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I’ve recently bought Raelyn Tan’s course and template pack known as the Happy Subscribers Toolkit, and was actually blown away with the value I received. I’d like to share with you my thoughts on what you’ll get in this review.

To begin this ‘Raelyn Tan email templates review’, I’ll offer a quick navigation menu to help you skip to the section you’re after. The majority of people just like to know if it’s good value for money, others are more interested in the inner detail.

I’ll share both here, to give you a broad view on my opinion of the Happy Subscribers Toolkit. So lets get started.

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What Is The Happy Subscribers Toolkit
Who is Raelyn Tan
Where Can You Get Raelyn Tan’s Email Templates
How Much Does it Cost?
What’s inside The Happy Subscribers Toolkit?
How Will You Use These Templates
Is This Good Value
Any Extra Costs or Freebies
Will The Happy Subscribers Toolkit Make You a Success?
Happy Subscribers Toolkit Pros
Happy Subscribers Toolkit Cons
Final Thoughts

Happy Subscriber Toolkit SummaryRaelyn Tan

Product Name: Happy Subscribers Toolkit

Founder/Owner: Raelyn Tan

Product Type: Email Templates

Price: $37

What Is The Happy Subscribers Toolkit

In all honesty, it’s a time saver. If you are starting to build an email list, then the Happy subscriber Toolkit will save you not only time, but also thinking of ideas.

By signing up to get Raelyn Tan’s course, you’re going to receive much more than just email templates. Raelyn has gone to a lot of effort to make sure you get value for money, by over delivering.

She’s incorporated this as a course on the Teachable platform, which is an extremely well recommended tutorial website. Raelyn Tan has pre-written loads of email templates that you can use to broadcast to your email list.

Raelyn Tan Email Templates Teachable Course

It’s not always easy thinking of what to send your email list, and you’ll get so many ideas here. Raelyn also gives great advice from her previous years of marketing experience.

So what is The Happy Subscribers Toolkit? It’s a collection of 104, of Raelyn Tan’s email templates ready for you to fill in the blanks, all laid out in course format. I’ll get to all the other goodies included soon.

Who is Raelyn Tan

I wouldn’t call Raelyn Tan a household name but she’s extraordinarily good at what she does.

Raelyn helps bloggers & online entrepreneurs build their audience and email lists. She has a major in marketing at the National University of Singapore, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and specializing in marketing.

She has also been working at her successful blog since 2014.

Where Can You Get Raelyn Tan’s Email Templates

The Happy Subscribers Toolkit can be bought directly from Raelyn’s website here. Once you make your purchase, you will receive email instructions from Raelyn on how to login to your account, and retrieve your email templates.

As a Happy Subscriber Toolkit member, you’ll also have access to any updates when they become available.

How Much Does it Cost?

I picked the Happy Subscriber toolkit up for just $37, and in my opinion, this was a bargain. Keep in mind that this is $37USD, so you will have to convert it to your currency if you’re outside of the United States. I’m in Australia, so it cost me approximately $51AUD.

What’s inside The Happy Subscribers Toolkit?

Here’s what you’ll receive when you sign up to Raelyn Tan’s email templates and course.

  • Access to The Traffic + List Building Cheat Sheet
  • Access to the Happy Subscribers Toolkit via teachable
  • 15 Sales Email Templates
  • 24-Month Weekly Newsletter Broadcast Content Plan
  • 50 Power Words That Trigger Emotion
  • 104 Broadcast Email Ideas Cheat Sheet
  • 104 Broadcast Email Templates
  • 250 High-Converting Email Subject Lines
  • 220 Catchy Headline Templates
  • Building Strong Relationships Via Email Guide
  • 101 Tips to Start a Successful Blog
  • 10 Tiny List To-dos (Cheat Sheet)
  • Welcome Email Sequence

As I said earlier, Raelyn Tan over delivers in her Happy Subscribers Toolkit.

