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There recently seems to be a big influx of people entering the eCommerce space, by setting up their own online store. It’s not surprising due to the addition of drop shipping, allowing individuals to send products direct to consumers.

With popularity comes opportunity, and there’s also no shortage of eCommerce training. Many successful eCom owners have turned their hand to setting up an eCommerce course to teach potential store owners how to achieve success. This latest course is created by Matt Gartner, and as I understand, he’s released other courses such as eCom Labs and Sure Fire Freedom.

To give you an idea of what’s inside this course, here’s my 8 Hour eCommerce Profits Review.

8 Hour eCommerce Profits Summary

Matt Gartner 8 Hour eCommerce Profits Review 500x200Product Name: 8 Hour eCommerce Profits

Founder/Owner: Matt Gartner

Product Type: eCommerce Course

Price: $197

Best For: eCommerce beginners

Program Summary: In my opinion, this is a reasonable course, but lets itself down by the full 8 hour video length.

Would I Recommend It: Yes, but there’s better.

Rating: 64/100

What is 8 Hour eCommerce Profits

If you have a full day to spare, this course may be ideal for you. 8 Hour eCommerce Profits is a course run by Matt Gartner, as a full 8 hour video. The course was initially done live, but can now be purchased as a video course.

He explains how to setup an eCommerce Shopify store, and much of what you’ll have to deal with as an eCommerce store owner. Having reviewed a few eCom store courses, they all have their differences. Some will focus more on certain aspects than others.

I’ve seen a few long videos before, but this takes the cake. The first section here comprises the main video, a full 8 hours in length. I don’t know about you, but I’d struggle to concentrate for that length of time.

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8 Hour eCommerce Profits From The Inside

The inside of 8 Hour eCommerce Profits will cover several things. You’ll get a handle on just about everything required to setup and run an online eCom store through Shopify. The course is laid out in 10 sections.

  1. 8 Hour eCommerce Profits
  2. Recommended Tools
  3. Apps
  4. Bonuses
  5. Conversion Crusher Training
  6. Product Research
  7. Documents, Templates & Cheat Sheets
  8. 50 Hot products
  9. Holiday Promo Calendar
  10. The Theme

#1 Education Review

8 Hour eCommerce Profits

You’re going to find 3 video’s here, the first being the main 8 Hour eCommerce Profits course video. As the name suggest, it runs for over 8 hours in length, and incorporates lots of good information.

Video 1

Matt explains how to setup Shopify, purchasing a domain through Name Cheep, as opposed to within Shopify, and linking your domain name to your new online store. He also covers the setup of Google Analytics so you can track where your visitors are coming from, and how you can use other statistical information for paid advertising.

Using some apps within Shopify is essential for automation, and Matt will advise the best ones that he uses, and how to configure them.

What I did find odd when watching this video, there’s a 40 minute period where Matt advises his students to go and get some lunch. This is fine, it’s a good break after a 2 hour session, but the recording includes 40 minutes of paused video. Matt introduces a friend of his,

After this interlude, Matt introduces Angie, a market researcher, to show you how to do your product research.

Following this, Matt will run you through Facebook advertising examples, good and bad. You need to be good at paid advertising to consistently make a profit, and I like the way Matt explains what is effective in a Facebook advertisement.

The obvious next step, is to create Facebook adverts. You’ll get a handle on how to setup paid advertising campaigns, including the targeting, and the wording you should use to get the most conversions.

Finally, this video concludes with how an app called Klaviyo can help with your list segmentation.

Matt Gartner 8 Hour eCommerce Profits Review Inside

Video 2

You’ll be watching a 2 hour video here that explains how to setup a ClickFunnels campaign. This allows you to scoop up extra dollars by offering upsells to your buyers. Matt will also run through other other upsell offer options.

Video 3

This third video will explain the value of email marketing. These are the follow up emails when customers haven’t made a purchase. You’ll learn how to convince these potential customers, without nagging them.

Recommended Tools

These are the links to the suggested tools that Matt Gartner recommends. These links include Matts affiliate link, so he collects a commission when you sign up. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, I use this method also. It won’t cost you any more to use these links.


You’ll find 6 extra videos here under the banner of “eCom Ad Hacks”. These are shorter videos but they do share some great information. These are not very obvious things to do when setting up your online business, but you’ll find them very interesting.

Conversion Crusher Training

You’ll learn how stores make so much money via upsells. These are additional conversions after visitors are purchasing their initial products. Matt uses Zipify to boost his upsells to an awesome amount, and he’ll show you how he uses it to his advantage in this video.

Product Research

Matt’s friend Angie comes back here to explain some of her in depth methods for products research. Everyone has their own methods for researching products, I don’t believe Angie’s are too different than others. Using Pinterest to find the best products is a proven model of product assessment.

