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Is This The Best WordPress Theme For Affiliate Marketers


It’s always a contentious argument. What is the best theme to use with WordPress as an affiliate marketer? There are many themes to choose from, and many of them claim to be the best theme to use.

What makes affiliate marketing different from a simple blog? And why does it matter to use a theme designed specifically for affiliate marketing?

Well, let’s take a look and answer a few of those questions that you may be thinking to yourself.

Premium Affiliate Booster Summary

Product Name: Affiliate Booster

Founder/Owner: Mr. Kulwant Nagi

Product Type: WordPress Theme

Price: $21.75/year (Free version also available)

Affiliate Marketing Websites Need Performance

Although all websites require speed and ranking capabilities, as an affiliate marketer who lives off the income generated by affiliate sales, it’s of utmost importance. So you’re going to need SEO optimization along with a fast website.

Much of this comes down to the theme you are using, and the Affiliate Booster theme comes with these necessities in mind. There’s nothing worse than losing website traffic because your webpage just doesn’t load quick enough.

premium affiliate booster themeSpeed

Mobile responsive themes help enormously with site speed, which is what Affiliate Booster incorporates. This means those people viewing your website on mobile devices will see your website in a more presentable way than non responsive themes.

Being more lightweight than other themes gives the Affiliate Booster theme optimal page speed performance.

Easy Customization

Many new theme’s have a great customization experience, and Affiliate Booster is one of those. This is where the majority of sitewide settings can all be made in the one place.

For instance, when you first enter the customization area, you’ll be presented with the 6 main theme custom sections. These can be seen below on the left panel.

Easy Customization With Affiliate Booster

Taking the first module ‘AffiliateBooster Theme Panel’, you then have another 6 customization options under this. Under the ‘Global Options’ module, another 7 customization options are available.

This is typical of all customizable options, which gives you an easy way to change any settings that affect your site as a whole.

Want to change the height of your text on the whole site, simply go Advanced Typography > Global Typography and change the settings here.

Premium Affiliate Booster theme Global Typography

The more simple it is to change things on your website, the more content you can pump out.

In-Built Schema For Ranking

So what is schema and how can it benefit your website? Well, the more information you can give to search engines, the better they can find your articles and rank them higher.

In simple terms, more specific information and additional details are added to posts that explain to the search engines what an article is about, which then helps determine where a post will be ranked.

Some new website themes come with in-built schema optimization, making your posts immediately eligible for rich results.

Affiliate Booster Plugin Blocks

Apart from the SEO benefits that Affiliate Booster offers, one huge time saver is the premade customizable blocks. Here’s a few examples of the Affiliate Booster blocks to familiarize yourself with.

Firstly, the full list of blocks available is quite extensive, and particularly affiliate marketing targeted.

Premium Affiliate Booster Theme Blocks

AB Pros & Cons

One of the most commonly used marketing designs that affiliate marketers use is the Pros & Cons table. This compares products to other products and explains the benefits and pitfalls of each.

Having the ability to simply place a Pros & Cons table into a post is ideal, and saves so much time. The default table looks like the image below.

Premium Affiliate Booster Theme Pros Cons

Then there’s 3 different styles that can be chosen, which look like this.

Added to this is the ability to modify each style by the following options:

  • Color
  • Icons
  • Typography
  • Blur
  • Heading Labels

You can also add additional CSS to customize specifically to your liking.

Additionally to this, is another block called the ‘AB Good Bad Block’. In a similar way, you can add the ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ items associated with a product.

Comparison Table

When comparing different products, it’s not just about the pros & cons. You also want to show various features, a description, image and possibly a price.

A comparison table can show this information for several products where your audience can see in a snapshot, and come to a quick conclusion of what they are after.

The default comparison table looks like the image below.

Premium Affiliate Booster Comparison Table

Again, you will have the ability to modify the following elements.

  • #No. Of columns
  • Header Titles
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Button Settings
  • Add Image

And additional CSS is available for all these blocks.

AB Star Rating

Another block that I’m very partial to, is the AB Star Rating block. As individuals, many of us are more visual in nature, I know I am. When I look at product reviews I like to see star ratings, which is a quick way to analyze the author’s opinion of a product.

Stars are very easy to add with this block, and you can modify several options.

Premium Affiliate Booster Theme Stars

As you can see above, the stars can be half or full filled. The other elements that can be modified are.

  • #No. Of Stars
  • Size & Spacing
  • Alignment
  • Colors

Rating stars are a great addition to any post that promotes a product or service.

AB Product Columns

Bringing products together to compare in adjacent columns, is another common tactic for marketers. This is made extremely easy by using the AB product columns block.

Including a product heading, rating stars, image, feature content and a call to action button. Here’s what the default template looks like.

Premium Affiliate booster Theme Product Columns

The features I mentioned above can be turned on and off separately, and you can add up to 7 product blocks along a sliding scale.

Each product box can be altered individually, including colors, stars, sizes, icons etc. What I really like with these AB product Columns is the flags that can be added. You can see these in the image above in each corner. Brilliant if you have a more highly recommended product.

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Other Affiliate Booster Benefits

The Premium Affiliate Booster theme and plugin are beneficial in several ways, many I’ve explained above. The theme is also mobile responsive, then again, which premium themes aren’t these days.

I’ve noticed many people who have tried the Affiliate Booster theme are getting brilliant page speed times. Achieving 99% on a page speed test is amazing, and this has been shown.

I also like some of the other features that can be turned on or off with a button click, such as breadcrumbs and author bio.

This theme is extremely affordable for the features that it possesses, especially for specific affiliate marketers out there. The theme is Gutenberg compatible and offers quick and reliable service.

There’s no doubt that with the Premium Affiliate Booster theme, you’ll have a professionally designed SEO friendly website within no time.

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