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​Lifestyle encompasses so many different elements that it’s difficult to define in one article. Especially when displaying lifestyle blog name ideas, because the boundaries are so vast and blurred.

However, I’m giving it my best shot to give you some inspiration for a new lifestyle blog.

As you’d probably be aware, lifestyle blogs can be very successful. There are loads of tangents you can take a lifestyle blog, it’s up to you to decide on the pathway that suits your passion.

However, you do have several things to consider when choosing a lifestyle blog name. You’ll want it to be memorable and resonate with potential readers. You really want to make sure you get this right, because changing down the track can be a bit of a pain in the butt.

You may think that choosing a popular name that gets searched a lot in Google will be your best chance of obtaining website traffic. To an extent that can work, but it doesn’t always work like that.

Anyway, below I’ve sub categorized some of the more popular lifestyle niche categories that can give you inspiration.

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60 Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas

As promised, here’s a list of some lifestyle blog names by genre.

Town & Country
  1. Alpine Lifestyle
  2. Flame Country
  3. The Ultimate Nouveau Lifestyle
  4. Skip Down Town Life
  5. Countryology
  6. Moonline Country
  7. A Graphical Town Lifestyle
  8. Prominent Country Life
  9. Lifestyle Town Squad
  10. Dockside Life


  1. Barefoot Wealth Lifestyle
  2. Connoisseur Lifestyle
  3. Lifestyle of a Mogul
  4. Wealth Style Life
  5. My Bucket List Lifestyle
  6. The Entrepreneurial Lifestyle
  7. Heavenly Stately Life
  8. Voluptuous Lifestyle
  9. An Appetite of Wealth
  10. Hiatus Lifestyle


  1. HealthDeck Life
  2. The Road of Health
  3. The Secret Life of Health
  4. Energy Joyride
  5. Eternal Life of Health
  6. Mantle of Well-Being
  7. Health Resort Club
  8. Juicy Energy Trip
  9. Universe of Health
  10. Cave of Well-Being
  1. Commando Food Trail
  2. Ritzy Culinary Guide
  3. Foodshack Lifestyle
  4. Feast of Life
  5. Zest for Food Life
  6. Drip Feed Lifestyle
  7. Dockside Culinary Life
  8. Festive Food Lifestyle
  9. Divine Delicacy Life
  10. Mint Slice Life


  1. Life of Wilderness
  2. Paradise of Life
  3. Explore Life Today
  4. Hilltop Living
  5. Lifestyle of the Swanky
  6. Envirolife
  7. Nouveau Environment Life
  8. Fuel of Life
  9. Plant it Today
  10. The Urban Environmentalist


  1. The Model Lifestyle
  2. Escape the Trend
  3. Clinical Chic Life
  4. Garments of Fashion
  5. I am Vogue Life
  6. Flash Model Life
  7. The Journey of Fashion
  8. Pattern it Up
  9. The Shape of Things
  10. Lifestyle of Dusk

Clearly, there are many tangents you can take these blog ideas. These examples are just to give you inspiration and encouragement, and show you what is possible if you use your imagination.

What Makes A Good Lifestyle Blog Name

A blog name should not only be something to be proud of, but should resonate with your potential audience. There are do’s and don’ts in my opinion, and I’ll explain these here.

Lifestyle Blog Name – Don’ts

I’ve come across some blog names that are bordering on immoral. By this I mean you have to be careful not to tread on anyone else’s toes by incorporating other successful website names within your name.

Let me explain. Using a popular lifestyle blog such as LostGenGirl.com as an example, you may think it’s clever to create a site called LostGenBoy.com. Although not against any rules, if I was Kayla, the owner of LostGenGirl and came across your site, I’d figure you’ve attempted to coattail of my site to rank highly.

Another example would be to use Amazon within a domain name, which is against Amazon’s rules. If you did this and was an Amazon Associates affiliate, they would not pay you if they found out.

Effectively, this is a copyright issue, and you could get in more trouble than first thought.

Another thing to consider is the use of hyphens in blog names. While it may be appropriate in a blog name, I wouldn’t necessarily buy the domain name with the hyphen in it.

It’s not that you cannot rank highly with a domain name, in fact I know of sites that rank extremely well with hyphens. Rather the fact people will not remember to type a hyphen into the browser if they were searching for your site.

Lifestyle Blog Name – Do’s

Resonating with your potential readers is in my opinion a good thing. Giving a clear indication of what your website is about will not have people guessing.

Ideally, you’ll want to use 2-3 words to express your blog directive, and there’s no harm in adding short words such as “is”, “and” or “the”. These can make your blog name more sensible rather than abbreviated.

