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One of the things I’m most impressed about with Wealthy Affiliate is the desire to progress their platform. But the question needs to be asked, is Wealthy Affiliate outdated? Absolutely not. In fact only last week (as of writing this article), they’ve even updated their whole user-interface.

But this same question arises in terms of the training that you will receive, and again the answer to Wealthy Affiliate being outdated is no. I’ll explain more about this shortly, and why their training platform is still the most impressive in my opinion.

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Is Wealthy Affiliate Training Outdated
Is Wealthy Affiliate Platform Outdated
Wealthy Affiliate Features
Wealthy Affiliate Outdated Claims
Wealthy Affiliate Future
Final Thoughts

Is Wealthy Affiliate Training Outdated

Wealthy Affiliate comprises 2 different training courses.

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Affiliate Bootcamp

Along with these two main training courses are a selection of classrooms, dedicated to selected topics. Some being affiliate marketing related, others being related to online marketing in general, such as email marketing or website building.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate have invested a lot of time with all the training they produce, which is extremely time consuming. But why is the training not outdated?

Well, because it’s still relevant. That’s not to say things change in the affiliate marketing world, but many things do stay the same.

Having said that, platforms change where the training does need to be updated. Is this always done? In the past I’ve noticed that some of the training has remained the same, but recently much of it has been updated.

I’ve also spoken to Kyle myself about Google Adwords looking different from when it was originally recorded. He assured me that this will be re-recorded and uploaded with many other new training videos soon.

You must remember, the online world is constantly moving, and keeping the training up-to-date is a tough task. Wealthy Affiliate are updating anything relevant that needs to be updated, and I applaud this.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Platform Outdated

For anyone new to Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll be immediately introduced to the latest platform upgrade. Every year, Kyle and Carson (the WA owners), along with several of the top affiliate marketers within WA, come together and brainstorm how they can make the Wealthy Affiliate platform even better.

If you are a WA member, you will notice either new features each year, or even a new interface. As of writing this article, there have been 2 new platform upgrades in the last 2 years, which is extraordinary.

Many online companies either don’t make major upgrades, or have one or possibly two in a lifetime. So two in two years is unheard of. That’s not to say it will happen every year at WA, but they do keep their platform updated to the most recent online formats.

The reason for this is so they can progress with any new technology moving forward. Wealthy Affiliate are never left behind, and will always be at the forefront of modern design.

Wealthy Affiliate Features

There are no outdated features inside of Wealthy Affiliate, with every feature on their website serving a unique purpose. Let me run through several of the features that you will find extremely useful.

Website Manager

Various membership levels will depend on how many websites you’re potentially allocated. To monitor these websites of yours, you’ll have a dedicated website manager area, which looks like this screenshot below.

Wealthy Affiliate Website Manager

In this section you will be able to easily login to your website by simply clicking the ‘Login’ button. There is no need to remember your password, although this information is available, along with FTP credentials. This is available under the ‘Details’ button, along with the following:

  • Domain details
  • SitePlus+
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Features included
  • Installed Plugins
  • Included with Your Premium SiteRubix Hosting

The last item on this list depends on the membership level you have signed up to. Up until November 2020, there was only the Free or Premium memberships available. Now there’s a Premium Plus membership, but I’d only recommend this if you’re relatively advanced, and earning money from your website.

I’m a Premium member (still considering the Premium Plus level), and my included SiteRubix hosting includes the following:

Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix Hosting

There’s also another ‘View Details’ link which will give you scores based on your Publishing Frequency, Content Quality & Variety, Visitor Engagement, Your Engagement, Plugins, Site Trust, Google Ranked & Website Feedback.

These are tallied to give you an overall health score of your website. This is important as you can see your progression while you build your online business.

Promote (Affiliate Programs)

I don’t know of any other affiliate training platforms that incorporate specific affiliate programs (apart from their own) into their format. That’s exactly what Wealthy Affiliate has been able to do.

