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If you’re a constant reader of mine you’ll appreciate that the whole premise of this website is to help people just like you create a website of your own, preferably a profitable one. There’s often a common theme why many don’t achieve success, and it can be traced back to motivation for a website build.

The promise of riches on the internet is vast, it’s also inaccurate. The only way fast money can be made online, is if you’re attempting to lure unsuspecting people into some kind of scam. Something I strongly advise against.

The best legitimate way to make a long term successful online business, is to earn your rewards. By this I mean creating a sustainable model from the ground up. Whilst simple to get started, the longevity of this can get to you, if your mindset is not right.

I’ll walk you through the following sections to help you keep motivated through the tough parts.

Why We Lose Interest

Starting an online blogging business can be an extremely rewarding achievement, especially when the profits start to roll in. But the challenge of keeping motivated is not always easy.

The beginning is always the easiest, enthusiasm is high and ideas come easily. But as the time starts to pass, you start to wonder if it’s all worth your while. After all, no money is coming in, and your putting in a lot of effort.

Your interest starts to wane as your blog ideas start to dry up.

Keeping Motivation for a Website Build no-motivation

Does this sound familiar? It’s certainly what I went through for a long time. The reasons are clear, why should you work for zero results. Writing blog after blog to get ranked in search engines is a legitimate model, but it’s just not happening.

Now, firstly you need to know why this isn’t happening. Then I’m going to show you how to get through the tough moments on the way to success.

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Why Your Not Seeing Results

There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why you’re working so hard for such little reward. Let me explain.

If everyone started a blog and was following SEO rules, what would happen if they were all making good profits after 3 months? More and more people would do it, you’d tell your friends to do it, and soon there would be nobody left in traditional jobs.

The point I’m trying to make, is that this is a challenge that not everyone can achieve, and we don’t want them to. The opportunity is there for everyone, but the challenge is too great for most people.

Ranking in Google takes time, and 3 months is not going to cut it. I’m going to give you a timeline of what you can expect to achieve if you follow basic SEO rules and apply them to each of your blog posts.

As they say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. This is very true when it comes to building a successful passive online business. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) wasn’t successful after 3 months, neither was Jeff Bezos (Amazon). So what makes you think that your website should be.

Keeping Motivation for a Website Build FB-Amazon

Obviously I’m not going to compare yours and my websites to these juggernauts, I’m just emphasizing a point.

Your website will grow, so will your rankings and your profits. But you need persistence, consistency and patience. It’s only natural to come to the assumption that ‘it’s not working’. But that’s not necessarily true. Your site is exactly where it’s supposed to be at the dreaded 3 month mark.

Even at the 6 month mark, although you should be seeing better results than at 3 months, your website is still maturing. Compare it to the millions of other websites that have been online for 2-5 years. Why should your website posts rank above these?

You are on the right track, keep blogging, keep posting and publishing. Your website is very immature and it needs to grow. Google and other search engines are going to rank you, but they need to know you’re not a ‘one hit wonder’. They want to know your online business will be around for the long term.

So let’s look at how your website progress should look as a timeline. Before you check it out, think of this. Time is going to move on with or without you. If you have many years of employment to go, this can be your substitute career which can be bringing in great money within 12-24 months.

Your Timeline To Success

End of Month 1

  • Website Setup
  • Indexed in Google & other search engines
  • SEO configured
  • Initial framework and critical pages (privacy policy, about me etc)
  • 5-10 posts completed.
  • Potential Earnings: Maybe 1-2 possible sales, maybe!

End of Month 3

  • Search engines starting to rank your content
  • Should have made 1 sale by now
  • Website visitors are starting to grow
  • Starting to gain ‘Authority’ by search engines
  • 30-60 posts completed.
  • Potential Earnings: 0-$200 per month

End of Month 6

  • 50-100 unique visitors per day
  • Several sales per week, consistently increasing
  • Gaining expertise
  • Search engines ranking you at a higher rate
  • Starting to get engagement from visitors
  • 60-100 posts completed.
  • Potential Earnings: $300-$2,000 per month

End of Year 1

  • Can expect 500+ unique visitors per day
  • Gaining some great authority from Google
  • Other bloggers may start to reach out and connect with you
  • Making lots of sales per day
  • 100-150 posts completed.
  • Potential Earnings: $500-$3,000 per month

End of Year 2

  • Your business is thriving
  • You’ve become a noticeable force in the world of search engines
  • Google will now rank your posts within 24 hours of it being posted
  • Should be earning a full time income
  • 200-300 posts completed
  • Potential Earnings: $2,000-$10,000 per month

Take note: This is a guide only and I take no responsibility should you not achieve these results.

If you are a consistent blogger and take affiliate marketing serious, there’s no reason you cannot achieve these results if you’re determined enough. It all comes down to posting regularly, using good SEO practices and joining the right affiliate programs (recurring sales such as membership sites like WA are the best).

