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Paidera Review


If you’ve been searching for a way to earn some extra income online, you may have come across this new site called Paidera. This site is similar to several others, where you can get paid to complete various tasks or surveys.

I’ve recently been alerted to how this site works, and if you can make as much money here as with other sites. So here’s my Paidera review, so you can assess yourself, and decide if this is the type of program you want to join.

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Paidera Summary

Paidera-Review-logo500x200Product Name: Paidera

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Get Paid to do Surveys/Tasks

Price: $Free

Program Summary: In my opinion, this is a site you should stay away from. The earning rates are poor, the complaints are large and you’ll be advised to get your friends and family involved.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 13/100

What is Paidera

Paidera claims to be a site that will pay individuals for completing tasks such as surveys, signing up to external offers, uploading videos or writing articles promoting Paidera. And no, I’m not writing this article to get Paid by Paidera. I have no affiliation with Paidera, and am giving my honest appraisal of their product.

Another thing that will earn you credits, is referring others to the Paidera website.

When you complete any of these tasks, your account revenue grows. Well this is what they tell you anyway, but I want to test this myself to see how easy it is to complete a survey, or other task.

Paidera Review Options

How Does Paidera Work

Much of this seems authentic enough, but there’s a nagging thought in the back of my head that all doesn’t seem right.

So the first thing I did, was complete a survey, which is easy enough. Then it happens, I’m shown a large banner advert that promotes a different website. Not just that, I was struggling to find how to continue on and complete another task. Is there a ‘Continue’ button somewhere, or do I just wait. Eventually I find it, but I get the feeling that they are more interested in getting me to click their banner ad.

You see, there are affiliate websites out there that will pay minimal amounts if you can get someone to click their link. These are called PPC ads (Pay Per Click). So I’d image that Paidera will be hoping anyone they sign up, clicks on one of these banners so they can make a small commission every time.

Completing Micro tasks are another possibility to earn a few cents. I mean this literally, because they only pay 0.10c for each task. Unlike most sites that offer these incentives, the tasks are externally paid offers. This means you’ll just be sent to sign up for various offers through companies that partner with Paidera.

Uploading videos is another option to create money, but the returns are extremely poor. What the Paidera home page doesn’t tell you, is that the videos you’ll be uploading, are to be promote Paidera! I’m starting to smell a rat here. If you’ve ever created a video before, you’ll understand that it could take some time, maybe even hours. The return you’ll receive for creating this video, then uploading it to YouTube mind you, is only 0.15c.

Paidera Review Uploading Videos

Next up, it’s possible to earn a whopping 0.20c by writing an article (again, promoting Paidera). You’ll then upload it to an authoritative website or blog, and have it approved. Now firstly, I’m not going to waste my time writing an article (which could take me 30 minutes or more) for 0.20c. My time is worth much more than that, and yours is too.

Not only that, many authoritative websites that take articles like EzineArticles, ArticlesBase or ArticleRich, could ban you for promoting Paidera. And in my opinion, you’d lose credibility if you were to promote Paidera.

In addition to these other earning options, you can refer friends or family to Paidera so they can do the same thing. If you dare!

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Will You See Results With Paidera

It depends what you consider results. You may see some money enter your account, but with the extremely small dividends on offer, you won’t be making much money at all. Let’s take a look at what Paidera will pay:

  • Surveys = $0.10c – $0.15c
  • Tasks = $0.10c
  • Create and Upload Videos = $0.15c
  • Write and submit articles = $0.20c
  • Referrals = $0.10c

On top of this, there is a payout threshold. This is set at $50, which means you’d need to complete lots of tasks, surveys, articles etc. Can you imagine how much time you will have used to complete enough of these activities to get to your $50 threshold!

One way to reduce the limit threshold, it to refer others to Paidera. Here’s the number of referrals you’ll need, to reduce the threshold figure:

  • $20 (150+ Referrals)
  • $30 (100+ Referrals)

In my opinion, I wouldn’t be referring any of my family or friends to a platform unless I knew it worked, or paid really well. Paidera is not that platform if you ask me.

