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Is Viral Cash App Legit or a Complete Scam


Viral Cash App is another product that has been released by viral product release specialist, Matthew Neer. You may have come across other products created by Matthew Neer, if so, you’ll have a fair idea about whether this product is legit.

I’ll be giving you an overview of Viral Cash App, which will give you a good insight into how the product works, and if it will be beneficial for you.

I applaud you for your due diligence, and for visiting my review before making a purchasing decision. I hope you find this review helpful.

Viral Cash App Summary

Is Viral Cash App Legit logoProduct Name: Viral Cash App

Founder/Owner: Matthew Neer

Product Type: Online software app

Price: $47 or $24.95 with 50% discount + Upsells

Program Summary: In my opinion, whilst this product may make you some very small pocket change (a few cents), there’s no evidence to suggest it will be a long term sustainable income generator.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 18/100

What is Viral Cash App

Well I’m sure you’ve heard of an app before. Like many of us in this new technological age, we usually associate an app as an application on a smartphone or tablet. An icon that opens up the app, which is basically a software program.

Apps are also created for PC’s and laptops, and that’s what Matthew Neer has apparently created, but this is no ordinary app. This is an app that will create you a website, allow you to enter niche related keywords, and automatically target YouTube videos to your website.

Not only this, it will also AUTOMATICALLY place display ads on these YouTube videos, that will be linked with your affiliate links. So for the cost of $47, you’ll have a fully automated website, with attached YouTube videos (depending on the niche you desire), all this, generating loads of profits all day, everyday. Well, it just sounds amazing doesn’t it! Yeah, it sounds too good. Let’s see what Viral Cash App is really about.

How Does Viral Cash App Work

So to begin with, you need to prove yourself worthy of investing in this system. By using this tactic of qualification, Matthew taps into your emotional side to make you think you’re clever enough to qualify. In reality though, anyone with half a brain can qualify for this app. Let’s look at the requirements to get in on the Viral Cash App.

Is Viral Cash App Legit Requirements

So realistically, who couldn’t qualify for these 3 requirements. Just about everyone has basic computer skills, and if you had any more than that, you’d wouldn’t need this app.

Millions and millions of Facebook and YouTube videos get shared daily, and these are the people Matthew is targeting. Simple people with basic computer skills that spend time on social media. That’s a huge portion of the world population.

Oh, and if you can just post 10 videos using the “Viral Cash App” once you’re in. That’s a given.

So what’s next. You’ve paid for the app, and now it’s time to install. Here’s all you need to do, it just sounds so simple. 5 steps and you can just sit back and watch the money roll in.

Is Viral Cash App Legit 5 Steps

Let’s get a real handle on this, now that you have nothing left to do. Matthew will have you believe that money will come to your bank account on autopilot. Is this really going to happen? I doubt it.

You see, you’re being sold on the idea that Facebook and YouTube get paid when somebody watches a video. Well, it doesn’t work exactly that way. Facebook and YouTube get paid from advertisers that want to place their ads via their respective platforms. This is done by placing the ads within the video’s that people create, known as display ads.

This way, the advertisers get their promotions, Facebook & YouTube get paid from the advertisers, and the video creators get paid from Facebook or YouTube (which is effectively from the advertisers).

The other way people get paid, is by adding affiliate links to their videos and descriptions, this is affiliate marketing.

What Matthew is attempting to achieve with his app, is to set all this up for you, using other peoples videos. So will it work, and will you see any results from it?

A Look Inside Viral Cash App

You’ll be able to create sales pages through the app, which look extremely spammy. They will be published to viralsyndicator.com, not your own website. The app itself does work, which you can see in the below video, but look how amateurish it is.

While you’re told that all you need to do is pick a keyword and presto, you’re done, you can see in the video that copying and pasting code is also required.

Now the main point of all this, to to monetize this website, correct. Well unfortunately, this is where the program falls flat on its face. Why won’t you see results with this program? Read on below to find out.

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Will You See Results With Viral Cash App

Before you go and spend your money on this Viral Cash App, I’ll inform you that any money made with this system will be minimal. I can’t tell you exactly how much money you’ll make, but I’d be surprised if you made more that 50c per day.

Let me explain why. This system is designed around viral traffic, and this is the hardest part of any online venture. Why do you think that some companies use paid advertising, because organic traffic can be so hard to come by.

