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FB Master’s Program Review


Having taken this course myself, I can tell you exactly what FB Master’s Program is like from the inside. I’ve had the privilege of gaining access to this course, so I can share with you specific elements that I’ve learned.

JayKay Dowall is an expert in Facebook advertising, and in my opinion, one of the best at teaching the factors that will see you create successful campaigns. Will you become more profitable by following this course? Well, I’d absolutely expect so if you follow the steps provided, and this FB Master’s Program review will describe what you’ll get out of the course.

So, let’s get started.

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Product Name: FB Masters Program

Founder/Owner: JayKay Dowdall

Product Type: Facebook Adverts Training

What is The FB Master’s Program by JayKay Dowall​

Much like many other online courses, the FB Master’s Program is set out in module format, which is ideal to keep track of where you’re up to. I’ll explain the module layout shortly, but in essence, this is a set of tutorials that will take you from beginner to expert within 45 videos.

These are not dull presentations either, you’ll be thoroughly taken in by what JayKay teaches. Much of the reason for this is the clear and concise explanations, which are not always easy to achieve.

If you’re after a step by step guide to boost your profits through Facebook advertising, this is the course you want to watch.

Below is a brief video that explains why Facebook advertising is the best form of paid promotion, and how JayKay Dowdall will help you succeed in this space.

Watch the video below to get an idea of what to expect


The FB Master’s Program​ From The Inside

Okay, so these are the training modules with lessons that you’ll find on the inside of the FB Master’s program.

Module 1 – Getting Started

JayKay Dowdall FB Masters Program Review Module 1

  1. Why Master Fb Ads
  2. How Fb Ads Work
  3. 7 Elements

This first module will describe why and how you’ll use Facebook to get more targeted traffic to your website. With clear dictation and info-graphics, you’ll get a good understanding of what you will be learning here. You’ll get excellent examples of the correct Facebook ads that you should be aiming for, and how you’re going to get there.

This has to do with getting quality traffic, not just website traffic that is not interested in what you have to promote, or blog about. On the flip-side, you’ll also be shown what NOT to do.

A walk-through of the main 3 anatomy elements is critical, being your campaign, the ad-set and finally the creative part. You’ll get a clearer picture of all anatomy factors after watching module 1.

The main 7 elements are covered, in regards to traffic, sales, using funnels and landing pages, along with ad sets and your reporting. Pretty much all Facebook training courses should incorporate this information, but it’s the presentation and clarity that sets this course apart.

Module No.1 is an introduction to the concept of what you’ll be learning, but does also explain how some of the ad set data will help your conversions. Your Facebook ad objectives are covered briefly, but more will come in Module 2. However, video No.3 describes exactly how you use multiple objectives as a traffic funnel to help reach your goal.

Module 2 – Sales Funnels

JayKay Dowdall FB Masters Program Review Module 2

  1. Intro
  2. Cold Warm Hot
  3. Perfect Funnel
  4. Sales Landing Page

Although this FB Master’s Program course is not designed to run you through sales funnels, this module will explain why a funnel like system is so important to selling products this way.

The basics are explained so concisely about a traffic funnel and sales funnel. I really like the way JayKay explains the traffic funnel, which can take you through the steps of cold, warm, hot and blazing hot traffic.

You’ll get an idea of the perfect sales funnel in JayKay’s opinion, and it will include adding a Facebook Pixel and using custom audiences, which you’ll learn is extremely important when selling through Facebook adverts. This basically makes it easy to show FB adverts to people that have seen specific pages of your website, and not others.

The perfect funnel will show you how to go from your cold traffic, getting through the warm traffic stage and finally to obtaining hot traffic who are more likely to buy from your promotions.

Lastly in this module, you’re going to get a great tutorial on how to build a perfect landing page. Facebook doesn’t allow you to add specific terms on a page you’re sending people to, and JayKay explains this really well.

Compliance is also extremely important in getting your ads approved, so you will be shown what to include for this to be compliant with Facebook.

Another great tip that I picked up myself was what to add to your ‘Thank You’ page. This is the page on your website where customers are directed after they’ve subscribed to your email list.

