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Sandals Resorts Affiliate Program Review

As I can imagine you’ll appreciate, the travel industry is an exciting genre to enter as an affiliate marketer. Being one of the most popular niches which is searched millions of times per day, joining some great travel affiliate programs can be a lucrative activity.

There are many travel affiliate programs that you can join, hundreds in fact. Today I’m going to review the Sandals Resort affiliate program to give you an indication of what to expect as one of their affiliates.

If you think your readers are into luxury resort stays, then the Sandals Resort affiliate program may be an ideal fit your blog. Sandals resorts are spaced throughout the Caribbean islands, and are targeted towards  honeymooners, romantic getaways and offer the greatest in luxury. Weddings are also a popular choice for Sandals resorts.

It will be an easy sell to your potential website readers because of the images associated with the Sandals resorts. Their website design is full of class, and once you’ve directed your visitors to the Sandals Resort website, they will do the rest of the work.

So how do you get started making money with the Sandals Resort affiliate program? Here’s a brief rundown of how to go about it.

How Can You Make Money Via The Sandals Resorts Affiliate Program

​You’ll find that there are more than just the one affiliate network associated with Sandals Resorts. By going directly through the Sandals website, you’ll be sent to the CJ Affiliates network website to sign up to their affiliate program.

However, I also found that you can sign up through Flex Offers, Skimlinks or AWIN. I did notice that the commission rate was slightly less at Flex Offers, and Skimlinks always takes an extra cut from your commissions.

I do like the AWIN affiliate network (who are now part of ShareaSale) and the Sandals Resorts commission rate is the same as through CJ Affiliate, at 4%. To get started, you’ll have to sign up with CJ Affiliate or AWIN if you don’t already have an account. I’ll use AWIN as an example here.

Once signed in, you’ll have to apply to the Sandals Resorts affiliate program. Simply go to the Advertiser Directory and search for ‘Sandals’.

Sandals Resorts in Advertiser Directory

Click on Sandals and the program overview will appear. You can search the terms and commission types before making a commitment to join their affiliate program. On the left you’ll see the option to ‘Join Programme’.

Join Sandals Programme

All you need to do now is wait to be approved as part of the Sandals Resorts affiliate program. When you do get this approval, which you probably will because the approval rate is 91.30%, you can grab their affiliate links to place on your website.

For every initiated sale you make via your promotions, you’ll be receiving commissions. Not only that, you’ll also know that you’ve helped somebody book a romantic trip of a lifetime.

The setup and approval process will be very similar should you sign up to CJ Affiliate. It’s just a matter of navigating the CJ Affiliate website which is different.

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What Products Can You Sell

​As a Sandals affiliate, you can promote more than just their accommodation. Along with the idyllic rooms in the most tropical of destinations, you can also promote package deals which encompass activities.

These can include golf rounds, scuba diving experiences or massage treatments. Depending on your niche, these options can enhance the chances of a vacation purchase.

Airfares can also be acquired through the Sandals Resorts affiliate program. Commissions can even be earned through meals that are added to a travel package. So not only can you promote the luxury rooms on offer, there’s various additional features that can entice your visitors.

The Sandals Resorts Affiliate Program Commission Rates

There is a base rate of 4% commission for all sales through the Sandals Resorts affiliate program. You may think that this seems like a small percentage, but because the accommodation, packages, activities and meals all add up to a considerable amount of money, the commissions are very complementary.

Some of the rooms within the Sandals complex can cost up to $500 per person per night, which can add up considerably with several guests. Include the added extras that guests generally combine, and you’ve earned yourself a nice little packet in the one transaction.

You’ll also find that there are affiliate incentives for reaching certain limits. These incentives can include free trips. So the better you do at promoting the Sandals Resort, the better off you’ll be financially.

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Website/Blog Ideas to Sell

This is the part I really like, discovering the multitude of options to promote the Sandals Resorts affiliate program. I’ve always adored the travel niche, and the luxury side of travel can be addictive.

But you don’t even need to be writing about the travel industry to promote Sandals Resorts. You could have a wedding website, and promote honeymoons at any of the 16 Sandals resorts spread over 6 idyllic Caribbean islands.

Any romantic type of blog can incorporate vacations at these tropical locations. Wedding websites, dating websites, couples or eloping sites. Obviously various types of travel blogs such as luxury travel, Caribbean or tropical travel.

Imagine creating a luxury wedding website that promotes all things exotic. Incorporate the Sandals Resorts affiliate program with other high ticket affiliate programs that can offer you wonderful commissions.

The possibilities are unlimited, and only restricted by your imagination.

Pros & Cons or The Sandals Resorts Affiliate Program

As with just about anything, there are good and bad features with joining the Sandals Resorts affiliate program. Here’s a snapshot of my thoughts.


  • Opportunity to promote various aspects of Sandals Resorts including activities.
  • Commissions can be larger because of high ticket bookings.
  • Multiple opportunities to promote from different niches.


  • Commissions may seem low at 4%. (This is deceptive though)

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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