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Bank Ramp Review


I’ve recently come across this course on the internet called Bank Ramp. As you’re here reading this review, I image you’ve seen it too. To be honest, watching the promotional video is excruciating, as it shows the owner sprucing about how he’s created this program, that is just like a money machine.

This is a big turn off to many people, including myself. But does this make it a scam, or is there more behind this course than just flamboyancy. I’m going to share with you what I’ve found out about this program, called Bank Ramp.

Bank Ramp Summary

Bankramp Review Jamie Lewis and AccompliceProduct Name: Bank Ramp

Founder/Owner: Jamie Lewis (pictured right)

Product Type: Drop Shipping Course

Price: $29 + Upsells

Best For: Beginners to Drop Shipping (apparently)

Program Summary: In my opinion, there are much better courses if you want to learn how to make money online.

Would I Recommend It: No. Not enough information

Rating: 16/100

What is Bank Ramp

Basically, Bank Ramp is a short course of approximately 10 videos, that attempts to train you in the art of setting up a Shopify store and selling via the drop shipping method. That’s before the upsells, which will set you back a lot more than the original price.

I’m really interested in this, because I’ve had access to eCom Success Academy, which is the top dropshipping course. It’s even sponsored by Shopify, to show how authentic it is. Comparing the two courses are like chalk and cheese.

Jamie Lewis is more interested in showing you how much money you can make via outrageous claims. The course doesn’t go in depth to any extent, and you can’t expect it to when he’s only created 10 videos. Compare this to eCom success Academy which has 164 videos that explain everything there is to run an eCommerce drop shipping business from start to finish. That’s not including the 20 – 30 extra case studies and webinar videos.

This course has more holes in it that Swiss cheese. Maybe this is just the best they could do, but it’s not good enough.

How Does Bank Ramp Work

This is only a training course, and a pretty poor one at that. Apart from a few videos as part of this course, there’s not much to it. Although I have to laugh at the “Drop Shipping” tool they have in the membership area. They call it a powerful tool with lots of potential. I call it rubbish. You simply type in a keyword, choose a price and a sorting method, you’ll find extraordinary results. As Jamie loves to say, BOOM, you’re presented with results from Ali Express. Apologies for the blurred image, this screenshot is taken from a paused video.

Bankramp Review Jamie Lewis Dropshipping

Well, you could go directly to Ali Express and do your own filtered search. You’ll find much better search results and you can refine your filtering. So basically, this drop shipping tool in the members area is just a gimmick, and a useless one at that.

So basically, for the initial $37 fee for the course, you’ll be watching a few videos that explain how you can make money on Shopify, Ebay and Amazon. To learn all of these will take loads of training and plenty of time. In my opinion, there’s nowhere near enough detail to make any money with this program.

Upsell #1 – Platinum Campaign & Resources

The information given in these campaigns is minimal, with a copied crappy description and email/text copy that tells an email recipient nothing. This will set you back $189.

Upsell #2 – Bank Ramp Masterclasses

You can pay another $239 to hear Jamie and his mate Matt, chat in weekly webinars. To be honest, I’d rather pay that money on a genuine course that will teach you proper methods of making money online. I can’t elaborate on these webinars, as I didn’t purchase these up-sells. However, from what I understand, it’s just more of the same lacklustre videos that tell you how much you can earn, but have no substance.

Below is a video of Jamie explaining his course.


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Will You See Results With Bank Ramp

Not unless you’re already familiar with Shopify and how dropshipping works. This is such an involved business these days and many course creators only touch on the basics, such as setting up a store and finding products.

But there’s so much more to running a drop shipping store. Jamie makes it sound so easy in his sales video, but the reality is you cannot start making money in 15 minutes. It will take you this long to register a Shopify store. But what about invoices, customer service, returned items etc. These mundane tasks are not mentioned here.

Bank Ramp Review Jamie Lewis Tutorials2

Look at this image. Step 1 Shopify. You’ll get 1 video on Shopify for your $37.

Sales Page & Huge Claims

This is one of the cheesiest sales videos I’ve ever come across, if not the cheesiest! First off, you have Jamie driving around in a Ferrari, pretending to be Tai Lopez. While driving, he’s showing snippets on his phone of apparent income profits he’s made from one little trick. Aha.