How to Debug for Facebook Posting

Module 3 – Creatives

JayKay Dowdall FB Masters Program Review Module 3

  1. Intro
  2. Theory-Image Ads
  3. Practical – Image Ads
  4. Theory – Video Ads
  5. Practical – Video Ads
  6. Theory – Text & Journey Ads
  7. Practical – Text & Journey Ads
  8. Theory – Visual Journey Ads
  9. Practical – Visual Journey Ads
  10. Ad Copy
  11. Ad Copy Review
  12. Creative Compliance
  13. Landing Page Compliance

Understanding the different types of ad creatives can be the difference between more sales and engagement, This is something that takes time to learn, and JayKay Dowdall gives great examples of what you can expect with various design types.

You’ll learn the differences between image ads, links ads, video ads, and what the experts do to gain more engagement. There’s also a ninja trick that is rarely used, but can be exceptionally profitable when executed correctly.

Journey ads are a unique ad type that needs to be used well in the right circumstance. That’s what this course will teach you, knowing when to use which ad-creative.

We’ve seen in other modules, the cold, warm, hot traffic etc. that JayKay likes to use. This template is also used for different creatives, and is a great way for you to get an indication of how your ad will perform.

The copywriting is also included as part of the ad creative, and expert examples are studied, with the elements pointed out that make the ad work well. Amazingly, just spacing out your text the way JayKay describes will get so much more engagement.

I especially like it when these courses show examples, and pick out the best points of the ad that make it gain more traction.

Module 4 – Adsets & Audiences

JayKay Dowdall FB Masters Program Review Module 4

  1. Intro.
  2. Demographics Targeting
  3. Interest Targeting
  4. DEMO – Interest Targeting
  5. Facebook Pixel
  6. Custom Audiences
  7. a) DEMO – Custom Audiences
  8. b) Engagement Custom Audiences
  9. c) Video Views Custom Audiences
  10. d) Email list Custom Audiences
  11. Lookalike Audiences
  12. Placements Ad Settings

If you’re going into creating ad-sets and targeting your audience with little experience or no education, there’s a good chance you’ll just be wasting your money. I know because I’ve been there. The info. you’ll learn about ad-sets and audiences in this module are absolutely critical to being profitable.

Do you know how much Facebook knows about you? As a Facebook user, they know just about everything about you. Think about it. You ‘Follow’ people, groups and influencers, you ‘Like’ things…that you like, and you ‘Share’ things that you think other people will find interesting, because you obviously find it interesting yourself.

Because of this, Facebook can supply all these interests and behaviors to you, for targeting adverts to specific people. However, without getting the right education on how to use FB targeting, there is a high chance you will only promote to a cold audience.

This is exactly what JayKay is going to teach you in module 4, how to target a highly engaging audience of people.

There’s many ways to create audience types, and you will not only learn how these are created, but why you would use each type of audience. What is so good about the way JayKay teaches, is that he starts off attracting a cold audience and builds these people into a hot audience.

Because he understands that people new to Facebook marketing will be watching this course, he caters for these new marketers. Those with more experience can catch up when it comes to warming up the audience.

So in essence, this module will walk you through audience demographics, to find their interests and behaviors, and create custom audiences so you can target these specific people.

Module 5 – Traffic Funnels

JayKay Dowdall FB Masters Program Review Module 5

  1. Intro.
  2. Cold to Warm Funnel
  3. Warm to Hot Funnel
  4. Upsell Funnels

Once you’ve gone past creating custom audiences, you’ll start to learn how re-targeting these audiences can really boost your earnings. JayKay uses the term ‘funnels’ for re-targeting, as this is basically what it is.

The compounding effects of putting these funnels together can really allow you to not only build your business, earn a ton of money but also sell these skills to others as a possible consultant.

So, you’ll get walked through a system where you start with exposure to your offers, to getting people to take action and engagement. Then push for your first sale and offer upsells.

