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I’ve reviewed several dropshipping courses in the past and have my own conclusions as to the best ones available. Recently, I’ve had the privilege of watching Luca Netz’s advanced dropshipping course called Netz Commerce, and this review will explain my findings.

If you’re after a quick assumption then I’ll get straight to the point. There’s much better dropshipping courses out there.

That’s not to say you won’t learn a few good tips from Luca, I just believe that a lot of what is in this course is regurgitated from other courses.

So let’s get into my review of Netz Commerce.

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Netz Commerce (Advanced) Features
Learning Format of Netz Commerce
Who is Netz Commerce ‘Advanced’ Best For
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Who Is Luca Netz​
What You Ought To Know
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Netz Commerce SummaryNetz Commerce 500x200

Product Name: Netz Commerce

Founder/Owner: Luca Netz

Product Type: Advanced Dropshipping Course

Price: $1997

Netz Commerce Pricing

If you’ve come across the Netz Commerce homepage, you will probably have noticed that there are various price ranges depending on the level of education. These levels are listed below with cost.

  • E-Commerce Discord – $497 Lifetime or $49.97 per month
  • Beginner – $497 (on sale at $425 as of this review)
  • Influencer Monetization – $697 (on sale at $595 as of this review)
  • Intermediate – $997 (on sale at $850 as of this review)
  • Advanced – $1997 (on sale at $1700 as of this review)

In my opinion, if you want to learn all there is to know about dropshipping and don’t want to risk missing out on specific earning potential, you really want the full course.

This is true for any dropshipping course you’re considering, and most offer a one fee for full access. So I don’t know what Luca is playing at here by offering sections of a course that only get you part the way through.

Netz Commerce (Advanced) Features

So what are you going to learn from the Luca Netz’s Advanced dropshipping course? Well this is briefly explained in the Netz Commerce landing page.

Included are elements like website design, product research, Facebook advertising, social media promotion and where to find access to fulfilment.

Is everything covered in detail? In my opinion, no. What is covered extensively in detail is the Facebook advertising component. This is a crucial part of any dropshipping journey, but so are all the other aspects.

Luca spends over 3 hours on Facebook ads, which is significant. I would have liked to see more time explaining the setup of a Shopify store, which is critical for beginners.

Time is spent explaining this, but Luca sits on the Homepage dashboard of his Shopify store with his sales volume being shown. Instead of showing how much money he’s allegedly made, he should be showing how shipping is set up and how products are added to pages.

This may be included in the less advanced levels of Netz Commerce, but that doesn’t help if you want to learn everything. It means you need to purchase the ‘Beginner’ level, then the ‘Intermediate’ level, along with the ‘Advanced’ level.

For this reason, I’d certainly be looking at other courses like eCom Lifestyle University or eCom Success Academy.

Learning Format of Netz Commerce

Frankly, the best format for creating any sort of video course is to split it into bite sized modules which can be viewed in small doses. It’s really difficult to consume so much information in an hour long video, or longer.

I found watching Luza Netz’s 5 hour long video excruciating. Of course you can pause the video and skip back to areas of interest, but it can be really hard to find the exact part of the video you need bookmarked.

Luca Netz Advanced Dropshipping Course Review

This is another reason I found the two courses I recommended above as superior. Their videos are in 4-10 minute lengths, and it is easy to distinguish which video is relevant as they are all labelled appropriately.

Who is Netz Commerce ‘Advanced’ Best For

I believe the ‘Advanced’ course is targeted towards those that have already had a shot at dropshipping and are struggling with their Facebook marketing. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to because of the time spent on Facebook Ads.

Does Netz Commerce Offer a Free Trial?

Unfortunately there is no free trial of Netz Commerce.

Who Is Luca Netz​

This is quite difficult to find out really, as there’s not much information out there about Luca Netz except from the guy himself. There’s a few YouTube video interviews where Luca explains he has helped others make loads of money online, and become partners with these associates.

One such example is his alliance with Supreme Patty, which is a very successful online store selling jewelry, hats, glasses and other merchandise.

Luca says he’d prefer to partner with companies rather than be a dropshipping teacher. I must admit, I can see why he suggest that in this course!

What You Ought To Know

There’s several things you may like to be aware of before signing up to the Advanced dropshipping course.

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy with this course. As you can clearly read in the refund statement below, the chances of a refund are next to zero.

Netz Commerce Refunds

Video Splits

The whole 5 hours was not filmed all at once. I have no problem with this, as it’d be hard work. You will notice as you’re watching along that the video is cut in many sections.

Hefty Price Tag

Yes, in my opinion after reviewing several dropshipping courses, all levels of Netz Commerce are overpriced. I’ve seen other courses that are much better laid out and cover everything required, for a smaller cost.

Is Dropshipping Easy

It’s not as easy as they say. Just about all dropshipping mentors suggest that dropshipping is fairly easy, but this depends on what you consider easy.

You will need to deal with shipping, returned items, refunds and customer service. It’s not just about making large profits on each product.

Cost of Getting Started

It’s much easier financially to get started with affiliate marketing because the only outlay is a domain name, website hosting and a training platform if you are unsure how it all works.

With dropshipping you are required to pay for Shopify, the Shopify apps that help your business (paid monthly), and Facebook advertising costs. This is possibly the largest cost, as there’s a lot of trial and error.

Apart from this, there’s the education cost. Luca Netz ‘Advanced’ dropshipping course costs $1997. I’ll give you my recommended alternatives that provide better value for money.

Netz Commerce Alternatives

As I’ve stated earlier in this article, I have two better suggestions to learn the art of dropshipping. The great thing about both these courses is that they teach you the not so glamorous part of dropshipping.

By this I mean how to deal with irate customers and other customer related issues, how to deal with returns and refunds, along with invoices and accounts.

#1 eCom Success Academy

I was blown away with the eCom Success Academy course and how comprehensive it is. Adrian Morrison is the creator of this course which is a very digestible course to follow along. This is my No.1 rated eCommerce course, especially if you’re living in the US.

You can read my review of eCom Success Academy here.

#2 eCom Lifestyle University

The second course that I would highly recommend is eCom Lifestyle University, created by Ricky Hayes. If you’re wanting to learn how to create a dropshipping website from outside of the US, this is the course for you.

I say that because Ricky is Australian, and he will explain all the details required to setup Shopify and business details from a foreign perspective.

You can read my review of eCom Lifestyle University here.

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Final Thoughts

Although I don’t know too much about Luca Netz, I do believe he knows a lot about the dropshipping industry. I can only share my thoughts based on my experience. In my opinion, I would not pay nearly 2K for his course, as there are much better alternatives around.

I do believe that Luca is extremely knowledgeable with Facebook ads, as he spends a lot of the course time in this area. However, other aspects require just as much attention.

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