get the added bonus of purchasing cheap products.

There are 5 different commission rates that you can earn depending on your selling ability. Here’s a list of the different levels that you can earn:

  1. 20% for monthly sales between $1 – $749
  2. 22% for monthly sales between $750 – $1,249
  3. 23% for monthly sales between $1,250 – $2,499
  4. 24% for monthly sales between $2,500 – $3,999
  5. 25% for monthly sales over $4,000

Unless you’re totally committed to making lots of sales, you will probably be stuck in the first commissions rate. This is where most people end up, even if they do have high hopes of reaching the top rate.

As you can see, the commission rates only rise slightly with each bracket of monthly sales. At least it does go up though, which is better than some incentive schemes I’ve seen.

Now, for each new member you sign up, you’ll receive 3% of sales made from each new member.

Pampered Chef also indicate how much time you will need to put into this, to earn an income. I don’t believe they should state this, and I find it misleading. Here’s the hours per week / average income comparisons.

  • Hours (1-3) / Average Monthly Income ($110-$510)
  • Hours (3-6) / Average Monthly Income ($665-$1,110)
  • Hours (5-15) / Average Monthly Income ($1,400-$18,000)
  • Hours (15-25+) / Average Monthly Income ($6,800-$45,000+)

Now in my opinion, there’s no way that approximately 15 hours per week will earn you close to $18,000 per month.

As a side note, I’d like to alert you to the income disclaimer, which is written below their earning potential chart which you can find here. Although very small in print, it clearly states that ‘Earnings and time invested are not necessarily representative of the income. Less than 1% of pampered Chef consultants earn the highest average monthly income shown’.

So, less than 1% could be anywhere between 0.001% – 0.99%, so don’t expect to be earning those big bucks.

MLM Success Is Rare

It’s a known fact that only those it the top echelon of an MLM scheme are the ones to benefit the most. This is because commissions filter down the chain, leaving those at the base level with little more than pocket change.

In fact many level one MLM consultants don’t make their money back at all. This article I read on PRNewsWire says that 73 percent of people who participate in network marketing opportunities, either lose money or make no money at all.

Here’s another couple of interesting facts for you. Did you know that within the first year of joining an MLM scheme, half of all participants will leave. I suspect this is because they’ve realised that not as much money can be made, as they were initially convinced.

Another fact is that 90% of all representatives left the company within five years. Maybe those that thought they’d stick it out to earn the big bucks never eventuated.

Here’s a typically structured MLM hierarchy, which gives you some idea of where your invested money goes.

Typical MLM Structure

So if you intend signing up to an MLM opportunity with the idea of becoming wealthy, I’d seriously consider your options before doing so. The chances of becoming rich are extremely slim.

Profiting From MLM's Are No Longer Viable

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What Products Are Involved

Having read many other reviews and forums that deal with Pampered Chef, it seems customers are not happy with the quality of the Pampered Chef products, or the price they are retailing at.

I do like that there is a large range of products at Pampered Chef, they sell just about anything you could need in a kitchen. From cookware to stoneware, cooking tools, cutlery and outdoor kitchen wares. The range is truly expansive, but seems to lack in quality.

Here’s just a few of the reviews I came across, and there were loads more negative reviews than positive.

Pampered Chef Reviews

As you can also see, it seems customers have also had trouble returning items to Pampered Chef with success.

More Reviews

Of course, I’m going to balance these with some of the better reviews I’ve found. While the above reviews are directed specifically at the Pampered Chef product line, these reviews are in regards to becoming a Pampered Chef consultant.

Pampered Chef an MLM Scheme Positive Reviews

Even though it seems people have had a reasonably good experience with Pampered Chef itself, they have had issues with getting sales and earning revenue.

Is The Pampered Chef a Scam or Pyramid Scheme

As I’ve discussed on other product reviews, MLM schemes and pyramid schemes do have similar attributes, but there’s one major difference. MLM schemes sell actual physical products, which makes them more legitimate than pyramid schemes.

Pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries and states, because they recruit people into the scheme with only a circular allocation of funds. Recruitment quickly ceases, making it unsustainable and not allowing any new members to profit.

While Pampered Chef is not a pyramid scheme, it is a multi level system where those at the top become the wealthiest. You’re encouraged to recruit others, and the majority of commissions made will go directly to those at the top of the tree. The remainder will be distributed among lower level members.

Is There a Better Opportunity

Affiliate marketing is different to MLM marketing. There are so many more benefits to affiliate marketing. Choice of niche, scalability, choice of products, promotion methods, incoming commissions, recurring commissions, high ticket commissions and ultimately, freedom of time.

I’m an affiliate marketer myself, and make a decent income from this website. It’s possible for you to also become an affiliate marketer and escape the rat race. If I started with no skills in affiliate marketing, then anyone can.

You can read my review on my top recommended training here. Alternatively, I’ve written a Beginners Step by Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing that you may choose to read.

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My Verdict

Do I think Pampered Chef is a good opportunity to make money online. Not really. As an exception though, if you have a passion for cooking, baking, hosting parties and selling associated products, then you may be more suited to a consultant role with Pampered Chef.

If you’re just researching whether this is a good opportunity to make some cash, I’d advise against Pampered Chef. There are multiple other ways to make money online that would take less effort.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

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Disclosure: Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links will not cost you any more. More info at my disclaimer page

The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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