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Here’s a new one, a product that I recently came across that claims it’s the ‘easiest method of making an online fortune, Guaranteed!’. Well now, this surely captures the attention doesn’t it.

I’m not surprised, as these sorts of claims trigger the emotions and can lure you in. But will you really make a fortune with Kool Marketing Success? If you’re after a quick answer, I doubt very much that you’ll be making that fortune. But I’m going to amuse you anyway, and write this Kool Marketing Success review.

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Building An Email List
Other Concerns With Kool Marketing Success
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Kool Marketing Success Summary

Kool Marketing Success review 500x200Product Name: Kool Marketing Success

Founder/Owner: Bruno Robertos

Product Type: Email Marketing

Price: $11.00 + $39.95 per month

Program Summary: In my opinion, there is not enough information to consider this a legitimate product. I don’t like the lack of price transparency, and assumptions that building an email list is easy. Newbies will be mislead with this product.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 8/100

What is Kool Marketing Success

You will probably have first seen Kool Marketing Success promoted on Facebook, as this seems to be their go to source to promote their product. So what is Kool Marketing Success and what does it provide?

I’ve reviewed multiple products similar to this in the past, and am more than skeptical about this one too. Judging by the sales page, they say you’re going to get ‘insider trade secrets to make a fortune with simple email marketing strategies’. Bruno goes on to say that making money becomes incredibly easy when you have a mailing list.

This is quite true, money can be made much easier with a mailing list. What Bruno fails to explain is how you’re going to build this email list. More about that later.

As the saying goes, ‘The Money is in the List’. Yep, that’s quite correct. So this product will apparently show you what type of promotions to send out to your email list. You’ll learn how to maximize your income instantly, setup killer email profit funnels, create fail proof email based campaigns and become a leading authority in your market.

Bruno says all the right things here, but fails to show you how this is going to be achieved. There’s no explanation of what training you’re going to receive, or any tools that will help you promote products or build your list.

How Does Kool Marketing Success Work

This is where I get very uneasy about Kool Marketing Success for a number of reasons. Mainly, because while Bruno says in his sales page that building an email list is incredibly simple, the fact is that building an email list is not simple.

Kool Marketing Success review Email List Building

It takes a long time to build an email list, especially nowadays when people don’t like getting spammed, so are reluctant to give out their email address. In the past it was easier to entice someone to pass over their email address, but we all know that many of these marketers will bombard you with all types of promotions.

Bruno goes on to say that you can build your email list via social media, community forums and relevant blogs and websites. In all honesty, while this is correct, you could well be building an email list using these methods for a reasonably long time. So if you purchase Kool Marketing Success, you’ll have forgotten about this product by the time you’ll have a large enough list.

As for the types of promotions you’ll be learning to email with this product, I suspect it will be affiliate marketing. Below are some of what you’ll apparently learn.

Kool Marketing Success review Promotions

By not having to lift a finger creating products, suggests you’ll be selling other peoples products. This is affiliate marketing, where you’ll be earning commissions. This is a genuine strategy, as I do affiliate marketing myself. You can read my beginners step by step guide to affiliate marketing to learn more.

Setting up a killer email profit funnel, basically means you’ll be learning how to setup an email autoresponder. I use Aweber as my autoresponder, and you can read about how Aweber works here.

Creating fail proof email based campaigns, is basically learning how to setup your autoresponder campaigns. This is all stuff that can be learned on YouTube, or via the autoresponders website.

I really don’t think you’ll be learning insider trade secrets to making a fortune.

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Building An Email List

The most common way to build an email list, is to create a blog or website, then create something of value to give away in return for somebody’s email address. For instance, you can sign up to receive my ‘The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Making Money Online’, and in return you’ll give me your email address.

It’s taken me a reasonably long time to build up enough traffic, to get people to opt in to my email list. Which is half the battle of building an email list. It’s really a numbers game. The more website traffic you get, the more subscribers you’ll entice.

It’s the same with social media. It takes a long time to build a large enough following, to get enough people accepting your offers that you promote. And online forums are different again, but here’s the problem with forums. The majority of forums will not allow you to promote anything. You’ll be able to put a link to your blog, YouTube channel etc in your profile bio, but not in any posting. Then you’ll need forum members to click on your bio page, which not many do.

So in my opinion, this product is flawed because without an email list, which is apparently easy to build, there’s no point in learning how to promote any offers.

Other Concerns I Have With Kool Marketing Success

I attempted to make a purchase of Kool Marketing Success so that I could try it out for myself. I was initially concerned that there is no actual cost on the sales page, just an ‘Add to Cart’ button. So I clicked to see how much it costs. Only $11.00USD, which is cheap enough check out don’t you think.

Kool Marketing Success review Payments

However, I then looked a little further down, and saw that by signing up, I’d be agreeing to pay $39.95 every month thereafter! But hang on. This is a product that doesn’t even explain what’s on the inside. There’s no example of what you’ll receive, and Bruno doesn’t even give screenshots of the training, if there really is any.

Something else that grabbed my interest, is the income disclaimer that can be found on their terms of service. It states that there are absolutely no guarantees whatsoever that you will earn any money at all. You may lose money and not make one red cent. There are no implied guarantees of income or any results whatsoever.

Kool Marketing Success Review Disclaimer

That’s very interesting considering they claim ‘This is the fastest, easiest method of making an online fortune, Guaranteed!

Kool Marketing Success Review Guaranteed

Tired of seeing Scams or endless fraud sites?

Learn how to build a sustainable profitable online website 

My Verdict

While I haven’t purchased this product myself after seeing the surprisingly high monthly payment, I feel that I’ve got a good handle on this product. In my opinion, I certainly wouldn’t be recommending it to any of my readers.

I believe that there’s a few indications that flag this, as a poor attempt at a legitimate product. You may receive some average email marketing training that can be of some value, but what’s the point if you don’t understand how to build an email list.

I don’t like big claims that state you’ll make money on autopilot, or that it’s the easiest method to make a fortune, guaranteed. The income disclaimer seems to be at odds with this claim, and states there is no guarantee at all that you’ll make any money.

Where Better To Place Your Money

It was an immediate surprise when I saw the monthly fee of $39.95. You’d certainly be wanting a lot of training and tools for that kind of money, which is exactly what you do get with my preferred recommendation.

I’m an active current member of Wealthy Affiliate, the best platform for learning in the affiliate marketing industry. You’ll not only learn how to get setup with email marketing, but everything that encompasses an online affiliate marketing business.

There are no huge claims made by WA, in fact they give you some tough love by stating that you’ll have to work to be successful. Not many people like being told the honest truth, but it’s better than the alternative.

Sites that claim you can get rich with little work are often a scam. Working a couple of hours per day can often be enough to get you started on the path to success. There’s no such thing as earning money on autopilot.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate are as honest as any course presenters can be. If you follow their training, there’s no reason why you couldn’t be successful.

The amount of training and internal tools provided at WA is totally amazing. You even get fast high quality hosting for your website included in the membership fee. This type of hosting elsewhere can cost the same fee as the total WA membership.

What’s even better, you can test it for free. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, I’d just like to urge you to make sure you understand what you’re signing up to. That’s why I like the above recommendation, they let you try before you buy.

Products and programs that don’t show you what you’ll be receiving once you’ve bought the product, obviously don’t stand behind their product. They want you to pay first, before you even get a look at any training or tools.

There’s a lot of good programs out there, but also loads of poor quality products to offset these. Choose the right ones.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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