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Social Profit App Review


Today, I’m reviewing a cloud based program that claims will help your social traffic go viral, and in turn increase your sales. This product is called Social Profit App, and all indications from the sales page suggest you will be able to live the laptop lifestyle buy purchasing this product.

So, this Social Profit App review will explain the realities of buying this product, and give you a good indication of how it will achieve these alleged claims. Should you be a little sceptical about Social Profit App? Yes, and you’ll be pleased that you’ve done your research by reading this review before making a financial commitment.

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Social Profit App Summary

Social Profit App SoftwareProduct Name: Social Profit App

Founder/Owner: Billy Darr, Justin Opay & Dipanjan Goswami

Product Type: Social Viral Traffic Software

Price: $18.51 (Rising) + Upsells

Program Summary: I believe that Social Profit App will create you nice image post images, in the HOPE of going viral. There’s nothing to suggest that this product will get you the laptop lifestyle that is mentioned on the sales page.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 26/100

What is Social Profit App

Let’s begin by going through the sales page, and see what the products claims to do. Here’s a few bullet points that stand out to me.

  • Simple 3 step process to get traffic and sales
  • You’ll use ‘Viral Magnets’ to magnetize, engage, and instantly persuade people to buy.
  • Unlimited traffic at the push of a button
  • Totally eliminate the hard work
  • Quit your 9-5 & finally breakthrough to the laptop lifestyle in 2020

These are just some of the assertions from Social Profit App. The sales page is extremely long winded and goes over the same things time and again.

You’ll see alleged income proofs (screenshots that could have been taken from any product), and the reasons you should grab Social Profit App. These include the following:

  • You won’t need any experience
  • No technical skills are required
  • The software is 100% proven & guaranteed to deliver results
  • Your traffic will go viral, and it’s free traffic

So, with all these wonderful claims, Social Profit App must cost a fortune. I mean, they say it’s basically getting you all the traffic you’ll ever need to make all the sales you could ever want. That’s a unique kind of product if true.

Now it’s time to get some perspective. Let’s take a look at how Social Profit App really works, and if you will really get loads of traffic.

How Does Social Profit App Work

Social Profit App, as I’ve mentioned, is a cloud based software that can sync to your Facebook Fan Pages, and create graphical imagery. This includes the use of templates to make your offer look a little more professional and presentable.

That’s basically what you’ll get inside of Social Profit App. There’s nothing revolutionary here, and in my opinion, you will not be getting viral traffic from this product.

Firstly, let’s look at the video that shows how this software works. Then I’ll explain a few things that you may want to consider.

Do You Have a Facebook FanPage

Right, so you will have noticed that the first thing you need to do with Social Profit App, is connect your Facebook FanPage/s. Which automatically means, you need to have at least one Facebook FanPage created.

This means that you will have needed to begin some sort of online enterprise, even minor. If you don’t have a Facebook FanPage, you cannot progress with this product. The software requires this, so that it can publish posts to your FanPage.

What this also means, is that you will have some sort of technical knowledge and experience. But the sales page told us we don’t require any technical skills or experience.

Social Profit App No Experience

Well, they do show that Social Profit App is fairly simple to use, but you will have needed tech skills beforehand to get this far. In all honesty, not many people are going to be able to make money online without any tech skills.

Is Social profit App a 3 Step Process

This is exactly what we are told, that 3 easy steps are all that’s required to get loads of buyer traffic streaming in within 51 seconds. So, is this the reality!

Social Profit App 3 Easy Steps to Traffic

Step 1 – So, this first step says to find an offer you want to promote. We’ll disregard the actual first step of connecting your Facebook FanPage, and all the effort that has gone into building this FanPage.

The step of finding an offer to promote comes down to your own offers. You’re not being given an offer to promote. It’s assumed that you have your own offers, such as promotions from a blog. This will have taken you lots of work before getting to this stage.

Step 2 – Choose from 27 built in ‘Viral Magnets’. These ‘Viral Magnets’ as they call them, are the templates you will have seen in the video above. Hardly mind blowing resources to bring you free buyer traffic.

Step 3 – Push ‘One Button’ & watch unstoppable traffic, leads & lightening fast sales come pouring in. In other words they have some analytics on their cloud based software that can monitor if any sales are being made or website traffic coming in.

What Have I Missed

Well, I must have missed something because I can’t see how viral fast traffic will come to your offers. Just because you can create nice looking images to display on social posts, doesn’t mean anyone is going to see them.

Sure, Facebook will display some posts to a few people if you’re constantly posting everyday. But to get your offers in front of lots of people, you either need loads of followers that ‘like’ and ‘share’ your posts, or you need to look at paid advertising.

I’m very uncomfortable with the following statements from the Social Profit App sales page.

Social Profit App Requires No Hard Work

Switch on unlimited traffic at the push of ‘One Button’. Which button would that be then. You mean after creating a FanPage and filling it with content, building a blog and creating promotional offers, then creating promotional images in Social profit App, finally there’s a button to publish your post to Facebook. I can only assume this is the button they are suggesting.

Stop wasting time & totally eliminate the hard work. But you’ve already done the hard work creating your FanPage/s, offers and building a blog. And it doesn’t stop there. Even if you did get some traffic to an offer, you need to keep doing it with new offers to keep making money.