The claim that “it takes 15 minutes to set up, then Boom,results. Then just duplicate”, could not be any further from the truth. In my opinion, you’ll be lucky to see any results from this course at all.

Then his mate Matt appears in the car, and he’s a guru too. He starts displaying his phone with amounts that people have made on the first day of training, over $300 in some cases. While I don’t have access to their exact figures, I’d suggest this is BS also.

Jamie’s next claim that in no time, he “could turn 7 dollars into 94 dollars easily then I can add a few zeros it’ll turn into nine hundred and forty dollars and then nine thousand four hundred dollars”. Really! He just added a couple of zeroes, just like that.

I find it hilarious that Jamie also says “you never ever need to buy make money online systems?” Right then, so what is Bank Ramp!

Lastly, he claims “everything you need is included in Bankramp?” No it’s not. You’ll be paying for Shopify hosting, Shopify apps, selling fees on EBay, paid advertising fees, the list goes. Don’t believe that “All you have to do is open eBay account and PayPal account.”. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.

And what about this one “There is no way in God’s green earth that you will fail with this or my name ain’t Jamie Lewis the CEO and founder of Bank Ramp. By the end of this video you are gonna be selling like your account is a machine gun and your sales are bullets whizzing through the air with rapid frequency.” Seriously!

Now, What About Buyers

In the online world, we call visitors coming to your website, traffic. Obtaining traffic to your blog, website or online store has always been the most difficult aspect of any online business. Without traffic to your asset, there are no sales. This must be one of those minor details that slips Jamie’s mind.

Nowhere in the sales marketing information does Jamie touch on how you’ll receive traffic to your store. In the membership area, he does have a section on Instagram but surely that can’t be your only form of traffic. It will either take years to get a huge following, or you’ll be paying for sponsored adverts.

Is There Support for Bank Ramp

The support consists of an email address. At least that’s one good thing about this course, they have some sort of support facility. Whether they get back to you is another matter completely. I’m not saying they won’t get back to you, but having reviewed much of this course, I’d be sceptical.

I am also concerned that there is no privacy policy, which is a requirement of any Clickbank product. There are benefits for sellers and consumers in a privacy policy. As far as I’m concerned, if I was to purchase this product, I want to know how they will use my email address. This is always stated in a privacy policy under their data management usage section.

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My Verdict

Whilst I’m loath to confirm this as a scam, I don’t believe it is a program that will make you any money. Having experienced the setup and implementation of a Shopify store in the past myself, with the addition of Facebook advertising to gain traffic, I can confirm how big a task this is.

Add to that the implementation of Ebay and Amazon, and this is fairly unrealistic. I’ve reviewed loads of courses, and some large programs are specifically dedicated to just Amazon selling, or just Shopify. Expanding into other platforms is achievable, but not until you’re an expert of at least one of them.

To make flippant claims of earning easy money with a little trick, is just trickery in itself. If I was to take a stab in the dark, I’d say Jamie will have affiliate links setup within his program, that will make him commissions every time someone signs up to one of these external platforms such as Shopify. So I’d image he’s an affiliate marketer also.

Wrapping Up

I’ve come across many programs like this previously, which offer the chances of riches with little work. Having been in this industry for over 5 years now, I can tell immediately which programs and courses will work, and which don’t.

I’m a believer that you get out what you put in. Sorry to be the person to deliver the bad news, but there are no programs that will allow you to make money on autopilot, with little setup. In fact it’s very rare to earn an income on autopilot with lots of work. It’s all about constantly maintaining your online business. Being consistent will allow you the opportunity to create wealth, that’s how I do it.

I’m an affiliate marketer, and as long as I keep my blog updated with valuable content, it’s stays ranked in Google well enough to have me earning an income. Not enough to be driving around in a Ferrari like Jamie (although I’d suggest that’s a rented Ferrari), but enough to not have to commute to a work cubicle like I did in the past.

If you’d like to learn a substantial way to make money online via affiliate marketing, read on below to get started.

Should you have any comment to make on Bank Rank, please join the discussion below.

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