Look at this statement from Matthews sales page.

Is Viral Cash App Legit Monetizing App

Sorry, but this is not a viral traffic generation system. Just because the app finds videos, doesn’t mean they are viral. Even if they are viral videos, they will not be coming to your website to be watched.

There’s only 2 types of traffic, free & paid traffic.

Paid traffic is where you’ll produce adverts to appear within social media feeds, or within website content. For instance, if you see a promotion within your Facebook feed with a label “sponsored” beneath it, this is a paid advert that has been created.

You may also see Google adverts within website content, you may even see one at the bottom of this article. This is a paid advertisement via Google Adsense, which pays very little mind you.

My main source of traffic is free, meaning it’s organically orchestrated. By following the rules stated by search engines, my articles get ranked in the search engines accordingly. Because I work hard on this, I get the benefits of free traffic.

Using a system such as Viral Cash App will not get you the traffic required to have any monetary impact. To earn commissions or sales, you NEED website traffic, and this is where Viral Cash App fails miserably. There is no substitute for free organic traffic that you’ve worked hard for, and no system can override Google’s algorithm.

What About Up-sells

So do you really think that $47, or $24.95 with the immediate 50%, discount, is all you’ll be expected to pay? Like most average programs that get released, Viral Cash App is full of upsells. Just check out this funnel you’ll be taken through.

Is Viral Cash App Legit Funnel

It’s very obvious that Matthew is a well established affiliate marketer himself, who will earn great commissions when you sign up to all these extras.

Upsell 1 ($149) – The general system you’ll be purchasing will limit you to 10 pages per week. As these won’t be earning you much money at all, you’ll probably want to try adding more pages. This is where the first upsell comes in, which will allow you to have unlimited pages.

Upsell 2 ($97) – Apparently this “Easy Button” will give you an insight to all the next great viral content.

Upsell 3 ($197) – Need some advice via Matthews webinars? This is an expensive way to get 10 webinars from Matthew, called his Millionaire Mentor series.

Sales Page & Huge Claims

Watching the sales video for this product is cringe-worthy, like so many other sites that offer crappy programs with upsells. Just take a look and what Matthew is claiming this product can do for you.

Is Viral Cash App Legit Monetizing App

I’ve already explained why you won’t get viral traffic with this program. This is a false claim, and traffic is not guaranteed to come to your website.

Is Viral Cash App Legit Forever

So, for a little amount of money you’ll get a program that replaces all the work. You won’t have to do the work or get traffic. Again, I say BS.

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My Verdict

So, is Viral Cash App legit, or is it a scam. Well because this app actually does work, in that it will create pages on a website of sorts, I’m loath to call it a scam. However, I don’t believe the claims on the sales page are correct, and much of the product seems scam like.

I wouldn’t advise this program to any of my audience, as I cannot see how you can possibly make much money from this product. In my opinion, this is a poor attempt at luring in unsuspecting innocents, to pay for a program that is not what it seams.

Creating wealth online is certainly achievable, you just have to figure out the correct way to do it. You also need to choose the most suitable method for your situation.

For instance, some people prefer to open up their own online store, using drop shipping as the main vehicle. This is a popular method that can prove lucrative for many.

Alternatively, you may try your hand at selling on Amazon. There’s plenty of good courses offering how to do this correctly, here’s the course I’ve watched and approve of.

As for myself, I chose affiliate marketing after trying my hand at eCommerce. I just prefer not to deal with invoices, taxes, customer returns, shipping etc. That’s not to say eCommerce isn’t a great model, it’s absolutely brilliant. It just wasn’t for me.

Wrapping Up

As a reviewer of online and digital products, I’ve seen some really poor systems out there. This is not the worst, but I’ve come across much better. Matthew Neer has released a number of products like this, with some being better than others.

If you’re after a legitimate way to make money online, the best place to start is via the affiliate marketing model. This is my opinion only, and it’s because you can start up with minimal costs. In fact it took me years to become successful at affiliate marketing, but didn’t cost me much to keep trying different things.

Once I found the best affiliate marketing training platform, I was away and running. All it took was the right education, mixed with persistence and consistency. That’s how you make a successful and sustainable online career.

If you’d like more information, read on below on how I did it.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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