Documents, Templates & Cheat Sheets

The 8 Hour eCommerce Profits main video explains the usage of some templates. You will find several Doc & xlsl files to help with your eCommerce journey. These include Facebook Ads, ROI Tracker, Top 45 Niches, Customer Avatar, Store Improvement Metrics, UTM Builder & Shortener, Scaling Metrics, Facebook Metrics Cheat Sheet and a Finding Products template.

50 Hot products

A the title suggests, you’ll be able to download a template here that includes 50 of the current hottest products.

Holiday Promo Calendar

This is just a small PDF document that displays some of the most popular dates for promoting products. Whilst this is fairly small, I know of a much better promotional calendar that you can leverage.

The Theme

The theme used by Matt in his Shopify store is called Brooklyn. You can download the zip file for the Brooklyn theme here.

#2 Tools Review

As this is only a tutorial course in general, there are no integrated tools to use. However, Matt does supply you with various external tools that he uses. As I mentioned earlier, some of these are affiliate links to the tool or resource in question.

Many of these tools and resources come with a fee, usually a monthly fee. Here’s the tools suggested by Matt that will help with your Shopify eCom store.

  • Name Cheap – domain name
  • Grasshopper – Phone number service $24 per month
  • Fiverr for a voicemail greeting $5+
  • iPostalone.com for a digital mailbox (virtual real mailing address) min $9.99 per month
  • Stripe account – Payments – Free
  • Authorize.net – Payments (secondary as a backup) – Free
  • Admitad – offers – Cost Varies
  • Zipify – One Click Upsells – $47 per month
  • Dropified – Dropshipping Software – $47 per month
  • Niche Miner – Free

#3 Support Review

Matt Gartner uses Teachable as his course platform, which has a very reputable name in course creation. You can certainly contact Matt within this course, but if you have any trouble with this, contact Teachable to have your issue resolved.

#4 The Cost

In my opinion, the price for this course is reasonable for what you’ll be taught. This it’s not the greatest eCommerce course I’ve reviewed, but you will get a good handle on how the system works.

At $197, this is an acceptable price for the course package.

The Best of 8 Hour eCommerce Profits

#1 Knowledge

Loads of people know a lot about how to setup and run an eCommerce store. Matt Gartner is one of those, who is very knowledgeable in the subject. In saying that, I believe this course could be too much for a beginner. I’ll explain more on this here.

#2 Genuine

I feel that Matt is genuine in his approach to teaching. He can be fairly straight forward by telling it like it really is, I like this.

What Puts Me Off 8 Hour eCommerce Profits

There’s a few things that would have me looking at a different eCom course.

#1 Video Length

8 hours is a hell of a long video. I believe that the best video length to learn something new, is 6-10 minutes long. This course could have been so much better if it was split into bit sized pieces. Whilst this is a little more difficult with a live session, it could still have been divided up.

It’s hard enough to concentrate for 20 minutes at a time, even 1 hour videos are way too long in my opinion. It’s not just the concentration factor. There’s also the fact that if you’re searching for something you learned in the video, how are you expected to go back and find it, in an 8 hour video? Too long for my liking.

#2 Not Really Step by Step

I don’t believe this is setout in a step by step formula. While there is some method to the long video that Matt has recorded, you may have trouble following along and setting up a store. I think Matt has tried his best here, but there’s a sporadic nature which comes with a live video for such a long period of time.

#3 No Clear Customer Service Direction

Matt does touch on customer service when he talks about returned products, but there’s no clear direction on how to run your customer service. Whether this be outsourcing or doing it yourself, some more advice in this area would have been helpful.

Would I Recommend 8 Hour eCommerce Profits

In a word, Yes. For the cost of $197, it’s much cheaper than my No.1 recommended eCommerce option.

Is There a Better Option

In my opinion though, you’d get so much more out of Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy. You’ll get over 170 videos, all between 6-10 minutes in length, and set out in a correct, step by step order that makes sense. This is not just a Shopify course, he goes into much depth with customer services, dealing with returns, social media, paid advertising, invoices, international shipping, promotional methods such as “Free + Shipping’, and so much more.

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Wrapping Up

Matt Gartner has served up a fairly good course here, but in my opinion, there’s better courses around. I’m not a big fan of the 8 hour long video which makes it really hard to go back and find the information you’re looking for.

Getting into eCommerce can be a great long term online business, but you need to know what you’re in for. I’ve had a shot at eCommerce and whilst it’s a sustainable method to create wealth, you need to be prepared for longer hours than say, affiliate marketing.

It all depends on the type of person you are. I ended up going down the affiliate marketing path, which earns less per sale. Affiliates earn a commission, whereas online store owners create their own prices and can take larger profits.

However, because of the setup costs, you need to start earning money back quicker. That’s why the need for paid advertising, which can also take a while to learn how to target your audience correctly. You can read more about the difference between affiliate marketing and eCommerce drop shipping here. In my opinion, eCommerce is a more risky model.

If you’ve also taken Matt Gartner’s 8 Hour eCommerce Profits course, I’d be pleased to hear your experience in the discussion area below.

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