As you can see, the avenues of traffic keep increasing with the amount of posts you’ve written. Whether they be reviews or linked articles, your potential earnings grow, as your website grows.

Can you just imagine how much you could be earning after 5 years in this business!

Getting Past The Fatigue

Becoming successful in this business can sometimes get tedious. As I’ve already pointed out, there will be a time when you wonder if it’s all worth it. These are the times you need to push through.

The 3-6 month period is especially tough. You’ve written 50-80 articles which is a lot of work, especially when it’s unpaid work. You may have received a few commissions in this time, but nothing that suggests more wealth is on the way.

Keeping Motivation for a Website Build-break

I find that setting goals and keeping records help immensely with motivation. Here’s what I do, and would suggest for you to implement also.

Create a spreadsheet (Google sheets is what I use) and add 5 tabs. The tabs are labelled like this.

  • Published
  • Future posts
  • Schedule
  • Article Ideas
  • Affiliates

Here’s what each tabbed sheet consists of.

Published – A list of all my ‘published’, ‘pending’ and ‘in progress’ post articles (background colour coded). Each post has a set date of either when it’s been published or when it’s due to be published.

You don’t need to add this, but I also have my keyword statistics alongside the title of each post. I get this information from Jaaxy.

Keeping Motivation for a Website Build excel

Future Posts – Before adding to my ‘Published’ tab, each article idea starts here. Whenever I think of a new article to write, I go to Jaaxy and find a good keyword. I write this in one column and then think of a title that includes this keyword (if possible). Then type in the Jaaxy stat’s, such as competition and SEO score.

When I’m ready to write a new post, I just cut & paste the next article into the ‘Published’ tab.

Schedule – This is where I have a 2 yearly schedule of how many posts I expect to create. I have a column of calendar months for 2 years. Another column for an estimated article count. This will vary on the amount of time you can allocate. For me, I started out posting every 3 days, then upped the ante to every 2 days. This boosted my output from 10 posts per month, to 15.

You can only pump out what you have time to complete. But getting 30-40 posts on you’re site in the first 3 months is a good start.

Article Ideas – I keep a whole list of ideas in here. Many of them are products I’d like to review, scam sites I’d like to notify people of, or helpful tips for WordPress or websites in general. I also have tactics I use for finding great keywords, these give me more ideas.

For instance, I like to use the ‘alphabet soup‘ technique to find keywords. So I’ll have a list like this.

How to make money selling ‘A’
How to make money selling ‘B’

Type this into Google and so many options will appear with keywords beginning with A, B, C etc.

How to use ‘A’ in WordPress
How to use ‘B’ in WordPress

And so on…

There’s many examples of these queries that people are constantly typing into Google.

Have a column for any other ideas that come to mind.

Affiliates – The last tab I use is for my affiliate links. Once your website is 6-12 months down the track, you’ll find that your affiliate partners will grow considerably. There’s no point leaving money on the table by not having an affiliate link to a product.

This is for general affiliate links only, not deep linked pages.

Your columns should include Product, Affiliate login & Affiliate link. In the case of an affiliate network, place your affiliate programs under this main network. An example of this would be ShareaSale which will have affiliate programs via this network.

Other Methods to keep Focused

Prompts – If you work in an office or study, put up achievement marks or dates that can be ticked off once you reach them. This can be done on a wall calendar or in a diary. Trust me, ticking of dates and watching them pass by, do give you satisfaction of having reached that milestone.

Learn – If you try to learn something new each day, not only will you benefit from what you’ve learnt, but it also gives you another idea for a blog post.

Environment – Changing up your working location can help motivate you. Often you can get tired of working in your study, so change it up a little. I use Google Docs to write my posts before transferring them to WordPress. The great thing is, I can get out my iPad on the train and write. I can get out my iPad and write in a coffee shop. Use the Google Docs app and you can write anywhere.

Potential – Think about the amount of people that are looking for products or services to buy online. With over 4 BILLION people on the internet, many of them trust the security of the web to purchase. Keep thinking of the potential this gives YOU.

Take a Break – Sometimes, just taking a break can give you that pickup you need.

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Wrapping Up

We’ve all been there, and there IS light at the end of the tunnel, a huge bright light! Once you get there, you won’t regret having put in the hard yards.

All the hours that you worked for free will pay you back in spades. You’ll enjoy the benefits of getting paid whilst you sleep, play golf or sip latte’s on your favorite beach.

Fatigue will hit you at some stage. Keep thinking of the end result (not that it ever ends really!), and implement some of the strategies I’ve outlined in this post.

Sure, affiliate marketing is challenging at times, but you will be rewarded for putting in the effort.

Finally, here’s my No.1 affiliate marketing tip for beginners, and loads more tips.

Here’s to your LONG TERM success.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

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