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Prosperity People Systems Review


Have you recently been approached to join a system called ‘Prosperity People Systems’, and watched the sales video through. You may have seen it on a social media site, or maybe received an email to join Prosperity People Systems.

You’re probably wondering if this is a legitimate opportunity to make money, or another money sucking program. Let me begin by saying that yes, this is a pyramid scheme and your changes of making money are next to nil.

I’ll provide you with what you need to know in this Prosperity People Systems review, and let you decide if it’s worth placing your money within.

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What is Prosperity People System
How Does Prosperity People Systems Work
Prosperity People Systems Concerns
Who is Going to Sign Up
Now, About That Traffic
Would I Recommend Prosperity People Systems
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Prosperity People Systems Summary

Product Name: Prosperity People Systems

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Pyramid System

Price: $500, $1500, $3500 or $7500

Program Summary: In my opinion, this is a pyramid scam that will happily accept your payment, but returns will not be as forthcoming as you’d expect.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 10/100

What is Prosperity People System

Let’s begin by assessing the Prosperity People System sales page and video. We’re shown this video which claims that if we invest $500 or more, we will be given more money in return each month depending on how many other people we get to sign up to Prosperity People System.

The presenter of the video does not say who he is, which immediately makes me suspicious. I’ll touch on this and other concerns a little later.

You’re going to hear some big claims from the presenter, such as making huge amounts of money in small time frames. He claims that he’s made $204,500 in less than 4 months. I say this is BS, and they are just stating this to get you interested. Although I wouldn’t actually call it an investment, more of a scam.

Prosperity People Systems Review 204K claim

Now, apparently you need to be invited by an active member to join this system. By this they just mean you need to have clicked on a referral link, which people will have plastered over social media.

How Does Prosperity People Systems Work

The method that Prosperity People Systems works by, is just a pyramid scheme. Many people are unsure of the difference between a pyramid and MLM scheme. Basically, MLM’s sell physical products, and also have multi level marketing. Pyramid schemes don’t sell any physical products.

So you may look at Prosperity People Systems and consider it an MLM, but there are no actual products circulating. It’s just a money circulating system that will eventually dry up.

If we take a look at the compensation plan, you can see there are 4 levels of participation.

Prosperity People Systems Compensation Plan

The smaller you invest, the less money you’ll make. So, obviously you’ll be encouraged to invest the highest amount possible, being $7,500.

The returns you’ll receive will all depend on the amount of referrals you get yourself. So if you cannot get any referrals yourself, there is no money coming your way.

If you only invest the minimum amount at $500, you can only receive $500 from new members you sign up. If you join up by paying $7,500, you can expect to receive $7,500 from new members if they sign up at this amount.

The problem with this kind of pyramid system, is that there’s always a tipping point where there are no longer new members investing in the system. This is where the money dries up and no funds are being distributed. This is also why pyramid schemes are illegal in many states and countries.

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Prosperity People Systems Concerns

Is Prosperity People Systems a scam! I can’t be 100% sure, but there’s a few major concerns I have that you should pay particular attention to.

No Privacy Policy
Every website should have a privacy policy, even I require one for my website. This is to make sure legal practices are followed, and can help should things go awry. Not only can I not see a privacy policy link, there is also no income disclaimer, terms of service or other legal pages. This is a major red flag that indicates to me that this may be a scam.

No Ownership
At no point anywhere in the sales page or video does the spokesperson say who he is. There is no indication as to who is behind Prosperity People Systems, and they even say in the sales video that this is not a company or business. So what is it, a handshake agreement. If so, I’m out!

Having sat through the video testimonials, I’m convinced they are fake. By this I mean that you can easily outsource these kind of testimonials through outsourcing websites such as Fiverr.com.

After all, who on earth is going to realistically post thousands of dollars cash in an envelope these days. That’s what you’ll see in the testimonial video.

Scarcity tactic

Commonly, you’ll be encouraged to sign up to a program before they close the doors. Apparently, there’s just no way they can hold this offer for you indefinitely. This is rubbish. I’ve been back to the site over 2 months later and the same opportunity presents itself. 

Who is Going to Sign Up

So let’s assume for a minute this is a legit opportunity. If you were to go to any of your friends or family and advise them to sign up, would they! If I was investing this amount of money into a non proven system, I’d be wanting to know who is behind it, and be sure there is an income disclaimer to see previous results.

Once you’ve asked your personal acquaintances and they’ve declined, you’ll be left to use social media to push out your invitation to Prosperity People Systems.

Now, About That Traffic

So, as you hear in the sales video, you’ll be provided with a replica website to the one you signed up from. Anyone that visits this website will view the same presentation. Then the spokesperson says he’ll show you how to get Google to send people to your website 24/7 without spending a dime.

I find this interesting, because the only free traffic that Google will give you, is search engine traffic. You know, the search results pages when you Google something of interest. The thing with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) traffic, is that it takes months or even longer to rank highly enough to get any sort of traction.

I had to search long and hard to find any replica websites, but I did find two.


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Would I Recommend Prosperity People Systems

In a word…No. In my opinion, this is either a circular money pyramid system that will not last very long, or it’s a scam. In either case, you’d be lucky to see your invested money again. You making any money relies fully on getting other people into this system, which is fairly slim.

A Better Alternative

You’re obviously reading this Prosperity People Systems review because you want to make money. Don’t we all! Unfortunately, systems like this are all too common on the internet. They make huge claims of wealth to get you in, only to be disappointed when reality sets in.

If you’re after a genuine opportunity to make money online, I can provide a couple of options. Money can be made online, but you have to put in some effort. The great thing is, once you have put in the effort to build yourself an online business, it can become your career. No more working for the man!

My favourite options are Affiliate marketing (which is what I do), and you can read about the best affiliate marketing training course here.

Alternatively, why not try and set up your own online eCommerce store. Here’s a link to learn what dropshipping is and how it makes running an online store so much easier.

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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