They’ve worked closely with affiliate networks to embed individual affiliate programs into the WA platform, making it easy for potential affiliate marketers to search multiple programs for their ideal affiliate partner to work with.

Wealthy Affiliate Promote Affiliate Programs

As you can see, you’ll be shown multiple affiliate programs under a specific category of your choosing. Each displays the average commission, from under which affiliate network the affiliate program resides and the payout options.

By clicking on an individual affiliate program, you can find out even more details. This includes commission percentage, whether it offers automatic approval, commission currency, minimum payouts and which countries are available for that particular affiliate program.

I heard that this was going to be implemented, but never did I think they would actually achieve it. This makes finding the right affiliate program that suits you situation so much easier.

Site Builder

Yes there are several site builders going around these days, making the process so much easier than when I first created a website. The Wealthy Affiliate site builder is simple, and can have you up and running in under 1 minute.

Here’s an example of a website I made to prove just how easy it is.

This is all part of the SiteRubix suite of features, including these other gems.

Site Content

Generally website owners write their content directly on their website, or at least on Microsoft Word or Google Docs, then upload it to the website.

But Wealthy Affiliate provides a special ‘Site Content’ area, which is a specific space for writing your articles. This is a great idea, even though I don’t use it myself. Obviously the facility is there should you prefer to use this feature.

The great part about Site Content, is that they have worked closely with creative commons sites that provide free images. Not only can you do an image search while writing your articles, but when inserting these images, you can crop the image, even a circular crop.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Content

The above image shows the start of an old article of mine. I’ve highlighted where it tells me how many words I’ve written, including paragraphs and number of headings.

I’ve also highlighted the image insert button, which will search over 1 million images. Simply write in the search field, the type of image you’re looking for.

Other SiteRubix Features

So along with these above features that are based on the SiteRubix part of the WA platform, you’ll also have access to the following:

  • Site Domains to purchase your own domain and email address
  • Site Comments for obtaining comments for your website
  • Site Feedback, for getting website feedback from other WA members
  • Site Support for immediate website support.

These are features that you will not find on any other affiliate marketing training platforms.

Wealthy Affiliate Outdated Claims

You may find some reviews online that claim Wealthy Affiliate may be outdated, or they don’t offer updated information. In my opinion, these reviews are misinformed.

I’m not doubting they have been previous WA members, or they believe what they are saying is correct. However, I’ve seen on many occasions that these people have generally failed for other reasons.

So many new affiliate marketers expect to make money within a couple of months, and it usually doesn’t work that way. In general, most people will make a small amount of money in the first few months after receiving small amounts of website traffic.

However, it takes longer than a few months to gain the required website traffic to earn decent amounts of money.

I’ve seen several claimed accounts of past Wealthy Affiliate members that have claimed the WA platform is outdated, but from my experience, this is totally false. I believe these members have not given enough time, and are using the platform as their excuse.

If you have motivation, patience and a will to be successful, you will succeed at affiliate marketing, whichever training platform you attend. Most people don’t fail because of training or guidance, it’s because of their own lack of discipline.

Anyone can achieve success at affiliate marketing, it’s about commitment.

Wealthy Affiliate Future

In my opinion, as long as the Wealthy Affiliate owners remain committed to their platform, it will never be outdated. I’ve been a member of WA long enough to know what keeps them at the forefront, and that is pleasing their members.

Unlike many companies these days that demand higher and higher profits year on year, the owners of WA are more concerned with producing a platform that delivers what members require.

I’ve seen progress each and every year that I’ve been associated with Wealthy Affiliate, and I don’t expect this to change.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion I’d just like to state that WA is one of, if not the most up-to date affiliate marketing platform on the internet. Of course there are other great courses to learn in this field of marketing, but not with the in-depth integration and expansive features.

Wealthy Affiliate is certainly not outdated, and if anything they are more advanced than other platforms.

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