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Smart Money Secret Review


You may have seen a sales video recently which promotes a product called the Smart Money Secret. The video seems very scam like, but is Smart Money Secret a scam or not.

In this Smart Money Secret review, I’ll give you my opinion and explain what I’ve investigated. There are some claims that indicate you’ll be wealthy after reading the Smart Money Secret guide, so will this really be the case.

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What’s Inside Smart Money Secret
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My verdict

Smart Money Secret Summary

Is The Smart Money Secret a Scam 500x200Product Name: Smart Money Secret

Founder/Owner: Jay Hannon

Product Type: Credit Strategy

Price: $49 + $29.97 per month

Program Summary: In my opinion, Smart Money Secret is not a scam. While there is some good information in this guide, there are a few concerns that you may want to read about in this review.

Would I Recommend It: Maybe

Rating: 50/100

What is Smart Money Secret

Let’s begin by what Smart Money Secret claims to be. Having viewed the 30 minute long sales video, you’d think that Smart Money Secret is going to empower you with all the money you ever desired. This is not what’s going to happen.

You could be forgiven for believing that you’ll be driving your new Lamborghini to your new home. Although there is a disclaimer at the end of the video that this is not going to get you a mansion, it still has the smell of an exaggeration.

The main premise behind Smart Money Secrets is to get your credit rating up. You’ll hear stories that it is ‘based on a loophole within how the credit system was designed’. Apparently there’s 11 words that, when used in exactly the right way, activate a powerful ‘credit protection mechanism’ that can instantly stop you being harassed by creditors.

Smart Money Secrets Testimonials & Claims

You’re going to hear from multiple people, one claiming they’ve not only got out of debt, but also been paid money back! Now this seems like an extraordinary case if true.

Others say they’ve raised their credit score from 588 to 781 within 12 weeks. Some claim to have negative credit marks removed.

The Smart Money Secrets video also mentions how to increase your purchasing power by up to 2,100%, and how to reduce your car insurance payment by up to 54%. These are all exceptional circumstances, and although I understand you will be receiving correct advice, there’s no certainty they you will get the same results.

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What’s Inside Smart Money Secret

Should you sign up to Smart Money Secrets, you will be presented with a physical printed guide that will be delivered to you. Your free trail into the members area will also give you access to the digital copy.

Free Bonus 1
You will also be provided a link to watch a 60 minute webinar presentation from Scott and Alison Hilton, describing how they used the lessons in the guide, to finance their Maserati at a lower rate.

Free Bonus 2
Along with the above, you’ll also get a 3 Step Letter Sequence that can be used to send to creditors. It’s claimed that these can raise your credit score up to 165 points in less than 30 days.

Free Bonus 3
As part of the signup process, you’ll be given free access to the ‘Smart Money Club’. Make sure you pay attention when signing up, as you’ll automatically be making future payments. You need to be aware of this because it’s not clearly stated when you watch the video. I only found out by reading the whole tax invoice.

Smart Money Secret Invoice

What is the Smart Money Club

As a Smart Money Club member, you’ll get access to a forum of other members, so you can share stories with other members and communicate with them.

You’ll also receive weekly emails with information on the latest credit hacks. Some of these latest hacks include:

  • How to finance 2 of your dream cars at the same time
  • How to get 3 brand new, good credit lines in one day
  • How to Increase your purchasing power by up to 2,100%
  • The easiest, fastest way to get rid of a tax lien, repossession, and even a past bankruptcy
  • How to get out of Chexsystems so you can have a bank account again

This also includes an invitation to join their Facebook Group.

You’ll notice that the sales video goes on to say there’s ‘No Catch’.

No Catch with Smart Money Secret

I believe advising people into thinking there is only a $49 fee is misleading. The ‘Catch’ is that you’ll be paying $29.97 for every month after you sign up, until you decide to go and cancel.

The people that this product is targeted to, are vulnerable and in debt. The monthly payments should be clearly stated, and there should be an option NOT to sign up to this additional membership.

Are There Any Concerns

One concern I do have, is that this is an apparent legal method to raise your credit score and help you get out of debt. Why then does the video go on to say ‘what we are exposing here can get us in serious hot water with some very powerful people’. If this is a genuine method of getting people out of debt, why the need to be so secretive.

I’m not suggesting this is a scam of any sort. In fact, I do believe there is some genuinely good information in the guide. I’m just pointing out that if this is all legal and above board, there should be no need to be alarmed about high powered people getting pissed off.

I also have a problem with several issues on the Terms of Service page. It states that you have an option to join the ‘Smart Money Club’. When I attempted to order, I didn’t have this option. Future payments were going to be automatically taken out, which I mentioned above.

It also stated that I’d be charged a recurring fee of $19.97, but instead I was being charged $29.97.

The Smart Money Secret Terms

One other issue I have is that there seems to be a redirect of domains. The Terms of Service reference ‘CreditSecret.org as their main domain. Yet CreditSecret.org redirects to creditsecrets.com. So you’re being taken in a loop like so:

thesmartmoneysecret.com > creditsecret.org > creditsecrets.com

This just seems a little concerning to me, because I have seen scams that move from domain to domain because they keep getting exposed. However, I don’t believe this is the case here.

Will You Understand The Information

Although I do believe the information included in this guide to be valuable, I also believe the types of people that get themselves into credit debt may have a hard time understanding the legal terms and description written within.

Therefore, you may have to seek legal advice or get somebody with knowledge in the credit industry to clarify the information. I’m not a lawyer or in the financial industry, but I do read and write a lot to research products. Even I have trouble deciphering financial and legal wording, as it’s not written for the layperson.

The Smart Monet Secret sales video does claim that the guide is simple to read and laid out in a step-by-step formula. Having not followed through with payment because of the recurring fees, I’m just a little skeptical that is will be quite in-depth.

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My verdict

The Smart Money Secret product can help you, and will provide small loopholes in 2 tax laws. These two tax laws are:

  • The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Something to note. As Smart Money Secrets is related to creditsecrets.com, there’s a video you can watch with Larry King and a credit expert named John Ulzheimer. John, who says he’s been in the credit industry for 26 years, does state that it takes a little bit of hard work and perseverance.

But I’m sure a bit of hard work and perseverance is worth the effort to get your credit rating back on track.

So back to the question, is the Smart Money Secret a scam. No, it’s not a scam.

Wrapping Up

The point I want to make here, is that while this book is full of great information to get you a better credit score, it won’t exclusively make you rich. I don’t like some of the images used in the sales video of people with new fancy cars and houses, this seems a little fanciful. But only because it looks like they own these luxuries outright. They may have just bought these items with a large mortgage or loan.

In my opinion, once you follow the steps inside this book, you really need to look after your finances through budgeting.

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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