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Today I’ll be reviewing an automated photo editor that has recently hit the market. In December of 2016, Photolemur launched their product on Mac, followed by a windows edition in April 2017.

So, what can this program do for your photo images and is it as good as they claim it is?

Do they use any special technology or is it just bluff. Let’s take a closer look and see if it’s worth the few dollars you’ll have to pay for using it.

Photolemur Automated Photo Editor Review logoName: Photolemur
Website URL: https://photolemur.com/
Owner: Nazar Begen
Recommended: Yes

Why Do You Require an Automated Photo Enhancer

Are you a freelancer that relies on Photoshop or a similar program to enhance your images? Maybe you outsource your images to be touched up. Whatever the circumstance, you may require some help with a more simple to use program. It’s hard enough to find free web design graphics, so using a program to enhance your images is one great step toward creating your own.

It could be that you enjoy helping your family or friends with their photographic work, by importing, filtering, refocusing and modifying their work to make them perfect for displaying. Unfortunately, when you come home with an SD card full of new images that require modifying, it can become a hassle to change so many.

There’s many reasons for wanting to edit your photographic images. Often you’ll find your image is too dull, slightly blurred or has the common red-eye issue. Having a facility that can quickly fix these issues in a matter of seconds would be amazing. Well guess what? It’s arrived!

Photolemur will become your go-to choice to analyze and enhance any photo. The website states that they are not a photo editing program. This is correct as there are no manual actions for you to edit. It’s all done automatically which can save you loads of time.

If you’ve been manually editing photos attempting to get your image sharp, bright and perfectly focused, then this tool may just save you a lot of pain.

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Who is Photolemur For

I’d suggest that anyone with a need to enhance their photos should give this a try. Many professional photo editors will probably continue to use the more expensive programs, but even these people will benefit with Photolemur in some circumstances.

It’s especially helpful if you’re in urgent need of photo enhancement. As it’s simply a matter a drag & drop process, the analyzation and modification is done in a matter of seconds.

If you’re a blogger or website creator then this can really help with your image uploads. Often you’ll use your own images, sometimes images with no copyright infringement. Whatever the case, you may require more brightness or sharpness and Photolemur can offer this in a quick manner.

Because this is not a total alternative of other photo editor software, these other programs still have a place in the life of a photographer. However, not everyone wants or has the time to learn Photoshop and have the requirement for multiple layers. Even the most experienced will benefit from this program from time to time.

What Makes Photolemur So Good

In my opinion, what makes this tool so great is the depth of which the program analyses the image with no manual intervention required. The tool actually thinks for itself and creates an enhancement solution you’ll expect.

The lack of manual filtering or editing is a huge bonus and gives us an easy to use solution for any kind of image. Photolemur is so clever, it can tell the difference between trees, people, sky, landscapes and more. It’s the only advanced tool that can automatically enhance your photos like this. Hence the reason there’s a cost to use it, unless you get the free version which comes watermarked.

The slider tool showing a before and after version of your image is also a great feature. It allows you to access the changes that Photolemur has made to your image, so you can immediately see the difference.

There’s also a modifying slider which allows you to choose between the original and finished product. This has only just been released in the latest version of the program and is a welcome feature. Hopefully they add a few more gems like this in the next issue.

Here’s a glance at how the original image changes into the processed new version.

How does it Work

Every pixel in your image is targeted to enhance the overall aspect. This is accomplished by artificial intelligence that can recognise various features and differentiate between them.

There’s 12 different technologies inside of Photolemur which all contribute towards an amazing enhancement.

  • Color Recovery
  • Sky Enhancement
  • Exposure Compensation
  • Natural Light Correction
  • Foliage Enhancement
  • Noise Reduction
  • Smart Dehaze
  • Tint Perfection
  • Face Retouching
  • JPG Fix
  • RAW Processing
  • Horizon Straightening

All these technology inclusions work to give you an amazing output. The color recovery for instance, will restore the color brilliance that most photos may not have captured during the shot. The Exposure Compensation element will slightly lighten or darken your image after detecting photos taken with an inaccurate exposure setting.

The Natural Light Correction feature adjusts the image tones, exposure and contrast, depending on the time of day in the photo. This helps in restoring natural colors to photos taken at dawn or dusk.

One of the best technology inclusions of this program is the Face Retouching feature which detects any faces in an image and removes any blemishes to show a cleaner look.

If your photos includes haze or fog which detracts from the image, the Smart Dehaze element will remove this and any other distracting elements.

With the detail that’s gone into this technology, it’s a great tool to get perfect images for various online pursuits. even presentation jobs.

What I Really Like About Photolemur

To begin with, I’m really impressed with the offer of a free version. When a company offers you to try out their program for free, it generally means they have full confidence in their product and they stand by it.

No company would do this if they knew the program isn’t up to scratch. So even though you’ll have to sign up with them to receive this free version, it’s a great option to test it out.

The only limitations are, that there is a watermark when you download the file, and there is no batch processing. Because of this, I’d expect most people would like the watermark removed so the paid version is the best option. You can read about pricing further down this review.

The other great thing I like is the speed of analysing and modifying the image. It usually takes under 20 seconds to receive your end result which is remarkably quick.

The bulk processing is also a nice addition.

Photolemur Automated Photo Editor Review drag

Outputting & Other Features

As explained, enhancement of your images is easily done, but what can you do with the image once the process has been completed? The most obvious output option is an image file and the options available are JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD, along with a number of others.

Currently you can share your outputted images to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. In the not too distant future you’ll also have the option to share to Instagram, 500Pix and SmugMug. Having the option to social share is great for getting your images out to the public quickly.

As far as interface is concerned, currently Photolemur works brilliantly with macOS and Windows. Mobile web versions are also in the pipeline, and may be in use by the time you’re reading this article.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay for Photolemur

You may think that this is a fairly expensive program but you’d be wrong. As mentioned earlier, I really like the fact that it’s a one time payment.

There’s 2 payment options to choose from. They are stated below:

  • Single Licence. One Device Only. $34.99
  • Family Licence. Up To 5 Devices. $49.00

Both these payment options include free performance updates. Whenever a new release comes out, you’ll have the latest version.

What Are The Downsides

Previously I would have said that the lack of a feature for fine tuning the processed result would have been a big downside. But the latest version has a slider to allow for this. It’s not a full editing feature but for those that are just using the program for quick manipulation, it’s ideal.

Apart from this, the only downside would be for professionals that like to tweek and constantly manipulate their images. But this solution is not for those artists. Photolemur is for those that have no inclination to spend hours trying to modify images.

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Wrapping Up

Whilst this is not an alternative for those photographers that use photo editing programs to add filters and modify specific attributes, it is an all-in-one solution to enhance most photographs for general usage.

It’s ideal for those times where you want to breath more life into your photo’s which have not quite come through with the original camera shot. The results are great and you can slightly modify these results should you need to.

If you’re a blogger that uploads your own images to your website, this tool will help big time for a fairly small outlay.

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