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Link Whisper Review


One of the most important factors for ranking your published articles in Google, is linking. This means internal and external linking, and plays a major part in positioning your post in search engines. Linking articles can be a little tedious, so is there a linking plugin for WordPress that can help us?

The answer is yes, and there’s several in fact. I’ve used a few of them and even paid for a couple. I’ve also had to get a refund from one, because it was not compatible with my theme’s page builder.

I was recommended one linking plugin, but resisted because I wasn’t sure I wanted to pay the annual fee. In the end though, I succumbed because I just knew it was the best WordPress plugin for internal linking. So without any further ado, here’s my Link Whisper WordPress plugin review.

Oh, and if you read down to the bottom, I’ll provide a coupon code where you can get Link Whisper for 10% off.

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Link Whisper Summaryis there a linking plugin for WordPress

Product Name: Link Whisper

Founder/Owner: Spencer Haws

Product Type: Internal Link Manager Plugin

The cost of Link Whisper is only determined by the licence quantity. Whichever licence you obtain, you’ll get all the features that Link Whisper includes. The minimum membership for a single site licence, will set you back $77 USD. For up to 3 websites you’ll be paying $117, and $167 for up to 10 websites. Cost of Link Whisper

Because Link Whisper is a plugin, you can remove it at any time. There’s no obligation to keep using the plugin after you’ve added it, and included all your links. Should you decide that you can manage your internal links after the plugin has helped you, no problem. Although it would make sense to use the full annual membership for 12 months.

Simply remove the plugin, and all the links that you’ve created will still remain active links. The plugin created the links with no tie to the plugin itself whatsoever. Here’s a quick video overview of Link Whisper


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These are the features that Link Whisper offers, that will help your linking process.

  • Link Reports – Showing the number of inbound and outbound links each post has. This is ideal for identifying orphaned posts. In other words, posts with zero links. There’s also a Domains Report, for determining how many outbound links you have to other websites, and an Error Report for finding broken Links
  • Exporting – Each of these reports can be exported to a .CSV file so you can manage your links offline.
  • Auto-Linking – Add a keyword of a new article you’ve just published, including the URL link, and Link Whisper will find all your other articles that include the same keyword. This is ideal for fast linking to relevant articles.
  • URL Changer – If an article URL has changed for some reason, the URL changer can find all the articles that point to that URL, and change the link in one bulk batch.
  • Suggested Links – Each open post you’re working on within WordPress will have a suggested links option below the post. This allows you to skim through and add multiple links to your previous articles easily. It automatically picks up relevant keywords of other posts, and suggests where a link can be placed in the current article.

You can either download the plugin directly from the WordPress plugins area, which starts with the Link Whisper Free version. This basically gives you a taste of how powerful the program is, but only gives you limited functionality.

If you’re serious about getting all your articles linked correctly, and in a fast and efficient way, I’d encourage you to install the Link Whisper Pro version from the start.

Here’s a video explaining how you can install the plugin after download. It pretty much shows how to activate your license, with the license key you’ll be sent via email after purchase.


If you’ve been adding internal links from the beginning of your website because you understand how important they are, then it may not be as critical as those who haven’t. Having said that, when you get up to 300-400 posts, that’s a lot to go back and add new links which are still relevant that you may be missing.

I believe anyone with a blog post that is starting to accumulate 80-100 posts or more will benefit from the Link Whisper plugin. Orphaned posts are not going to help with your rankings, so a little help from software like this can go a long way.

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Yep. As I’ve stated, all you need to do is go to the WordPress plugins area in your WordPress dashboard and type in ‘Link Whisper Free’. Here’s a link to the Link Whisper WordPress plugin page.

Q. How often is Link Whisper updated?
A. From my experience using Link Whisper up until the date this post was published, it’s been updated frequently. Every week or second week generally.

Q. Is there language support?
A. This is being integrated as they update the program. In June 2020, Polish language support was included. Just prior to that, Dutch language support. As of writing this Link Whisper review, it now supports Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Polish, and Russian.

Q. Does Link Whisper work with page builders?
A.Yes. I asked this specific question before I purchased the Link Whisper plugin myself, as I use Divi Theme. Divi uses a page and post builder to craft great looking articles, so I needed to be sure it would work seamlessly, and it does. For more F.A.Q’s, here’s a link to the Frequently Asked Questions on the Link Whisper Homepage.

You’ll first need to go to your Settings page, and make any relevant changes that may suit your requirements. This can include the following:

  • Opening links in a new tab
  • Ignore numbers (turned off by default)
  • Language choice
  • Add to a list of words to be ignored (pre populated list included)
  • Posts or categories to be ignored
  • Post Types to create links for
  • Number of sentences at the beginning of a post to skip before suggesting links

Your internal menu will look like this.

Link Whisper Menu

The main Dashboard will give you an overview of your link stats and most linked domains

Link Whisper Dashboard

By far the most used feature you’ll be using will be the link suggestions feature. This will be underneath the main post content.

Link Whisper Suggestions

On the left column, you’ll be presented with some content from the current article. The highlighted blue text is the suggested text to link to a previous post. This can be modified by clicking on extra words to either add or remove them.

The right column is the suggested articles to link to. You will be shown one article in particular, and if there’s a blue background, there are also other suggested articles that may be appropriate. Clicking on the ‘+’ symbol on the right will open up a list of other suggestions.

If none are appropriate and you know of a post that will be suitable, you also have the option of adding it as a ‘Custom Link’.

This is an easy and efficient way of adding links to posts as you go. The other helpful thing is, that it will suggest articles you will not have thought about, or you may have even forgotten about. I really like this feature.

As far as I’m concerned, I haven’t seen any other alternatives that do the same job as Link Whisper. I have used another program called Interlinks Manager, but had to get a refund because it was not compatible with my website theme page builder.

I believe Interlinks Manager to still be a decent program, but if you’re using a page builder you may have issues.

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Final Thoughts

I’d honestly have no hesitation in recommending Link Whisper if you are concerned that you have old orphaned posts. Posts with no linkage to other posts on your website are no good. In fact they can be detrimental.

What I like is that once you’re done using the Link Whisper plugin, it will not remove your links should you decide it’s no longer required. Simply deactivate and uninstall the plugin, but don’t forget to log in to PayPal and remove the automatic payment.

All in all, a very helpful tool. Oh, and as I suggested at the beginning of this review, here’s the coupon code I promised.

When you sign up to Link Whisper using this link, add the following coupon code to receive your 10% OFF. ‘newonlinecareer

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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