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​I’m sure you’ve considered the weight loss niche if you’re about to start a blog. Why wouldn’t you, as it’s a very broad niche. It’s also extremely popular, just imagine how many people are concerned about their weight.

So is weight loss a lucrative blog niche, or is it more likely to suit those following their passion? Both really, and I’ll explain why in this article. You also have the option of narrowing down to a subsection of the weight loss industry, and I’ll show you why this is a great way to get started.

But firstly, is there too much competition?

Is The Weight Loss Niche Too Saturated

I will admit, the weight loss niche is full of competition. Partly due to the fact that weight loss is a very lucrative blog topic, but also because so many people are searching this exact thing.

Vanity is a huge market, and looking good and getting in shape is something many of us desire.

Having said that, the question you want answered is, should you start a weight loss blog with all this competition?

In my opinion, the answer would be yes. Mainly because you’re probably considering this subject because you have a big interest in it. If you don’t have this passion, then I would suggest this is the wrong niche for you.

Just because many bloggers have come before you, doesn’t mean you cannot excel as a weight loss blogger also. Becoming a successful blogger takes time in any niche nowadays, it will just take more time in this specified niche.

Blogging becomes much easier if you have a keen interest in the topic, and you’ll have more motivation to keep going if you enjoy what you’re writing about.

Yes, the weight loss industry is fairly saturated, but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss it.

Targeting Weight Loss Specifics

Because of the saturated nature of the weight loss niche, it’s always better to zero-in on a more targeted area of the industry. This could be losing weight through exercise, various diets or weight loss programs.

If you’re more specific about what you blog about, search engines will recognize that and see you as an authority in that field. Therefore you will rank higher, giving you a much better chance to gain a bigger audience.

This is what blogging (and affiliate marketing) is all about. It’s about getting more people to see your blog, so you can have a bigger influence. Making money via your blog will come naturally, if your blog is successfully nurtured in this way.

Because the weight loss industry is so large, there’s a plethora of sub niches you can choose. There are also loads of product related affiliate sites that you can leverage for every weight loss field. I’ll touch more on this soon.

Diversified Weight Loss Selection Through Keywords​

One great way to decide on a sub niche in the weight loss field is by using the ‘alphabet soup’ technique. This is where you simply head over to Google and start typing a phrase.

As an example, we’ll start with ‘how to lose weight A…’, and see what appears. Because we’ve added an ‘A’ after the initial phrase, we are presented with a load of weight loss ideas that begin with the letter A. You can continue through the alphabet until you find a suitable idea.

Weight Loss Alphabet Soup Keywords

Then type in ‘weight loss for C…’. You can see a bunch of new ideas that will appear. Again, flip through the alphabet and see what you can come up with.

This is the best way to use keyword selection to come up with various ideas that can be used to begin a lucrative weight loss blog around.

Finding Lucrative Weight Loss Offers​

Weight loss products and offers are everywhere. Yep, because weight loss is one of the largest industries in the world, you can find anything you want to promote from multiple affiliate programs.

Many companies have their own affiliate programs that you can sign up to. Let’s take Weight Watchers as an example. If you go to the bottom of their homepage, you’ll see a link for their affiliate program.

Weight Watchers Affiliate Program

This is the most common place to find an affiliate program of a specific company. If you cannot find it there, the company may be using a third party affiliate network to manage their affiliate program.

This is also a typical practice for many companies.

I do like using affiliate networks as it allows you to manage multiple companies affiliate programs in the one place.

Expanding Down The Track

I mentioned earlier about narrowing down the weight loss niche to get started. It’s the best way to begin and will allow you to gain website traffic earlier than creating a broad topic.

Once you’ve been doing this for a decent amount of time, you could start to expand your niche into different areas. Because you’ve already gained an authority in one section of the industry, there’s no harm in veering slightly outside of this.

Don’t venture too far though, as your website will still want to remain relevant to your initial success. You’ll have worked hard to gain an audience of followers that are targeted towards your initial sub niche, and you still want these followers coming back.

So keep it simple, keep it relative and you’ll stay successful.

Starting Your Weight Loss Blog

There’s a very good chance you probably already know how you’re going to start your new weight loss blog. If not, I can recommend a couple of options.

To start a blog, you will need a domain name and a hosting provider. The hosting provider is used to store all the information you put on your website. One of the better hosting providers to get cheap shared hosting is Bluehost.

They do offer very cheap options starting at only $2.95 per month, but I wouldn’t recommend this. The better option would be $5.45 per month which will give you a slightly faster website, and can cope with a higher capacity of data.

Several years ago I was searching for training on affiliate marketing, and I happened to come across a platform that can help in multiple ways. Wealthy Affiliate not only provides great affiliate marketing training, but they will also give you a hosted website.

This includes a free domain, fast support, tools to help you become successful and a huge community of support. What I really like about WA is that you can try them out for free. In fact you can even keep a free hosted website with limitations, without having to pay a thing.

But, the membership fee, which is reasonable in my view, will provide so much more. Extensive training and full access to all features.

Here’s where you can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

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Final Thoughts

Is weight loss a lucrative blog niche? Yes is it, but you’ll need to be prepared for the competition. There’s ways around this by narrowing down on a sub niche, and this will help big time.

Because weight loss also morphs into the exercise field, so many products can be promoted to help with sales. Leverage exercise, supplements, dieting, sports, food processing equipment and so many other accessories to earn commissions.

This is a great lucrative industry to be a part of, and I’d encourage you to take on the challenge if it’s your passion.

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