Raelyn Tan Email Templates Selection

Each of these templates are essential to nurturing your own email list which you have worked extremely hard to accumulate. The last thing you want is for your new subscribers to unsubscribe within a week or so.

The only way to do this is by treating them as your friend, and by offering them good value and providing the information they want to hear. But sometimes you just don’t know what to write about.

This is why Raelyn created these email templates, which can be modified to suit any niche you’re in. She’s designed them strategically with blank areas to fill in, so you can talk to your specific niche audience.

This makes your job of creating follow-up or broadcast emails so much easier, because most of the work has been done for you, and even the ideas are there to leverage.

How Will You Use These Templates

Simple… fill in the blanks. Here’s an example of what I mean.

You’ll get a subject line with a blank, like this:

Subject: I spent $[#] on this.

Then a description:

I spent $[#] on getting a [what the purchase was].

I know it’s ridiculously expensive for a [what the item or service is]!

Let me say first I don’t usually go about wasting my money on just anything.

However, when it came to this, I just had to purchase it… and I have no regrets!



As you can see, as long as you’ve already got a blog and are building an email list, this huge set of email templates will allow you to broadcast to your list subscribers for at least a year, no problem, just by filling your related info in the desired locations.

Is This Good Value

By now you can probably sense my goodwill of the Happy Subscriber Toolkit. I believe it’s great value for money, especially as through email list is where much of your money can be made.

They always say, ‘the money is in the list’. However, you need to nurture your list and provide them with good value. Obtaining help in the form of templates will make this job easier.

If paying the small amount of $37 can provide you with a year’s supply of emails, with the potential to make back money every time you send one of these emails, then I’m in. In fact I’ve already told you I bought it, here’s my receipt to prove it.

Raelyn Tan Email Templates Receipt

So if you sign up to MY email list, there’s a good chance you may see some of Raelyn’s work! Although much of my email messaging was already done, you’d have to wait a few weeks until you noticed one of hers.

Any Extra Costs – Or Freebies

There are no extra costs unless you want to purchase one of Raelyn’s other courses. Here’s a list of Raelyn’s courses, including this email template course.

  • Happy Subscribers Toolkit
  • Traffic Subscribers Yours
  • Kickstart Your Blog
  • Your Stunning Website
  • The Ultimate 4 Course Beginner Bundle

You will also be given access to Raelyn’s resource library as a new subscriber. This is at no extra cost. She will provide you with a link, and a password to get into the resource page. Speaking of resources, here’s the tools I use for this website.

And you will receive any updates to any products you purchase.

Will The Happy Subscribers Toolkit Make You a Success?

By itself, no. No program or product that you purchase will make you a success unless you implement it. If you buy a course, you need to watch the course, then take action on what you’ve learned.

In this case, you’re purchasing email templates. Unless you fill them out and add them to your autoresponder, you will not become a success.

What the Happy Subscribers Toolkit does, is make your life easier. Any tools we can use at our disposal to help with automation, is going to allow us to do other aspects of our job.

I believe that if you implement these email templates and use them wisely, they will help you become a success.

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Happy Subscribers Toolkit Pros:

  • Loads of ‘fill in the blank’ email templates
  • Advice on how to use the templates as part of the course
  • Many PDF guides and cheat sheets
  • Free resource page access

Happy Subscribers Toolkit Cons:

  • Hard to think of any!

Final Thoughts

I stumbled across Raelyn Tan’s email templates course called the Happy Subscribers Club via my Facebook feed. Yep, she uses Facebook marketing to promote her course, but I’m happy to promote it here because I believe it’s worth the money.

I’ve also become an affiliate, as this becomes an option if you purchase one of Raelyn’s products. You will not pay any more if you buy through my affiliate link, so I’d appreciate you using this link here if you want to buy the Happy Subscribers Toolkit.

In my opinion having used these email templates and going through the course, I give it a thumbs up.

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