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Paid to Flex Review


Paid to Flex is the next in a long line of domains that have been created, to obtain the personal information of new users. Paid to Flex is a membership site that has been replicated from other sites. Those people searching for ways to make extra money online are the target audience, but the reality is, Paid to Flex will not pay you out.

There are loads of domains being setup that are all claiming to be the No1 Influencer network, with this latest one calling themselves the ‘one of a kind Social Earning Network’.

To say the least, I’m extremely skeptical of all the sites, and believe them to be unethical. I’ll show you why I make this assumption, and you can decide for yourself to sign up or not.

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Paid to Flex Summary

Paid to Flex 500x200Product Name: Paid to Flex

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Tasks / Referrals

Price: Free

Program Summary: In my opinion, I believe Paid to Flex to be a illegitimate. I’ve seen and reviewed many of these replica sites, and even completed some tasks within the members area. There are too many reports of all these sites not paying out members, and getting no support.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 4/100

What is Paid to Flex

The homepage of Paid to Flex (paidtoflex.com) will have you believe that you’ll be given $20 just for signing up, and $20 for every friend you refer. You can also earn anywhere between $10 – $30 for completing tasks such as downloading apps or giving your opinion.

As long as you’re 13 years or older, you can sign up and begin completing these menial tasks, which will give you an accumulated account figure. Don’t be fooled though, because this figure is not really your money, even though you think it is.

When you enter the Paid to Flex members area, a referral code will be allocated to you. This can be used to give to friends, family or anyone else willing to take a chance on this program. Should they click on this code link and signup, you’ll be credited with $20 into your Paid to Flex account.

There seems to be a miscommunication going on though, because their 3 step process says they’ll only give you $15.

Paid to Flex 3 Step process

The reason for this error is simple. They’ve made so many replica websites, but often change the prices around. Some cloned sites will pay you $10 for referrals, others $15. In this case they’ve got confused, or forgotten to change one of the figures to match the other.

Not that it matters though, because in the end, you won’t get paid out anyway. Let me explain the inside of Paid to Flex.

How Does Paid to Flex Work

Paid to Flex is the latest (currently) of these task/referral sites, and they’ve decided to change up the layout slightly. Instead of displaying the dashboard menu down the left side, it’s a horizontal layout like so:

Paid to Flex Menu

So even though it may look different, the full members area serves the same purpose. This is to get you to share the ‘Paid to Flex’ program to anyone willing to fall victim. So how will this be achieved? Via the following methods.

  1. You’ll use the menu to access the $20 Tasks (known as the task wall on other sites). Here you’ll be offered various activities that you can complete, to earn $20. This could be entering your personal details, doing a survey or requesting sample information. As earlier mentioned, downloading apps is also an option.
  2. Paid to Flex Tasks
  1. Using your referral URL seems to be the preferred method to promote the Paid to Flex site. You’ll earn $1 for each click you receive after sharing it anywhere you can think of. They claim that if you bring in more than 100 referrals, you will earn $3 for every click on your link. Along with this, $35 for every signup, but you’ll also need to complete 10 tasks from the $20 tasks tab. I believe this is a tactic to get you to refer as many people as possible, and complete these tasks before you realize payment will NOT be forthcoming.
  2. Paid to Flex claims they are a social networking site, so of course they get to use these platforms to promote their site. They even suggest that you’ll earn $15 for every live stream / video / story you add on Facebook. There’s no limit to earning through multiple live streams.
  3. YouTube will also apparently earn you money. Another $15 for each video you upload. And another $20 if they actually sign up. They even give you written scripts to send out.

Your totals from all these tasks and activities will be displayed in your Paid to Flex account. It will look like this.

Paid to Flex account overview

All this sounds like an easy way to make money, but as you’ll discover, I have many concerns with Paid to Flex.

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Doing due diligence is always a good idea before signing up to something, so I applaud you for doing yours. Here’s some concerns of mine with the Paid to Flex program, that I consider unethical.

#1 Fake Testimonials

This is interesting. I know that testimonials give credence to any program, usually because if somebody is recommending the program, it will get more customers to join. And this is exactly what Paid to Flex is attempting to achieve.

However, I thought I’d check to see if these testimonials are legitimate. Well, it seems they are not.

