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Well, they’re at it again. If you really think you’re going to make money from MoneyGuru.co, then I believe you’ll be disappointed.

It’s basically another replication of an Influencer networking site that has already been exposed as a scam, and in this MoneyGuru.co review, I’ll show you why.

You’re probably wondering a few things if you’ve recently come across MoneyGuru.co, such as:

  • Will my personal information be safe
  • Is MoneyGuru.co legit
  • Do MoneyGuru.co cash out to their members

You’ll be pleased with yourself for researching this site, as I’ll explain the following :

  • How people are trying to make money with MoneyGuru
  • The similarities to replica websites
  • What your chances of making money with MoneyGuru.co
  • A much more legit way to earn money online

I hate to burst your bubble, but you’ll not make any real money with MoneyGuru.

Keep reading this review and I’m going to show you where they claim only those 99 years of age and older can participate.

So let’s get stuck in and see what MoneyGuru.co is all about, and why you should not use this site.

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MoneyGuru.co SummaryMoneyGuru co Review Summary

Product Name: MoneyGuru.co

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Tasks, Posting Social

What is MoneyGuru.co

From the outside, you’d think this is a pretty easy way to make some good cash online.

Simply complete some tasks, fill out surveys and promote their website, and you’ll earn easy money.

You will see video testimonials suggesting that it’s easy, and payment proofs that apparently prove that payments have been made.

There’s even a $10 bonus just for signing up, how hard can it be right?

Let’s take a look at the inside of MoneyGuru.co

How Does MoneyGuru.co Work

Signing up is easy, just fill in your name, email and create a password. I’m not suggesting you do this though, in fact don’t!

I’m just explaining the process.

Inside of MoneyGuru, you’ll find the dashboard like so:

MoneyGuru.co Dashboard

The main menu is down the left hand side, which is where you’ll find the activities to complete.

This cloned site is a bit more stingy than their other replicas (which I’ll show you soon), as they only offer a $5 Task Wall.

Other sites have a $25 or $40 Task Wall, and Spinincash has a Token Wall that claims you can earn between $50-$100. Total BS.

Inside of this Task Wall, are various tasks you can complete. Here’s a snippet of what you can expect:

MoneyGuru.co Task Wall

As an example, I clicked on the Apple TV task, which I’ll apparently earn $5 for. This is what I was presented with:

MoneyGuru.co Watch Apple Offer

So they expect me, or you, to create an account and confirm with a credit card, then start streaming. You’ve got to be kidding right! Then how much is Apple going to continually charge me for this streaming account?

These are the type of tasks you can expect inside of MoneyGuru.co. I can almost guarantee that those behind this site will earn affiliate commissions from sites like Apple, for every person they get to sign up.

Apart from the Task Wall, the majority of tasks will be promoting MoneyGuru.co itself. You’ll be provided with banners to post on social media, and other social media tasks to promote this site.

Amazingly enough, they even want you to read pre-written reviews to earn $1.

MoneyGuru.co Reviews on Scam Alert

What’s happening here, is they want you to read and stay on this review page, so that it earns a higher ranking than legit MoneyGuru.co reviews like this one, which exposes them as a scam.

Anyway, I now want to highlight several indications that prove MoneyGuru is a scam.

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MoneyGuru.co Red Flags

Where do I start! There are so many indications that tells me MoneyGuru.co is not legit. Here’s just some of what you should look out for.

#1 Age Of Participation

Okay, lets start with the age of participation for MoneyGuru.co.

If you bother to read the Terms & Conditions of their website, which by the way, nearly everyone WILL NOT DO, it clearly states if you are under 99 years of age you cannot use the MoneyGuru.co website.

MoneyGuru co 99 Years of age to participate

Yes, you read that right. Unless you are 99 years of age or older, you cannot use this site. What does this mean? It means they have every right not to pay you out. You will see an internal monetary figure accumulate inside of MoneyGuru.co, but you will not get paid out.

#2 Registration Date

You’d be forgiven for thinking MoneyGuru.co had been around for quite some time, but you would be mistaken.

The MoneyGuru.co home homepage claims their parent company (whoever they are) have been around since 2010. Nowhere do they announce who their parent company is, which is extremely odd for a company that claims it has over 730,000 members.

MoneyGuru.co was only registered on the 25th June 2020.

MoneyGuru co Registeration Date

Which means as I’m writing this, it’s only been active about 1 month. Yet they claim on their homepage that they’ve paid out $44,700,000+.