While I like descriptive names, fun or exciting names can also get the attention of people. Combining the two may not be as easy as it sounds, but would be great if you could achieve it.

I’ll also mention domain extensions. In recent years there have been an explosion of domain extensions such as .blog or .club. Although these sites will rank okay, you may have a similar issue of people assuming your site is .com.

Therefore they may struggle to find your site if they want to come back and search for it. Having said that, once your website is established and is relevant, your blog name should appear highly in the search results.

Domain Purchasing

So where should you purchase your domain from? Well, there are loads of domain registrars to choose from, but the big guys will tempt you with upsells. The majority of these are not necessary, and can confuse the newbie blog owner.

In my opinion, if you’re just searching for a domain without hosting, I’d use namecheap, They are a reliable and trusted register and will offer you what you require. The only real addition I’d suggest is domain privacy, which keeps your personal purchasing information hidden.

If you’re searching for a domain and hosting, I’d suggest my No.1 recommendation. They are actually an affiliate marketing platform that teaches how to monetize a blog through affiliate marketing, however, they also encompass some of the most competitive hosting available.

They’ve recently written a blog about their hosting compared to some of the bigger players, and show their much cheaper pricing. You can read this article here.

SEO Keyword Blog Name

Often people use popular keywords within their domain name to attempt to get a headstart on their rankings. This can work if your domain is a long tail keyword, but shorter domains seem to struggle with this as they are competing with more authoritative sites with similar wording.

If you’re using 5-6 words in your domain, there’s a much better chance of your blog name hitting the no.1 spot in the search results.

Be careful though, some keywords are more difficult to rank for. Take my website for example. Because I have the word “career” within my domain, career oriented websites that have more authority appear first in the search results.

Because of this, I don’t rely on my blog name to rank. It’s my blog articles that rank, and this is what you should be aiming for anyway. What’s a great blog name with no ranking articles? A waste of time really.

How to Create and Profit from Your Lifestyle Blog

When first beginning a blog, you’ll probably get various advice on which website platform to create from. Weebly, Wix, Joomla, WordPress or one of the other content management systems available.

I’ll give you my opinion, and explain why. WordPress is the most common CMS out there, it’s reliable, easy to find advice and there are more plugins than any other platform. These plugins can help control how you want your site configured.

Now if you’re only just starting out, you may require assistance on how to setup your site. If you use WordPress, help is not far away. There are loads of WordPress dedicated sites that can help, along with copious amounts of YouTube videos.

So instead of trying to outsmart yourself, just get used to the most popular CMS known as WordPress.

How Much Do Lifestyle Bloggers Make?

Now, I bet you’re curious how much a lifestyle blogger can make aren’t you? Without wanting to make you think that you’ll be making thousands just by creating a lifestyle blog, I do want to show you the potential. But…those lifestyle bloggers that earn $2k or more per month put in lots of effort.

Let’s take Jessica from Fantabulosity as an example. In 2016, she wrote about her income report that states she made $10,643.05 in the month of September. Can you imagine how far she’s come with another 3-4 years of consistent blogging.

Lifestyle Blog Name ideas Income Report

As I briefly pointed out though, these successful bloggers put time and energy into their efforts. That’s not to say that you cannot do the same, I’m just making the point that it’s not a quick money making ‘thing’. If you think that within 3 months of writing you will be bringing in the same monthly figures, think again.

However, be consistent and keep motivated, and you may see results 6-12 months down the track. If it was that easy to achieve within a couple of months, don’t you think everyone would be a blogger!

The Advertising Route

So when it comes to monetizing your lifestyle blog, you’ll have several choices. One, is to allow advertisements to be placed strategically on your website. This can be achieved by signing up to Google Adsense, and getting a small piece of code to embed on your blog.

The only real issue I have with this, is that Adsense does not pay very well. But there are better advertising platforms that can offer you a better return, such as Mediavine. Simply add the required code to your blog, or use a plugin to make it easier.

The only drawback of Mediavine is that you are required to achieve 25k sessions per month to your blog. If you can obtain this figure, you’ll earn a nice little side income from Mediavine ads.

Affiliate Commissions

My favourite kind of generated income from a website or blog is affiliate commissions. This is where you sell products and/or services on behalf of other companies. For every product or service you initiate, a commission will come your way.

It’s also possible to earn recurring commissions, meaning you can be paid on a monthly basis. This can be achieved through membership or subscription sites.

What about high ticket commissions? Sometimes you can sell a $2k product and earn a 10%-20% commission. I’ve even earned a 40% commission on a $1k course before.

Alternatively, you could earn smaller commissions but have a knack of selling loads of popular products.

All you need to do this, is sign up to affiliate programs. Over 80% of companies have an affiliate program that you can leverage, so take advantage of this.

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