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Point and Click Profit Review


While Point and Click profit has been circulating on the internet for a couple of years now, there are still people getting taken in by the promises of fast cash. I applaud you for doing your research and reading this Point and Click Profit review before considering signing up.

Just because this site is still active on the web, doesn’t mean it’s ethical or legitimate. In fact there’s some common red flags here that indicate it could be a scam. So, with that I’m going to investigate what Point and click Profit is, and if you can make money with this system.

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How Does Point and Click Profit Work
Sales Page Rubbish
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Point and Click Profit Summary

Point and Click Profit Review 500x200Product Name: Point and Click Profit

Spokesperson: Amy Jensen

Product Type: Pyramid

Price: $100 for Easy1up membership

Program Summary: In my opinion, you should keep well away from this website, and all other domains associated with Point and Click profit. It’s a scam.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 3/100

What is Point and Click Profits

Let me start off by saying that this product is a total scam. You obviously came here for an answer to the legitimacy of Point and Click Profits, well now you know. I’ll explain what it really is and how it works, but if you want to learn a legitimate method of making money online, skip down here.

So, Point and Click Profits is just a front for a crappy money sucking website. In fact they’ve used various names and domains in the past, such as ‘Limitless Commissions’ and ‘Online Suppliers Club’. The reviews of these previous sites have caught up with them, so they’ve switched domains again.

Now known as Point and Click Profits, the sales page suggests you’ll be earning money by promoting products via EBay, which is contradictory to the actual product that you’ll be paying for. I’d suggest this it to make the program seem all above board, because selling on EBay is a legitimate model of online wealth creation.

So let’s have a deeper look and see what you’ll actually be signing up for.

How Does Point and Click Profits Work

Amazingly, I’m told that there are positions available in my city, which means I can read the ‘job report’, to see if I quality. Well as it turns out, the same message is displayed wherever you are in the world, but of course I knew that.

Point and Click Profit Review congratulations

This is a sales tactic to make it sound as if you’re special, and that you’re the chosen one. In all honesty, you’re just another guinea pig should you sign up to Point and Click Profits.

The news clip that is played at the beginning of the sales page, is nothing more than a clip about people working at home. It has nothing to do with this product, and is used to seem authentic.

Now the information provided on the sales page will entice you into believing, that an eCommerce future is your destiny. With images of Ebay splashed about, and lures of eCommerce wealth promised, you’ll be thinking that you will be on easy street within no time.

Apparently, businesses are looking to reduce their rent, payroll taxes, medicare, health insurance, employees and advertising costs. So they are all turning to Ebay to sell their goods. Now, this is wrong, companies are not all looking to sell on Ebay. They may use Ebay to supplement their sales, but brick and mortar stores are still effective.

Anyway, your job if you sign up to this scam, is to be an eCommerce account manager. You’ll be working on behalf of some major corporations to sell their products on Ebay. Which, if you believe the potential earnings on their calculator, only a few products will give you a good income.

Point and Click Profits Review Earnings Calculator

Unfortunately, this is the end of the road for your Ebay dreams. You see, when you decide to sign up with Point and Click Profits, you’ll be taken to a totally different site, that has nothing remotely to do with Ebay listings.

What will happen, is you’ll be redirected to a signup page for a program called ‘Easy1up’. So, the creator of Point and Click profit is a sponsor for Easy1up, because Easy1up only allow new customers through their affiliates.

The cost of joining up to Easy1up is $97. So this sure is a surprise when you get the redirect. But that’s not the end of the payments, as the upsells can amount up to $1000.

Update: I’ve recently gone back to Point and Click Profit to see if the same offer still applies. It seems they no longer have an affiliation with Easy1up, as I received this message at the same signup URL redirect.

Point and Click Profit Review unavailable

So, maybe Easy1up don’t want any affiliation with the owner of Point and Click Profit, which isn’t surprising.

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Sales Page Rubbish

Now lets look at what made me, and many others, suspicious of Point and Click Profit.

Who is Amy Jensen? You will get the impression that Amy Jensen is the owner of this website, and it’s her actual sob-story that you’ll be reading. But this is a stock image photo that has been used to make up a fake profile.

Point and Click Profit Review Amy Jensen

The story that ‘Amy’ relates, is supposed to resonate with you, to get you hooked into thinking that her scenario is just like yours. You know, where she’s just about to run out of money, her credit cards are maxed out, her landlord was about to kick her out of home, and she just lost her job.

This is the typical spiel that presenters place on these scam websites to make you think that they’ve been in the same situation as you, only worse. Then hey presto, an ideal online solution comes along that will take all the financial worries away. Apparently you can make $3K, with only one hours work per day.

A home internet opportunity was her lifeline, and now she wants to offer the same opportunity to you. I say, BS.

Now check this out, an obvious scam tactic to make the site seem more authentic. You see the brand logos with the label ‘work at home as seen on’.

Point and Click Profit Review major companies

This doesn’t mean that Point and Click Profit has been seen on these networks, it means ‘work at home opportunities’ have been shown on these networks. Hence the reason for the video with no relevance to Point and Click Profit, just a work at home opportunity.

So with several red flags such as the network logos, fake profiles, claims of high income for little work, limited spaces available and a video with no relevance, I’m here to tell you to steer well clear of this scam.

Will You See Results With Point and Click Profit

I don’t believe you’ll make any money from Point and Click Profit. The reason being, there is no actual product under this banner. They’re sending you elsewhere to join up to another program, in essence, to make money for themselves from your signup.

While it’s possible to make money online, these get rich quick scams will not offer you the opportunity to do it.

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My Verdict

I really don’t like seeing vulnerable victims, getting sucked n by these dishonorable scammers. In my opinion, Point and Click Profit is just another product someone has created to make money from others, without offering a return.

It’s easy for these scammers to find unsuspecting people to attract, because so many are searching for possibilities to make money online. If you ask me, the best option is to actually own your own asset.

By this I mean creating your own product selling website, or your own store within the Amazon framework. There’s places that can host your online stores, and hosting providers that can house your website. The more you build up your website, the more of an asset it becomes. 

My top 3 options to create wealth online are these:

Each of the above links will take you to my preferred course review, that teaches how to do these activities. They are legitimate, and offer a solution to build your own online wealth building asset for the future.

The cheapest solution above would be affiliate marketing, which you can even check out free for a week to begin with.

Wrapping Up

As mentioned, this advertised Point and Click Profit product is just a re-hashed system that has been doing the rounds over the last few years. Signing up to programs that offer lots of money for little work will not get you anywhere.

Do you really think that a system that can offer quick wealth, by doing 1 hours work per day, exists? I’m here to tell you they don’t exist, and the only way to make money online is to put in some hard work, especially in the beginning.

This could be setting up your own affiliate marketing website, or eCommerce store. Whatever it is, there’s some setup hours involved. Any online entrepreneur will tell you this.

So look for an option that will suit you for years to come, and chase those dreams of making your own online success. It can be done, but change your mindset to understanding that quick riches are unachievable with a $10-$40 product.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

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Disclosure: Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links will not cost you any more. More info at my disclaimer page

The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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