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Is Jaaxy Really the Top SEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool?

Well, this is certainly debatable, but it’s absolutely up there with the best keyword tools available online. Whilst not as well known as some of the big keyword tool programs such as SemRush or Moz, Jaaxy punches above it’s weight when it comes to features v cost in an ‘SEO keyword ranking checker tool’. Let’s check out all Jaaxy has to offer, and compare it to some of the other tools out there.

Here’s some of the things I’ll cover in this article:

The Jaaxy Tools

This is what I really like about Jaaxy, the tools are kept to the required amount for 90% of people out there without all the analytical data that can confuse users. What I mean by this, is that the interface is cleaner and easy to navigate because it’s not cluttered with extras that only the big guys play with. As you can see below, the headline act is simple and self-explanatory, except maybe for ‘Brainstorm’! SEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool Header

Search Tool

The search facility gives you all the information you’ll require, to find the exact search term to suit your post. If you have an idea in mind, simply type it in the phrase box. A list of statistics for that search phrase will appear, along with 20 similar phrases people are searching for on Google. What’s great about these statistics, is the columns offer you color coded indications of keyword quality. SEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool Jaaxy You’ll notice the 6 columns which provide you with an array of information. These columns include:

  • Ave: This is the average number of searches queried for that search term per month.
  • Traffic: Should you reach page 1 in the search engines for this keyword, the traffic column shows how many visits you should receive.
  • QSR: Quoted Search Results. This shows the number of competing websites ranked in Google with the exact same keyword.
  • KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator. This is where you be given 3 levels of indication as to how well you’ll rank for the chosen keyword. The 3 levels are Green=Great, Yellow=Normal (or okay) and Red=Poor.
  • SEO: Here you’ll get a score rating between 1-100. This is an indication, based on competition and traffic, of the likelihood of ranking on page 1 of search engines. The higher the score, the better chance of reaching the first page.
  • Domains: Having a domain name for a great keyword can be advantageous. This column will advise you if the domain is available for the various domain extensions.

Saving Your Keywords to a List

On the left hand side of each keyword, a tick-box is located. If you’d like to save several keywords to a list, simply tick the appropriate keywords you want saved and click the ‘Save to List’. SEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool Jaaxy search2SEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool Jaaxy search3 Once you click on ‘Save to List’, a small dialog box will appear that will give you 2 options. You can either create a new list by entering a New List name or click on the ‘Existing List’ tab and choose an existing list from the drop-down menu. Then just click ‘Save‘. You can view the list immediately afterwards, or just close the dialog and open up your saved lists by choosing the ‘Saved Lists‘ menu label in the secondary menu at the top of the page.

Other Keyword Search Options

Alphabet Soup

We’re not talking about the Heinz variety here, it’s the Google variety! The idea behind the alphabet soup strategy is to type letters into Google and see what appears in the search results. For instance, you start typing ‘bob…’ and the top currently trending search terms will appear. SEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool There’s a slight twist on this in the Jaaxy SEO keyword tool. Let’s say you wanted to search for ‘tree frogs’ but need a few good search terms related to this subject. Go to the ‘Alphabet Soup’ menu and type in ‘tree frogs’ and click ‘Search’.  You’ll now be shown multiple lists, the first showing keywords that include ‘tree frogs’ + keywords with the letter ‘a’.

SEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool Jaaxy

You will also be shown similar lists with each letter of the alphabet. eg: ‘tree frogs’ + keywords with the letter ‘b’, ‘c’, ‘d’ etc. Again, you can choose to save any of these keywords to a list. If you like one the these search terms you can dig a little deeper by clicking on the ‘Search on this‘ label to the right. Now you’ll be presented with a new list of appropriate related keywords.

SEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool Jaaxy The Alphabet Soup technique is a great exercise to find new keywords that you may never have thought of. Keep this in mind even when you’re just searching Google.

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Search Analysis

Search analysis is a very powerful tool to help you analyse how the top websites are ranking for a particular keyword. You’ll be able to find specifics as to why they are in the top positions and how you can implement the same information to your posts. Simply type your keyword in the search bar and choose the search engine you’d like the analysis for. You’ll have the options of Google, Bing or Yahoo.

SEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool Jaaxy AnalsyisSEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool Jaaxy Analsyis

As you can clearly see, you’ll find useful information such as the amount of words used in the post article, links used in the post, backlinks, Adsense use and the Alexa ranking. You will also gain access to the meta description of the post used to gain this high position, and any meta keywords that have been used. This can be such a useful tool knowing things like the word count.