I first searched for the image of the alleged Rosie Daniels, who has apparently earned over $55,000.
Paid to Flex Review Fake Testimonial
It appears that this image has been used over the internet 648 times!
Paid to Flex Testimonial Used 648 Times
This is not Rosie Daniels at all, but a stock image you can pick up for free from a website called Unsplash.
Paid to Flex Testimonial Image at Unsplash
Go ahead and check it for yourself. Here’s the link.

And it appears that all the other testimonials are stock images also, and have been used multiple times elsewhere under various names.

Here’s the next testimonial, Inoue Naoya. This image has been found 25 times on the internet, and is even used as a profile for Victor Ko, a graphic artist at Cleveland Exotic Dance. (https://clevelandexoticdance.com/team/victor-ko/)

Paid to Flex Testimonail

The other images have also been used many times in the past, with one being extremely popular with 768 appearances over the internet.

Paid to Flex Unauthentic Reviews

Clearly, these testimonials are not authentic.

#2 Paid to Flex Registration Date

I was intrigued to know when Paid to Flex was founded, so I checked out their ‘About’ page. They tell us that their Al (artificial intelligence) has been learning since 2006, which I found to be really interesting.

Paid to Flex Founding Claim

They go on to say ‘our team at paidtoflex.com has worked for over 13 years developing an AI-based algorithm’, which together suggests they’ve been around since 2006. This would also need to be the case to accumulate 185,000+ happy members.

Just to make sure, I checked when their paidtoflex.com domain was registered, and look what I found.

Paid to Flex Registration Date

That’s right. It was only registered on the 15 Jan, 2020. The ‘Registered On:’ date is when it was first registered, not re-registered date. If it was re-registered, that would show up after ‘Updated On:’.

I’m writing this review in late January 2020, and this domain was only registered in mid Jan. 2020. Don’t you think it’s a bit odd that in only a matter of days, they’ve got over 185k members. It also suggests their ‘AI-based algorithm’ was not in use for 13 years! Very dubious I say!

#3 No Social Branding

Wouldn’t you think that the largest ‘Social Earning Network’ would have a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, Pinterest and so on. Well, they don’t. ‘Nowhere on their website do they have links to any of these social channels.

They’re quite happy for you to share their platform on YOUR social channels, which is what they claim people have done. This image is apparently the percentage of social shares.

Paid to Flex Social Share Percentages

Yep, another dubious claim.

#4 Paid to Flex Payment Info

Something that I found really odd is the Paid to Flex payment options. You’re given 3 options, PayPal, Bank Transfer or Stripe. I don’t believe anyone searching for this kind of opportunity will use Stripe, as this is a payment gateway system for businesses.

PayPal only requires your email address, but the third option of Bank Transfer worries me. Usually a proper payment gateway will be setup so you only have to fill out the required fields for your credit card.

In the instance of Paid to Flex, you just write your banking information in a details field.

Paid to Flex Payment Bank Details

In my opinion, this is extremely unprofessional, and I wouldn’t be trusting my banking details to be placed in a text box like this.

#5 Cloned From Other Sites

I believe Paid to Flex has been created by the same people that has built other replica sites. I’ve reviewed many of these, here’s a brief list.

The list goes on and on, I’ve actually reviewed more than this. The point I’m making is that these websites are being setup under various aliases for a reason. What is that reason? I’m not exactly sure. It could be to steal your information, which is the most likely reason.

Once they have your information, they can charge a fee to sell it. This is more common that you may think. Anyway, I would be very wary if you do pass your information to these guys.

Replica Site Reviews

​Paid to Flex is such a recent release that there are not yet any reviews for this program. However, I can share with you reviews from other sites mentioned above that are not very complimentary. As we know, these sites are all replicas of each other.

Here’s just a snapshot of some reviews of Influencer Cash, Rain Money and PaidLeaf.

Paid to Flex replica Site reviews

If you think I’ve just taken the poor reviews, I’d urge you to head over to Trust pilot and take a look for yourself. Approximately 90% of the reviews are poor. Here’s the link for each of these sites:

Be your own judge.

My Verdict

Well, put it this way, I won’t be recommending Paid to Flex to my readers. My verdict is you should be very cautious signing up and completing tasks with Paid to Flex. There are too many poor indications for me to approve this site as a money making venture.

Apart from these replica sites, I’ve never seen companies promote such large cash amounts for such menial tasks. Probably because they would go out of business if legitimate.

I understand the need to look for alternative ways to make some money, but sometimes if they sound too good to be true, the are.

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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