Instantly activate “Viral Magnets” for viral buyer traffic in any niche. Viral magnets are a nice term, but in reality they are just nice images. There’s no certainty that any of these images will go viral, in fact there’s a much better chance they won’t.

Posts that go viral do so because they are unique, engaging and resonate with a large audience. They also need to be shared and liked by thousands. The chances of this happening is extremely rare.

And the claim that will lure buyers in, quit your 9-5 & finally breakthrough to the laptop lifestyle in 2020. Gaining traction in any niche via any traffic source, takes time for Facebook, Google or whatever platform you’re intending to get traffic through, to reward you for your efforts. I can tell you now, relying on Social profit App will NOT get you that laptop lifestyle.

Social Profit App Upsells

So, you thought you’d get away with only an $18 product did you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Many products that are produced and sold in a similar fashion to, and including Social Profit App, include upsells. These are also known as OTO’s (one time offers). So once you’ve bought the initial product, here’s the upsells that will be promoted you, and you’ll be encouraged to buy.

OTO 1 Unlimited Edition ($67) – So, for an extra $67 (or $37 if you decide to close the page), you will be told that the Social profit App Unlimited Edition will unlock 30 extra “Viral Magnets”, unlock unlimited BUYER traffic, unlock 50 times the speed, run unlimited campaigns, remove ALL restrictions and allow you to scale to multiple 4-figures a month.

In reality, you’ll get 30 extra templates, and your campaigns will not be limited. The sales page for this upsell will claim you’ll be getting $58,217 worth of upgrades and bonuses. I don’t believe the included products are worth anywhere close to this figure. You will also be told this is only available to the first 50 people to buy. I’m sure they’ll take your money if you decided to buy after the first 50 though.

If you’ve bought all this in the Unlimited Edition, what other upsells could they give you.

OTO 2 Automation Edition ($69) – Another $69 (or $39 as a downsell), will get you the Automation Edition. If you thought Social profit App was going to allow you to sit back and do nothing because it’s all automated, think again. You’ll have to purchase this upgrade to allegedly get this perk.

Limited to the first 40 people, this automation addon will be available to allow you to live the laptop lifestyle. They don’t say how the automation will be implemented, or even what will be automated.

This time, additional bonuses and upgrades total $32,946. So for these 2 upsells totaling $116, you get over $90K worth of upgrades and bonuses. This just sounds too good to be true! (Tongue in cheek).

OTO 3 DFY Edition ($197) – The done-for-you edition of Social Profit App will allegedly free you up to do anything you like. The owners say they will do everything for you, including setup, product selection, driving traffic and sales. Oh, and you’ll get another $24,976 worth of upgrades and bonuses.

So obviously there’s nothing left for you to do right? But there’s still 2 more upsells, so this can’t be the case. Let’s take a look at what else you can purchase.

OTO 4 Reseller Edition ($67) – Here’s an opportunity that most course creators will offer these days. It’s the reseller rights to Social Profit App. So, you can purchase the Reseller Edition and attempt to sell Social Profit App yourself, and keep all the profits. That’s if you want to promote a product that I don’t believe will work.

Apparently, you’ll be getting $56,970 worth of extras.

OTO 5 Luxury Edition ($197) – Amazingly, this last upsell seems similar to the done-for-you OTO. Apparently you’ll be eliminating all the hard work, leaving yourself sit back, relax and get paid big time.

Again you’ll receive loads in extras, $50,988 in total. So that’s well over $200K in upgrades and bonuses for you too keep. Well, I’m sceptical to say the least about these extras.

What really worries me about these upsells, is that we’re not told what exactly is in them. There are no details of how each of these products will be implemented, or how they can help.

All you are told repeatedly, is that they will do all the work and you can just sit back and live the laptop lifestyle. Well, the laptop lifestyle means working on your laptop, not sitting back doing nothing.

My Verdict

I’m loath to call Social Profit App a scam because you do get a working product for your money. It may not get you the desired results that they claim you will, but there is still the potential to get minor traffic.

The sales video suggests they are slashing the fee of $47 per month for this program. I honestly don’t know what you’d get for paying this fee.

Social Profit App $47 per month

I find the claims on the sales page are misleading. You’ll have to work much harder than 3 simple steps to the luxury lifestyle. I’ve explained this within this Social Profit App review.

I don’t believe Social Profit App will help you get much traffic at all, which means sales will be extremely hard to obtain.

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Is There a Better Opportunity

The problem I see with products like this, is that the sales page tells you what you want to hear. Loads of traffic, easy sales and little effort on your behalf. Well, I’m here to tell you the truth about affiliate sales.

Affiliate marketing is not as easy as they claim. It takes time and patience, with a touch of knowledge that needs to be learned. I’m not saying it’s difficult, you just need to get educated correctly, and act upon that knowledge.

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A Little Perspective on Cost

If you were to buy Social Profit App, and all upsells, to give you the best chance of getting traffic, you’d be up for over $600. I believe this is way overpriced for what you’ll receive.

Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand will cost you $359 for a full year membership, and you have the option of paying monthly. Not only that, but you can check out all they have to offer for free.

This includes website hosting, website builder, integrated tools, training courses and classrooms and the best support around. I really like programs that allow you to try before you buy. You know they stand by their product when this is offered.

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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