As you can see, the above word count is just over 2000 words, but others can reach into the tens of thousands. When this is the case, it’s often because they have many engaging comments. Comments that encourage dialog increase your SEO ranking so it’s often a great idea to ask for opinions at the end of your articles.

Affiliate Programs

If you’re an affiliate marketer, then Jaaxy can help you find affiliate marketing programs that will suit your niche. Let’s say you’re in the furniture niche, and decide you want to find affiliate programs to promote outdoor furniture.

The Affiliate Program search will show you all the available affiliate programs that are listed in some of the top affiliate network programs. As of writing this, there are 4 affiliate networks which include Commission Junction (now known as CJ affiliates), Linkshare (Rakuten), Digital River and Clickbank. Here’s a search I did on ‘outdoor furniture’ which shows the listed results in Commission Junction. SEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool Jaaxy affiliates

Next to the keyword ‘outdoor furniture’, you’ll notice a drop-down menu that will show you the available choices of affiliate network. All the affiliate programs in CJ Affiliates (Commission Junction) are listed here with the Product WebsiteCommission Sale Type, Alexa Ranking and a link to sign up to the affiliate program.

As you can see, this is a very powerful tool when you require a specific type of affiliate program and can’t quite find what you’re after via other sources.


Who doesn’t love a good brainstorm! Perfect for when you’re all out of ideas and need to come up with a trending article for your audience. The Brainstorm section will offer you several lists of current trending topics that you can leech from.

With 4 lists of trending ideas from Google Trends, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers and Twitter Trends, you won’t be stuck for ideas for long. To get a great keyword for a new trending idea in Brainstorm, click on the + symbol next to the listed idea. This will add it to the Brainstorm Queue on the left.

SEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool Jaaxy Brainstorm

Once you have a list of topics, go back to your ‘Keywords’ tab and click the ‘Brainstorm’ tab on the right. The Brainstorm ideas you added to the list now appear. Simply click on one of these ideas and a list of all the best keywords will be shown.

SEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool Jaaxy Brainstorm2

You will also notice the tab on the right has changed back to ‘Related’ with a full list of related keywords that you can also click on to find even more great long-tail keywords. So, the vast array of keyword search options will greatly improve your chances of finding terms and phrases that many others have not found, used or identified. This is a huge benefit to you and will give you a great advantage over your competition. Now, let’s go over one of my favourite features.

Site Rank

Have you ever wanted to find out where you are ranked in the search engines for a particular keyword? Often you think you’ve found a great search term that will get you onto page one or two in Google, but how do you actually know! This is where the ‘Site Rank’ feature stands out as the ultimate tool for finding your exact position in Google, Bing & Yahoo. Simply type in your search term in the left field, your website domain in the right field and click ‘Search’.

SEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool Jaaxy rank

Displayed will be your ranking position in the various search engines for the domain you’ve chosen. As you can see in the above image, my website keyword has been positioned #6 for ‘best craft beer Christmas gifts 2018‘ in Google but hasn’t yet been picked up by Bing or Yahoo.

You can also track your rankings for any search term by clicking on the ‘Track this Keyword’ button. Go to the ‘Tracking’ tab and you’ll see the keyword listed. This will now be scanned daily, so you can view how it’s tracking.

SEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool Jaaxy track

Want to see Jaaxy in action? The video below will give you a better idea of what you can expect if you sign up t this cool SEO keyword tool.

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Try it for Yourself

Simply type a search term into the field below as see what great keywords you can find. Note: If you’re using an ad blocker, you may have to turn it off to see the field below.



You can start off with a FREE trial of Jaaxy, where you can view everything that the program has to offer. Upgrading to the Pro membership will set you back $49 per month and if you’re still not satisfied with this, upgrade to the Enterprise membership for $99 per month.

SEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool Price

It is possible to reduce this cost considerably by joining up to Wealthy Affiliate. This is the worlds leading online program that teaches affiliate marketing. If you are a member at WA, the cost reduces to the following.

SEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool Price WA

Compare these prices to SemRush below.

SEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool Price SEM


SEO Keyword Ranking Checker Tool Price MOZ

Jaaxy is going to be your best friend when it comes to keyword research, especially if you want to learn how to build a website to make money. To sign up to Jaaxy, click the button below. 

If you want to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll have access to the ‘Lite’ version of Jaaxy for the lifetime of your membership. You can also upgrade to the Pro or Enterprise membership options at cheaper costs. To sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, click the button below.


Finding and tracking keywords is a must for any budding blogger to produce great results and find your way to the top pages in the search engines. Without the correct tools required, you’re simply stabbing in the dark and not giving yourself the best chance possible of success. Jaaxy offers all the necessary tools you’ll need to compete with the best of them.

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