One of the most difficult aspects of obtaining sales as a new blogger or marketer, is getting people to trust you enough to buy from you. I believe the course really excels in this area, and you’ll learn how this is achieved in a clear and concise way.

Taking your audience on a specific journey is going to help with gaining this engagement, and there is a pathway that JayKay will explain what works, and works well to get a hot audience.

Module 6 – Tweaking & Optimizing

JayKay Dowdall FB Masters Program Review Module 6

  1. Introduction
  2. General rules
  3. Optimizing for Engagement
  4. Optimizing for Traffic
  5. Optimizing for Video Views
  6. Optimizing for Conversions
  7. Advanced Optimiztion
  8. Final Thoughts on Optimization

Just because you’ve learned how to build successful, profitable Facebook ads, doesn’t mean you stop there. Module 6 is going to make you NOT get complacent, and keep building larger, more profitable ads.

I’m sure you’ve heard of KPI’s, which stands for Key Performance Indicators. These metrics which you can gather from the ads you’re running, can be scrutinized so you know how to scale up your Facebook adverts.

Here’s a list of just a few KPI’s that you’ll get an understanding of:

  • Frequency
  • CPM
  • CPC
  • CPL
  • L-CTR
  • Reach
  • Feedback

These specifics will allow you to build, grow and optimize your business. Because you’ll have ads that are okay, or better than okay, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved to be awesome.

It may be that you get engagement at specific times of day, and this can be optimized to be shown more broadly. Maybe you get more views mobile than on desktop, so there’s no point wasting money advertising on desktop.

There are so many instances of these optimizing metrics that can be manipulated to boost your returns. You’ll want to scale up your good ads, and reduce your budget on non performing ads. With brilliant illustrations in this course, you’ll understand completely how this all comes together.

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FB Master’s Program Pricing​

You may think that the FB Master’s Program pricing is expensive at $997.00, but this is very good value if you ask me. Facebook advertising is not easy, and many of the other tutorial courses can be confusing to understand.

This is the clearest explanatory guide I’ve ever seen that describes how to not only create Facebook adverts, but why you’re being taught these exact methods. This is not just a ‘do this, do that’ course. JayKay explains why you will be taking each step, and how it will impact your promotions.

Extras & Bonuses

There are 4 extra bonuses that are included when you purchase the FB Master’s Program:

  1. 150+ Interest Cheatsheet – A cheatsheet is included which will advise you of 150+ of the hottest interests, across 12 of the most highly profitable niches on Facebook.
  2. Competitor Research – It helps to gain the knowledge of your competitors, and you’ll get to spy on some of your competitors most popular videos, images and text ads. This includes an example of Tony Robbins himself.
  3. FB Ads MASTER Checklist – To perfect every ad launch you do, you’ll have the bonus of having used this included checklist. This checklist will basically force you to double check everything that you need to incorporate in your ad-set.
  4. Click Predictor Calculator – You won’t have to pay the $97 that this software was previously sold for. The Click Price Calculator will tell you what impressions, clicks etc you need to accomplish, to reach a certain profit figure.

These bonuses are all included free with FB Master’s Program.

Who is The FB Master’s Program Best For

Anyone that is ready to skyrocket their profits via social media promotion. SEO and unpaid social posting can only take you so far. The addition of paid Facebook adverts can really help boost your profits, and there’s no other course in this space that I would recommend higher.

Does FB Master’s Program Offer a Free Trial?

Unfortunately, there is no free trial. It’s difficult to offer a free trial to a digital product such as this one. Once you’re in and learning the tutorials, it’s difficult to un-see them!

However, this is the reason JayKay does a good job of creating a very descriptive video, that you can view at the top of this page. You’ll get a good idea of what you will learn in the course, and also get an impression of JayKay’s teaching manner.

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Final Thoughts

If I was beginning my Facebook ad marketing all over again, with no hesitation, I’d be choosing JayKay Dowdall’s FB Master’s Program. This is the most clearly explained course I’ve seen for some time, and anyone would gain extensive knowledge from it.

If you’re considering Facebooks ads and are not sure where to start, I can highly recommend this course to get started.

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