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For many years now, sweepstakes have been a tool used by online marketers to create awareness and promotion of a product. It’s been a very useful tactic as they are still around today, but read on below to make sure you’re not getting scammed, and find out if you can really make money with sweepstakes.

You won’t have to pay to enter these sweepstakes in the USA, although this may vary depending on where in the world the sweepstake is originating. For instance, Australia and Canada sweepstakes may have different criteria to US or UK sweepstakes.

You do need to be aware of some abusers online that run illegitimate sweepstakes. So let’s look at what you should be looking out for.

Questions You Need to Ask For Legitimacy

Not all sweepstakes are legitimate and for this reason, you should do some due diligence before entering. Here’s a few questions you need to ask yourself for peace of mind.

Check the website for a privacy policy?

Every website should have a privacy policy. Advertising websites such as Facebook will not even allow you to advertise with them, unless you have a privacy policy page.

Make Money With Sweepstakes - Privacy Policy

This privacy policy page will give you information about the company, and how they will store any information collected from you. Often your information will be shared with partner companies. If you have no problem with this, then there’s no dilemma. But you should still be aware that it happens.

Does the Sweepstake Have Official Rules?

Stating the rules of the sweepstake clearly to entrants is law. Make sure the rules are stated somewhere on the website of the sweepstake. Although they should be made clear, there may just be a small link on the homepage of the website.

If you don’t see a page of rules clearly stated anywhere on their website, then don’t take part. There’s a good chance that not only will you not win, but neither will anyone else.

Are basic sweepstakes laws being followed?

This differs from country to country because the laws vary by different governments. The majority of laws state that although sweepstakes can ask for your name, email address and date of birth etc, they are NOT to charge for entering a sweepstake and your financial information is NOT required.

You won’t be required to have a proof of purchase, as a sweepstake is not that type of competition. Sweepstakes are a win/win for companies and entrants. The company gets promotion of their products and the entrant has an opportunity to win a prize.

Does a legitimate company head the sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes are run by companies that promotes services and/or products. The company behind the sweepstake should be identified on the website.

How do you feel about it?

In the end, you’ll have a feel about whether you think the company seems legitimate or not. Try not to be complacent or naive. It can be tempting to fall for some of these sweepstakes as the offers can be too good to refuse, and often it is.

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What You Need to Know

Although there are many legitimate sweepstakes online, it’s not possible to make a career or decent living out of entering them. You may win a few hundred dollars here or there but consistency cannot be guaranteed.

Neither can winning! You may go weeks without a win and then win 1 or 2 in a month. Still not enough to feed your kids with.

However, if you’re in this for a bit of fun, then good for you. As long as you are entering legitimate sweepstake contents, then enjoy the merriment. They cost nothing and you could win from time to time.

The other thing to keep in mind is that for each sweepstake you sign up to, they get your personal information. Some only ask for an email address (which can be stored through their autoresponder), others generally ask for more than that. If you check the terms and conditions, you’ll find that this information can be shared, as I mentioned earlier.

A tactic that many people use is setting up a secondary email address to use specifically for sweepstakes or other contests. You’ll still have to give your true name or phone number though, as they’ll contact you if you win. But the emails can be separate from your personal stuff.

So, enough about what you need to know, here’s a couple of legitimate sweepstakes you can try out.

USA Sweepstakes

MDM Everyday Winner $500 Sweepstakes

  • This sweepstake for entrants over the age of 18, is to win $500 on a daily basis.
  • It’s only available until December 31, 2018
  • Name and email address is required
  • You’ll be asked to view the sales offers on their website until you reach the confirmation page
  • You can enter up to 5 times per day.
  • Only open to residents in the USA.

Sweepstakes a Month – $1000 Callaway Golf Clubs

Make Money With Sweepstakes golf1

Enter This Sweepstake

  • This sweepstake for entrants over the age of 18, is to win a $1000 set of Callaway golf clubs.
  • email address is required
  • Only open to residents in the USA.


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Wrapping Up

With so many various sweepstakes online it can be easy to get caught up in entering all of them. But as I’ve stated, you need to be aware of the unruly types that create scam sweepstakes.

Follow the tips I’ve outlined and you should find a number of great sweepstakes that you can enter multiple times.

As I’ve also said, this type of money making opportunity is not going to bring in a consistent income, in fact there’s no way of guaranteeing a win at all.

If you’re after a viable and legitimate way of earning an income from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere with an internet connection for that matter, then read on below.

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