Why is this such a new site? Because their other clones have all been exposed.

#3 Fake Payment Proofs

The registration date brings me to my next point. If MoneyGuru.co was only registered in June 2020, how can they have payment proofs from Jan – March 2020?

MoneyGuru.co Fake payment Proofs

The site wasn’t created in January, so it’s impossible for these to be legitimate.

#4 Fake Feature Testimonial

Recognise this guy from the MoneyGuru homepage? Apparently this is Matthew Young who’s earned more than $97 000 with MoneyGuru.

Well, it’s not Matthew Young. This guy has had his image used for the purpose of creating a fake testimonial. As you can see in the image below, the image of this guy was found 95 times on the internet with a reverse image search.

MoneyGuru.co Fake Testimonial

The image is available from stock image websites, 23 of them in fact. You can find the image right here at Adobe Stock.

#5 Unwitting Video Testimonials

The MoneyGuru site shows several video testimonials, all promoting this site and how much these people have made. What they fail to tell you is that they haven’t been paid out.

I’m not going to show an image of these people promoting MoneyGuru.co, that wouldn’t be fair. They are just looking for a way to earn money online, but unfortunately they won’t get paid.

The whole idea is for people to create these videos and earn $10. This is the largest earning potential (allegedly) for completing a task, as you can see below.

MoneyGuru co YouTube Submission

They even tell you what to put in the video description, and the tags to use.

So, these people have created the video and submitted it to YouTube. They have not yet been paid out by MoneyGuru, but their internal account will have earned $10.

I’m sure they have no idea that you need to be 99 years of age to use this site, and I don’t think they look quite that old!

#6 Replicated Sites

I’ve been reviewing sites for a long time now, and have even reviewed multiple replicas of MoneyGuru.co. Here’s a list of just some of the cloned sites I’ve already looked at:

Clout Bucks
Paid to Flex

I could go on and on, there are so many replicas that share the same similarities. They may look different externally, but they are all created by the same people.

#7 Hidden Owners

So who owns all these sites? Who owns MoneyGuru.co? I have absolutely no idea, as they hide their identity.

Don’t you think that if this was such a successful enterprise, it would be easy to find the owner, or at least the parent company. They are deliberately not exposing themselves because these sites are a scam.

#8 BBB Report

A Better Business Bureau report was released in 2019 alerting people to these Influencer Networking websites. You can find the report here which says you’ll be giving these people your personal sensitive information.

The report explains how people sign up expecting to complete tasks and earn money internally, but when they reach the threshold limit, they are unable to cash out.

#9 Reviews (Trustpilot)

They’re starting to come thick and fast now. When I first exposed MoneyGuru.co a week ago, there wasn’t many reviews. But those people being scammed are now voicing their opinions, and you can check out a selection of them here:

MoneyGuru.co Reviews on Trustpilot

Clearly users are unimpressed, and you should be too.

#10 Malware Warning

I’m now receiving a warning from the Malware bytes program that I use for security purposes. The warning that pops up says ‘Website blocked due to riskware’. This means there’s a high possibility that you will be risking your personal information should you proceed to this site.

MoneyGunu.co website Blocked due to riskware

You can see above where I’ve highlighted the moneyguru.co website blocked.

So, I’ve given you 10 indications that you should be aware of if you decide to sign up to Moneyguru.co. You’ve been warned.

Is MoneyGuru.co a Scam

In a word, yes. I believe MoneyGuru.co to be a replica of multiple other websites that have been created by the same unknown people.

The reason for this scam is not totally clear, but you will not be making any money from the site.

Your sensitive information will be handed to these people, which can be used in different ways. The unknown owners will also be earning revenue by getting you to sign up to various subscriptions.

In my opinion, you’ll be wasting your time, and possibly putting your personal information in jeopardy.

MoneyGuru.co Update

As an update to this MoneyGuru.co review, I’ve recently taken another look at TrustPilot to see what users have to say. There’s been even more poor reviews with people claiming MoneyGuru is a total scam. Here’s a selection I took a screen shot of.

MoneyGuru-co Updated Reviews

Clearly people are experiencing the same issue of not getting paid, after exerting significant energy into promoting MoneyGuru. 

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Final Thoughts

I’d seriously urge you to look for legitimate options to make money online, if this is your desire. Quick money making opportunities on the internet are no longer available, but that won’t stop scammers from attempting to lure you in by suggesting it can be done.

Read blow to see how I make money online, and how anyone can do this LEGITIMATELY.

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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