In my opinion then, you won’t see very good results with Paidera.

Now, About The Threshold

To be honest, I didn’t follow through with completing enough tasks to warrant a large enough amount of money in my account. I just wasn’t going to waste my time for 10c here and 20c there, this is a waste of my valuable time. However, It’s come to my attention that some people have reached the $20 mark, and they’re not happy.

Once they reached $20 in their account, all the remaining survey’s became locked. They received a message saying that they needed to refer friends to unlock any more surveys. This suggests that no matter how much you make, their intention is to receive referrals to the Paidera program regardless.

Paidera Red Flags

There’s a few uncertainties that make me uncomfortable about Paidera.

Incorrect Grammar

The copy on their website is not all correct grammar. For a company that claims to have 57K+ users (which I highly doubt), you’d think they would have paid somebody to write correct English grammar throughout the written copy.Paidera Review UsersPaidera Review errors
The above image displays either broken English, or just poor written copy.

Unknown Owner

I’m really unsure who the owner of Paidera is. Apparently Paidera was established in 2018 by a small team of digital enthusiasts, under the banner of DigiCrafts System. So I decided to do a Google search of DigiCrafts System and could not find them listed. The digicraftssystem.com domain name was only registered (or re-registered) on September 18, 2019. The domain itself does not seem to be active.

There is no known address listed on the Paidera website, and the only available contact is an email address. There’s no names or phone number listed, which has me feeling uncomfortable about Paidera.

Terms & Conditions

I found this very uneasy. I checked the Paidra terms & conditions, which states a few concerns on my part. Point 20 in the Paidera T & C’s states ‘We deserve the right to decrease the number of VALID clicks and/or total earnings in your account at any time’. What the!

Paidera Review Terms & Conditions

Surely you cannot manipulate valid clicks or total earnings that people have legitimately earned through the Paidera website. 

It then goes on to say ‘earnings listed in your account is not the final earnings and can be rechecked from time to time’. Also, ‘any fraudulent detection using our system or available third party options in our website will cause your account to be banned’. I’ve seen this exact statement used on other scam sites. It’s basically how they claim to get out of paying anyone.

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My Verdict

In summing up Paidera, I’m more in the camp that this is an unethical scam. I believe that they entice people in, and only offer them small amounts of income to add to their account. If some people are persistent enough to actually make the dollar threshold, they don’t allow you to add any more earning until you start referring others.

This is totally against proper business practices, and I’d be surprised if they are still around in another year.

There have been many complaints of people not getting paid, even having their account suspended. It’s been noted that multiple people have received the message ‘your account has been suspended permanently due to invalid traffic sources (Bots, Auto traffic generator, non social traffic…)’.

This concerns me greatly, so I will not be recommending this program to any of my readers.

To be totally honest, I don’t understand why people sign up to fill out surveys and complete tasks anyway. Even the ethical websites that offer this service, don’t offer great rates. Sure, they pay better rates than Paidera, but not enough to offer you a consistent income.

A Better Alternative

I’d be advising a more substantial opportunity to make money, which will be putting all those hours to much better use. If you have the time to fill out surveys and complete tasks, which can take maybe 2-4 hours per day, why not create a website and promote products as an affiliate marketer. This offers a much better long term solution.

I’d urge you to stop thinking about quick money solutions online. There’s no such programs that will legitimately pay you lots of money, with such little work. Instead, think about building your own online asset. Just imagine how well you will be doing this time next year.

It’s possible that in a years time, you can be bringing in a full time income from the comfort of your home.

Wrapping Up

If you have your heart set on filling out surveys all day to earn some pocket change, by all means go for it. But do it with a reputable site such as Swagbucks, which at least pays its members.

I applaud you for doing your research and finding out a little more about what Paidera is and how it works. There’s a lot of scams out there, and I don’t want anyone getting scammed by signing up to these.

If you’ve been conned into any scam, I’d be interested to hear who they were, and what your experience was like. Feel free to add to the discussion section below.

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