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With new digital courses coming out constantly, I recently discovered a new Ebay dropshipping course. I thought this may rival some other courses I’d taken, so decided to write this Massive Wealth Movement review.

If you’re doing your due diligence to research this program before making a financial commitment, I applaud you for doing so. You’ll also be glad you did your research!

Was I pleasantly surprised by this course? Not really, I’m a bit underwhelmed to be honest. When I saw the price I immediately thought it would be as good as some other dropshipping courses, but I was wrong.

So, have a read as see what I found on the inside of Massive Wealth Movement.

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Massive Wealth Movement From The Inside
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Massive Wealth Movement Summary

Product Name: Massive Wealth MovementMassive Wealth Movement 500x200

Founder/Owner: Jeremiah Goodman

Product Type: Ebay Dropshipping Course

Price: $497

Program Summary:In my opinion, this course is not worth anywhere near the $497 you’ll be paying. Under one hour of video in total explaining what dropshipping is, and how to sign up to Ebay and other programs. This will not get you a dropshipping business.

Would I Recommend It: No.

Rating: 16/100

What is Massive Wealth Movement

When I first discovered Massive Wealth Movement Review I thought wonderful, a course I can review that adds competition to other courses. It’s nice to compare courses and see how different course creators have different opinions. They go about this so differently sometimes, and I figured this would be no different.

I’ve been privileged to have access to the Massive Wealth Movement course by Jeremiah Goodman, so I’m in a good position to give an honest review.

However, I feel let down by the lack of effort that has been put into this training. I mean, there’s 11 videos that total under one hour of training. That’s not really going to set you up for a sustainable online career is it.

I hope that there is more to come from Jeremiah, and more videos are added to this course as time goes on. If this is going to be the case, I don’t know why he released the course prematurely, with so little information.

Massive Wealth Movement Review Intro

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Massive Wealth Movement From The Inside

So inside of MWM, you’ll find the following course structure.

Massive Wealth Movement Review Curriculum

As you can see, the course isn’t very long at all. And yes, as of writing this review, that’s the whole course. Those video times are in minutes, not hours.

So, let’s have a brief look at what’s inside Massive Wealth Movement.

#1 Education Review

Here’s a runthrough of the lessons you’ll find in massive Wealth Movement.

  1. Meet Your Instructor – Jeremiah will explain what you will learn in this course. He tells you that you’ll learn step-by-step how to setup an eBay store, and sourcing products. You’ll get an appreciation of who Jeramiah Goodman is, and the format of his training,
  2. What Is Dropshipping – You’ll get a brief explanation of what dropshipping is and how you will profit from sourcing cheaper products to sell. He’ll also explain why you will be using eBay as your selling platform.
  3. Creating An eBay Account – The simplest of videos explaining how to create an eBay account. This can be done with your eyes closed, it’s like signing up to any other account.
  4. Create An PayPal Account – As the title suggests, you’ll get a brief run-through of setting up a PayPal account. Jeremiah suggests setting up a business PayPal account, but can’t show you the whole process because his account is already setup.
  5. Creating A DHGate Account & Why – Most drop shippers use AliExpress to source their products. Jeremiah advises using DHGate, a similar site for product sourcing. I know of this site myself from when I used to dropship. It’s fine but doesn’t possess nearly as many products. You’ll get a run through of how to setup a DHGate account.
  6. Finding Good Products To Sell On eBay – This lesson is going to show how Jeremiah finds products on DHGate, the pricing he looks for and how much you can mark them up to sell on eBay. He’ll also show you a site for refurbished products that he sells.
  7. Getting The Right Photos To Use – Apparently, amateur photos sell better than more professional images in Jeremiah’s opinion. So he’ll give his resource for obtaining amateurish images of the product you may like to sell.
  8. Writing Good Product Description – PDF guide to writing product descriptions.
  9. Making Your First Listing – So you have your product to sell, now you’ll learn how to list the product on eBay. You’ll require the correct information to fill out all the details on your eBay listing. It looks like he couldn’t quite get his product listing correct, so just cuts the video short!
  10. Understanding Pricing Your Product – Jeremiah attempts to explain how much profit you’ll be making between buying from DHGate and selling on eBay.
  11. Fulfillment & Shipping Your Products To Customers – So, somebody has bought a product from you on eBay, you’ll need to fulfill your order. Here you’ll see how to buy the order from DHGate and send it to your customer.
  12. We’re willing To Setup All This For You (FEES INCLUDED) – A walk-around video of Jeremiah explaining that he’ll set the store up for you for an extra fee. He doesn’t suggest what this fee is, you’ll have to email him.

#2 Tools Review

This is a video training course only. No integrated tools are provided to help with any part of the course.

#3 Support Review

Because the Massive Wealth Movement course is available through the Teachable platform, support should be assured. However, it’s still up to the creator of the course to respond to any queries.

#4 The Cost

Way overpriced. Much of what is being taught in the Massive Wealth Movement course can be found on YouTube or via Google. There is nothing unique in this course that would endorse a $497 fee.

The Best of Massive Wealth Movement​

#1 Typical Knowledge

While there’s nothing mind blowing in this course, many of the concepts are correct. You can make money by dropshipping on various platforms. EBay is just one of them, although it’s becoming less popular.

#2 Video Length

While I do approve of the video length, there’s just not enough information to build a sustainable business model. I’ve reviewed many courses, some where the videos are nearly an hour long. The ideal video length to consume the information in my opinion, is 5-8 minutes.

Jeremiah’s videos fall into this range, with some even less time.

What Puts Me Off Massive Wealth Movement

#1 Course Omissions

Any online dropshipping business requires invoicing, customer returns/service, email capturing for future marketing opportunities etc. There is so much left out of this course that should be covered.

Even listed products requires more clarification, which should include variations such as sizing or colours if you’re selling clothing etc. What about paying taxes and account management. If you’re selling goods on a regular basis like this, it becomes a business.

Also, when you make a purchase from DHGate (or AliExpress), an invoice will often be included in the package. Jeremiah should be telling you to advise the store owner to not include an invoice. If this is included, the customer will know it’s been drop shipped from a different store for a cheaper price. The better courses will advise you of this tips like this.

#2 Pricing Point

As I’ve touched on, Massive Wealth Movement is extremely overpriced for what you’ll be receiving.

#3 Step by Step Tutorials

I don’t believe Jeremiah does this intentionally, but the step by step instructions are not always complete. As I’ve said, there are several aspects that have been omitted from this course, and I feel some of the tutorials could use more clarification.

Would I Recommend Massive Wealth Movements

​In a word, No. I don’t believe this course will help any budding entrepreneur achieve their goals of creating wealth online. There’s not enough information to create a fully fledged online selling business.

I don’t enjoy giving such a bad wrap for courses such as this, but it wouldn’t be fair on potential consumers or other course creators to give a better approval rating.

Is There a Better Option

There certainly are better courses than Massive Wealth Movement. In my opinion, if you’re looking for a great course for the same price point, then check out my review of eCom Lifestyle University by Ricky Hayes. He’ll have you setup with your own dropshipping business the correct way.

For a more expensive solution, eCom Success Academy is the greatest ecommerce dropshipping course I’ve reviewed. It encompasses every aspect you’ll ever require, including how to outsource tasks once you’re making enough money.

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Wrapping Up

To be honest, I feel this course has just been slapped together with the intention of earning Jeremiah some good coin. I can’t recommend this course, simply by the lack of required information.

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